Is One Really Superior…? September 8, 2010

Is One Really Superior…?

Islam and Christianity are both frightening at times, full of false hope, and capable of even more destruction than they’ve already caused.

Mr. Fish draws the truth:

It’s incredible to hear some Christians talk about how superior their theology is to that of any other faith… maybe because they sing songs in massive churches and talk about their prophet like he’s their bestest friend, it shelters them from the fact that their beliefs have no more credibility than Muslims, Scientologists, Hindus, and Unicorns.

(via Godless Blogger)

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  • fritzy

    I read an editorial by Jonah Goldberg about a year ago on this subject. Mr Goldberg sung the praises of his xtian faith, and how xtians are not afraid of a little criticism, while, in a Muslim country you will likely be killed for criticism of Mohammed.

    He either totally missed the boat or is that intellectually dishonest. With an honest, critical eye, one has to realize that it is not so much the faith of Jesus, meek and mild, that makes the xtian faith tolerant enough that xtians are just annoying nonbelievers rather than stoning them(and if this is the best he has to say about his faith, it does not speak to highly of it, indeed) but the greater social milleu; the fact that the enlightenment had no direct effect on Muslim countries. Mr. Goldberg’s holy book calls for the murder of the apostates just as much as the Koran–even Jesus commanded it in the book of Luke.

    Bible, Koran, meh, two sides of the same poisonous turd.

  • Sven

    Please don’t include unicorns in that group as they are only accessories to minor fraud regarding the sale of their horns for homeopathic medicinal reasons. That barely registers when compared to the horrors of the One True Religion(s).

  • I’ve always been astounded by Christians who use the tired, old “Qur’an is filled with evil and hatred!” argument. Their precious Bible is just as evil, if not more so. Both religions are equally atrocious and deplorable.

  • Philbert

    Christianity is probably less easily weaponized at present because of the strong influence of liberal ideas on Christianity over the past few centuries. This doesn’t make Christianity intrinsically better. Religion is a changeable thing. The religious would have you believe that it is a constant thing, written in stone so to speak, but really a religion is what its followers say it is, and that is a complex function of many social factors.

  • MH

    Hey with a little genetic engineering it might be possible to creation unicorns! However, invisible pink ones are likely to remain elusive.

  • Michelle

    I think when Atheists point out how much more evil Islam is we are missing an important ingredient – political power. They could not do what they are doing if they were not also the government. If Religious zealot Christians were running things, well we have history books for that, and it was not any better. We shouldn’t get too cocky either, Atheist governments were pretty damn horrid too.
    That is why it is always important to understand and keep working for secular governments. Big (figurative) wall, folks, huge – dwarf the one they are demanding on the Mexican/U.S. border or the older one in China.

  • Danny wuvs kittens

    Hey goddamnit, don’t compare unicorns(or their close cousin unicows) with christians, muslims, and especially scientology(which is like calling christianity logictology).

    See if the queen unicorn brings you any fucking presents, unbeliever.

  • PureStealth

    What is it that Unicorns believe exactly?

  • Steve

    Exactly. If the political and social situation in the western world were different and the churches had as much influence over politics as in the Middle East, the situation would be pretty much the same. They’d still kill and torture people for trivial offenses, just like they did in the past.
    All major social advances in the last few centuries had to be fought for against the churches. Freedom had to be pried from their clutches at every turn.

  • Well to be fair, scientologists don’t have a track record of killing people (just extorting money from the followers). I take it that the unicornists are the most benign just worshiping the big phallic symbol. The Christian and Muslim holy books compete for the atrocious prize with all the talk of killing infidels and the whole concept of being damned to hell for all eternity.

  • jose

    These days you wouldn’t usually hear many priests saying ‘this guy has mocked Jesus. Behead him!’. How did our grandgrandgrandparents do it? How do we do the same to those imams encouraging fellow muslims to kill people they don’t like?

    “xtians are just annoying nonbelievers rather than stoning them”

    Well I think there’s a difference between being annoyed and being killed, yet I don’t know how to change muslims’ minds so they will just annoy me like christians do, instead of killing me. Maybe moderate muslims should speak out.

    Hey, wouldn’t it be sweet if Park 51 did that? A focus of tolerance and stuff, advocating from the country of freedom to all the muslim world how nice is not to be beheaded (although to be perfectly honest you still might be hanged, electrocuted or injected with some lethal substance.)

  • Rabid

    To be fair, Jeff, that depends on how rigidly you define the term “killing people”. Friends and family of Lisa McPherson and the like would probably disagree.

  • I think Michelle makes a key point–any religion can become a royal monster….once it has a throne to dictate from. When all a government has is religion as a hammer, people start looking like nails to be put into place. It’s the best reason I can think of for even believers to advocate for secularism in government

  • @Rabid,

    I didn’t know about the Lisa McPherson story. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

  • Vene

    “Christianity is probably less easily weaponized at present because of the strong influence of liberal ideas on Christianity over the past few centuries.”

    I don’t buy that, not when the Arab world knew about evolution in the 9th century (link).

  • Danny wuvs kittens

    The reason Christianity is less violent is because muslims tend to live in shit countries while Christians live in nice countries.

    People don’t like to fight when they’re comfortable.

    This is consistent with history and statistics all over the goddamn place.

  • It’s incredible to hear some Christians talk about how superior their theology is to that of any other faith

    That smacks of the sin of pride. Tsk! 😉

    They are all theists. All one big set of beliefs in a divine entity that aren’t supported by evidence. They all belong to groups that do weird things in the name of an imaginary father figure. Just the same.

  • I remember one horrible saying from my xian days — “Islam sends its sons to die for the faith. God sent his son to die for you.” Or something like that. I translate to “our death cult is better than your death cult.”

  • L. Vellenga

    for what it’s worth, jonah goldberg would consider himself jewish, not christian. true, he is politically conservative, but read enough of his columns and it’s pretty clear that he does not consider himself to be in the christian camp(s).

  • how do they know he’s the first Atheist Senator? I’m sure there’s been more, they just don’t speak out about it.

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