The Secular Student Alliance is Growing Even More September 12, 2010

The Secular Student Alliance is Growing Even More

It seems like I say this all the time but, at last count, the Secular Student Alliance has more affiliates than ever before!

“The secular student movement is growing faster than we ever expected,” said SSA Executive Director August Brunsman. “It’s a challenge to keep up with the demand for services. That’s a nice problem to have.”

“We envision a future in which nonreligious students are respected voices in society,” said Brunsman. “The increasing numbers and organization are promising signs that we’re making progress.”

I’m amazed at the work our staff does and the amazing things our affiliates do that I keep hearing about. It gives me hope that we’re heading toward a future where “atheist” won’t be the dirty word so many theists would like society to think it is.

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  • Vani

    Hemant..are the nos correct…It seems in 2008 alone there were 129 groups

    Can you please double check…wish there were more such groups when I attended college

  • @Vani — It’s an accurate count. We keep very good track of the groups and a lot of groups begin the year but don’t end it (for whatever reason). The link you refer to was at the end of the year when some groups have died out.

    Hopefully, the current crop will sustain themselves through April!

  • SpencerDub

    I know I said essentially the last time SSA group statistics were posted, but as soon as my school’s student organization finishes recognizing my group, we’ll add one more affiliate to that list!

  • Ross Cunningham

    1 of the 60 started in the last year was my doing! I’m the proud founder of SSA’s 5th Georgia affiliate, 8th High School affiliate, and 1st Georgia High School affiliate.

  • @Vani – these are the numbers from Labor Day each year – it varies (grows) depending on when you count. For what it’s worth, we’re already at 221 now!

    – Jesse Galef

  • Toff

    I just joined at my school!

    …And then I didn’t go to the first discussion

    In my defense, I had football to watch 🙂

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