Dear Benny… September 12, 2010

Dear Benny…

Rapper Dan Bull knows the Pope is visiting his hometown in the UK soon, so he wrote him a welcome letter.

And made it rhyme a lot.

Funny stuff 🙂

(Thanks to Jeff for the link!)

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  • Atheistically Yours

    Normally, I HATE rap music, but I will give this tune, 4 STARS, and recommend it for an American GRAMMY AWARD!

    Well done, and well SUNG!

  • I have loved Dan Bull ever since his open letter (in rap, of course) to Lily Allen. This isn’t nearly as catchy as that or as catchy as Tim Minchin’s Pope Song but it’s still well worth the listen. Every time I see Dan Bull’s letters I wonder how he makes the written words synch up with his fast pace of rapping. I’m assuming he has some gadgetry but it’s still impressive.

  • I just installed the subs in the car this weekend, this is going to sound great next Sunday morning outside the local diner around noon lol.

  • In related news if you want to keep track of Pope Palpatine’s UK visit then it is all available from his itinerary. Details of the protest on Saturday in London are here. Maybe the rap can be played during the protest. Those troublesome Protestants are also protesting in Scotland.

    He’s not very popular, is he? 😉

  • Carlie

    The pope song is now free for download at Minchin’s site.

  • Its nice to listen to both Bull’s and Minchin’s version back to back. 🙂

  • Another good one from almost 50 years ago is Tom Lehrer’s Vatican Rag

    This one is quit mild, though. It doesn’t reference child abuse. It just mildly pokes fun at the various Catholic rituals.

  • This is absolutely hilarious AND factually accurate, it’s not too common for a rapper or a comedian to so actually articulate! The Pope is visiting and a lot of people disapprove, because of the cost involved to us and his involvement in the Hitler Youth.

    Alright I’ll stop now, I’m not as good at this as Dan Bull so obviously is!

  • muggle

    lol! That was great!

    And what a unique way to scroll the lyrics across! Much better than any other video he could have done.

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