Louie‘s Episode About God September 8, 2010

Louie‘s Episode About God

Comedian Louis CK‘s show Louie aired a wonderful episode dealing with God and Catholic school last week. It’s finally available on Hulu.

The episode starts out downright scary (inside the Catholic school) but gets much better toward the end. (How awesome is the mother?)

As usual, Louis CK’s comedy bits are awesome 🙂

(Sorry to non-US folks who can’t see it!)

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  • Louie almost goes too far in this episode and I think that some people will be literally scared into theism by it (unfortunately). That said, as a resolute atheist (6 out of 7 on the Dawkins scale) I found the whole episode hilarious, especially his attempt to save Jesus.

  • That was awesome.

  • catsnjags

    The actual beginning, with “Heaven” and “Ya’ gotta’ have faith” was tremendous! If you saw it, you know what I’m talking about.

  • Damn, I gotta start watching this show. That was an amazing episode. And yes, the mother is awesome.

  • Allan

    I think that some people will be literally scared into theism by it (unfortunately).

    By watching this?

  • Anyone who has such a malleable mind as to be scared into theism by watching this is much better off with like minded theists.

  • Michelle

    It is very sad that this is seen as acceptable by some people. It broke my heart.

  • parv

    Well, US residing folks with having access to only a lowly 64 bit system (as opposed to 32 bit one) see …

    We’re sorry, the Hulu Player is not supported on 64 bit versions of Flash.

    … I take it the video was awesome somehow.

  • ManaCostly

    Can someone rip that of hulu and upload to another website that is availeble outside the US?

  • Drew M.

    That was totally worth the pain of signing up on Hulu. I woke up the whole house when I laughed at the glory-hole joke.


    It is very sad that this is seen as acceptable by some people. It broke my heart.

    You mean being brainwashed with horror stories of hell and torture when you’re too young to make any rational decisions for yourself? Yes, it is very unacceptable. I wish I was never forced to go through that nastiness myself.

  • parv, it sounds like your using Internet Explorer 64 bit, use the shortcut to 32 bit, or even better, download and install Chrome and you wont have a problem.
    Windows 7, 64 bit.

    The doctor part and subsequent guilt nearly made me vomit.
    Child abuse, plain and simple.
    My wife watched and said, “hmm, guy taking a little boys shirt off in a catholic church, par for the course I guess”.
    I about died from laughing so hard.

  • ManaCostly

    I really love how every website that has the full episode on it is off limits to non-us places.

  • Louie’s opening stand-up bit about god being a complete asshole (abraham) was even better. Louie is a great program, but his ‘serious’ episodes (bully, religion, dentist/taliban, etc) are weird.

  • Tak

    The stand up comedy (all 3 minutes of it) is good. The rest of this video gave me flashbacks of growing up pentecostal and getting all bent out of shape seeing passion plays; it was disturbing and did not make me laugh at all. I guess I can see how people who never saw it from the kids perspective could find it to be eye-opening … as for me, it was just upsetting.

  • This is the way public schools would be if certain people got their way.

  • JulietEcho

    I remember being given pretty much all the same information when I was a kid, although not in such a traumatic session. Still, we were told all about the exact physical process caused by crucifixion and whipping, and we were constantly reminded that Jesus had to do that because of our sins. Some of those old feelings of guilt and fear and shame definitely came back while I was watching the video.

    I agree that it’s a form of abuse to teach such things to children, but the parents who genuinely believe it think that it would do greater harm to *not* indoctrinate the kids – and fear is a powerful tactic. They want to save their kids from the literal Hell they believe in, even if it means traumatizing them at a young, impressionable age.

  • Nah.

    No Hulu outside USA.

    Somebody either gets this on youtube, or writes down a transcript.

  • ManaCostly

    Youtube removes it.

  • louis ck usually updates his episodes (authorized) on youtube each week / fyi

  • fiddler

    How sadly familiar. I wish children weren’t subject to this mental torture.

  • Louis C.K. is one of my favorite comedians, and this episode shows why. It’s thoughtful, disturbing, and fiercely, darkly funny. “Louie” is, hands down, one of the best things on television right now.

    I was raised in the New England lapsed-Catholic tradition, so thankfully, I wasn’t exposed to this sort of thing too much. I went to CCD class maybe half a dozen times and I remember, even as a small child, that the sense of guilt was so thick you could spread it on toast. As soon as my mom told me I still got Christmas presents whether I went or not, I was GONE, man. Which, I guess, speaks volumes about my dedication to crass materialism. Or that I was 9.

  • nankay

    That brought up painful long buried memories. Shudders…..My experience in 5th grade with Sister Consolata wasn’t too far removed from this. (around the same year too)

  • That bit in the church made me ill. Thank goodness none of my classes were that uh…descriptive.

  • WhatPaleBlueDot

    That whole bit about the Louis thinking that statue was actually Jesus is precisely why many Protestant churches only have a cross and don’t use crucifixes.

    The part where they guy nailed the statue back up? Seriously fucked.

  • ManaCostly

    @ brophy

    I cant seem to find this particular episode on his own channel. Or any other for that matter.

  • parv

    Unlikely the complete transcript, nonetheless see …


  • That bit in the Catholic church was so fucked up, I have no words for it. Just….wow.

  • Wow, sure makes me glad I’m not a Roman.

  • Hilary

    Ugh, I grew up Catholic, but they never got that graphic on us. I couldn’t even take it and had to skip forward past the whole gruesome part. *shudder*

    Granted, I’m easily freaked out and couldn’t even watch Batman without covering my eyes, but that description was just too much.

  • muggle

    Man, the heck with Christian parents, I’ve got to seriously question the parenting skills of the parents of the kids that let them “act” in that truly fucked up skit. Does it not bother anyone besides me that actual children were probably harmed in the filming of that episode?

    Not funny. Really, really not funny.

  • Revyloution

    Id disagree Muggle. I was raised with parents who let me get very real into any subject I was interested. The parents who let their kids do this episode have done them a favor. When we grow up unsheltered from the harsh world (as I did), it does the opposite of what you might think. It creates a sensitivity, an empathy to suffering. Not in a crippling way, but in a way that you can see and understand.

    I’m raising my daughter that way. We looked at pictures of women in Afghanistan who were disfigured by acid, knife or stone. We talked about intolerance, and how it was important to stand up to it. Now, at her school in 2nd grade, she understand how important it is to stand up to bullys. She also sleeps well at night, and has no fear of the world. When children are given truth, and treated as humans, they are remarkably resilient.

  • VG

    That episode was F-ing scary.
    Though, It really did put things in perspective.
    I decided to watch an episode of Louie to get some laughs in before work… now Im just disturbed.
    I didnt like how his mother just said that it was poppycock (I dont remember the word she used). I wish she had just told him that he needs to figure out what he believes on his own.

  • d’Armond

    Wow, do they really do that stuff in religious schools? I thought public school was bad. That was child abuse.

    I particularly enjoyed how the nun was talking about having the boy punished for damaging church property, without any apparent awareness of why he did it. If she was worth half of Lot’s wife in salt she’d have figured out what the kid was doing.

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