Positively Promoting a Campus Atheist Group in Minnesota September 11, 2010

Positively Promoting a Campus Atheist Group in Minnesota

At the University of Minnesota, there’s a tradition called “Paint the Bridge,” where campus groups can paint panels on the side of a bridge with their logo, meeting info, etc.

The Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists (CASH) have participated for years. I love how this year’s panels are looking:

2/3 of the final image is finished:

***Update***: And here’s the finished product:

Looks fantastic. And positive. In 2008, their panels were vandalized. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen this year.

(via @secularstudents)

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  • broken image?

  • Alexrkr7

    First image may be broken my good sir.

  • Jagyr

    I think this is the image that should be displayed:


    From the link above the broken image.

  • This the best message I’ve seen promoting atheism. I wish *this* would be put on a bus or billboard.

  • Pic fixed. Thanks, all!

  • Thanks for showing our design!

    Here’s the finished product: http://bit.ly/bGRbzZ

    Close-up of the quote panel on the right:

    @cass – Sure-fire way to offend people, to say we exist 🙂

  • Hemant: the group is “Campus Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists” 😉

    Thanks for the plug, though!

    Nick Wallin
    former activities director, CASH

    (Hemant says: Whoops! Fixed. That’s what happens when it’s late and I want to write a post and go to bed at the same time 🙂)

  • that is really beautiful,and I just LOVE the abbreviation. That shit is so CASH!

  • ckitching

    It seems white male scientists are a little overrepresented on that list of quotations. I suppose the unknowns may or may not be, but the identifiable ones fit this mold a little too well.

    Here’s one to get you started next time: “I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.” – Susan B. Anthony

    Otherwise, it looks nice.

  • @ckitching – yeah, I worried about that too. Unfortunately none of the quotes suggested balanced it out gender-wise, and I wasn’t about to scratch the whole panel and dismiss half the suggestions.

    If there were room I’d have painted up one from Hypatia, too!

    former finance director, CASH

  • Jeff

    I love the use of “The best damned group on campus”

    Wonderful pun usage.

    Also, the quotes are good, though I’ll agree that it the gender problems are something to keep in mind in the future.

  • Love the positive nature of it

  • Vanessa

    “The best damned group on campus”
    Hahahaha. Love it.

  • Hitch

    Damn nice, nice to be damned. Very pretty and smart work.

  • Duo

    Beautiful! Very awesome. 🙂

    Although… the line that says “Sisters | Loving | Brothers” seemed to pop out thanks to the larger letters. LOL

  • @Duo – intentional 🙂

  • SecularLez

    Great project!

  • Krisko

    I wouldn’t have minded the vandalism had it been clever. Here’s hoping for at least some clever vandalism if we have to deal with that this year.

    Krisko Isackson,
    CASH Space Pope for Life

  • Jake

    Atheists are human. Huh, if only we could get atheists to think the same thing about theists.

  • Erp

    Do we have any quotes from Hypatia?

    We do have Butterfly McQueen, “As my ancestors are free from slavery, I am free from the slavery of religion.”

    George Eliot must have written something quotable. I found “Heaven help us, said the old religion; the new one, from its very lack of that faith, will teach us all the more to help one another ” (letter to Mr. Charles Bray, 1853, quoted in The living age, Volume 165 By Eliakim Littell, Robert S. Littell). (Eliot had a very expansive definition of religion that did not necessarily include theism)

  • I’m really loving that pun at the end.

    It will be a shame to see this defaced =(

  • Ray

    I designed the bridge panels last year, and they didn’t end up defaced at all! We have a friendly relationship with a lot of groups on campus, and everybody was pretty respectful.

    Thanks for the plug, always a pleasure to have you on campus!

    – Former Advertising Director

  • Allen

    I’m always amazed at people who can place lettering so accurately by hand. Heck, I’m amazed at people who can draw a straight line with a pencil. Somehow I neglected to evolve those skills. Very well done!

  • Atheists are human. Huh, if only we could get atheists to think the same thing about theists.

    Since when have we not thought that theists are human? I must have missed the memo.

  • Richard Wade

    Anna, I think that Jake is referring to how some atheists treat theists, without the basic respectful treatment that all humans should give each other, regardless of personal disagreement, anger or hurt. It doesn’t take many knaves in either camp to cause and perpetuate a lot of enmity.

  • Richard, while I agree that there’s often no love lost between certain extreme theists and some atheists, I suspect Jake was just trolling. If he was actually sincere, I don’t think he would make such an inflammatory and downright false statement. I have never seen anything posted here (even the harshest comments) that insinuate that theists are less than human. We may think they’re wrong, even deluded about their beliefs, but I’ve never seen anyone claim that they’re not part of the human race. If I’m wrong about Jake, maybe he could chime in. I’d welcome his perspective, and perhaps he would be open to changing his perception of us.

  • I’m a believer, and I like that your message is positive too. kind of coveting that clever slogan, “the best damned group on campus.”

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