This Video is Frightening… September 7, 2010

This Video is Frightening…

It’s not as bad as Jesus Camp, but seriously, talk about brainwashing children?

Click on the image for the full video…

How long can you watch before you have to turn it off…?

(via The Freethinker)

***Update***: My friend Matt Kane discovered a nice little hidden message at the 0:38 mark… 🙂


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  • 2:02.

  • William

    Holy baby, batman!

  • HAHAHA, it’s to the tune of Scotland’s 1978 World Cup song.

  • Fritz

    I was Catholic for 30 years and I made it about 20 seconds before turning it off. I need to go do something very dirty to cleanse myself now…

  • Claudia

    OK, the nun crawling and then laughing like a baby is super-creepy.
    Although it’s very offhand as part of a rote prayer, I find the reference to Hell in a video oriented towards toddlers to be outrageous. Likewise teaching blameless infants to refer to themselves as “sinners”.

    However possibly the most disgusting part is the cheerful song about what a joy it was for Mary to see her own son crucified. Seriously, in a video made for babies? OMFG!

  • Shaun

    This is a religiously-themed rip-off of the Baby Einstein videos.

  • Kordis

    Is it possible this song has something to do with the catholic priest issues? wanting to be like their savior a little too much?

  • Audrey

    52 seconds.

  • Iggy

    About 1:10 before I gagged.

  • TC


    I made it about 4 min. Yikes.

  • Whoa. That’s going to be in my head all day

  • JD

    Wow is that lame. I stopped at maybe 2 minutes but I skipped around to see what’s going on elsewhere. It’s so bad there has to be some nepotism going on to explain why the video is that bad. Maybe worse than Basil Marceaux’s candidate videos, but at least Basil’s videos are probably unintentionally funny, this episode is just plain bad.

  • bigjohn756

    A creepy, crawly nun? Forty-seven seconds! I had to turn it off; I was in jeopardy of vomiting on my keyboard.

  • I can see it now – someone taking the audio and putting over slideshow of starving children, children with disease, etc.

  • Lyn

    Ummm…. Wow… Speechless… Couldn’t stand to watch anymore at about 2 minutes… the part where they were doing the cross in different languages. Sheeesh! Very disturbing!

  • I second everything Claudia said.

    I think my biggest question is, how delusional are these adults to think that babies and little children care about any of this?

    Finally, as someone who works with math instruction for a living, I am bothered that the counting that takes place in this video really does nothing to help students conceptualize numbers or develop their number sense. Missed opportunity to teach them something that matters!

  • What the matter with you people?

    Catchy tunes, cool graphics, bright colors…
    Reminds me of Sesame Street.

    “One…two…three…fourfive…six…seven…eight…nineten…Jesus saves!

    I’m gonna watch it again!

  • 2:13

    Let’s brainwash the little children for Jesus.

  • I’m at work so I turned it on without the sound.. try watching it sans-sound, it is effing creepy. I’m not sure if it is more or less creepy than the sound itself, but honestly it is one weird trip without it, hah.

    It’s terrible though that this is what little kids’ minds are being filled with. They don’t give a fuck about faith — they’re only learning through repetition. They don’t comprehend any of it (and obviously the adults don’t either, since this is what they’re choosing to pass on to their kids).

    Absurd.. wasted time that they could be using to learn to read and write.

  • Nysamis

    This is creepy on so many different levels. Just skip to the end (23:51) to hear the makers of this shite admit that they’re brainwashing children. “Holy Baby introduces babies and young children to prayer when their minds are most able and eager to learn,” indeed. This thing is practically filled to the brim with visuals that invite the children to turn off their brains. Perhaps the worst thing about it is the connotations the kids might pick up. Who would seriously want their kid to associate their toys with death and torture?

    Holy shit! They make toys, too?! (24:17) Now you too can have the creepy nun in your possession.

  • I did not even watch the video, the screen shot was enough to scare me.

  • 42 seconds. I feel sullied by the experience.

  • p.s.

    I jumped around and noticed that apparently Jesus read the bible and that made mary happy (I think it was 4 in that demented song). Apparently jesus is a time traveler…?

  • That first song is ever so slightly racist as well. Way to go, catholic church.

  • I made it to 1:12. It brought back creepy old memories of vacation bible school.

  • Meh. It’s not too bad. It’s nothing they wouldn’t be getting anyway. If a parent is going to put this in front of their baby, they’re devout enough to make sure their child is getting all this ‘info’, anyway. It’s what Catholics teach their children. What do you expect?

  • 19 seconds. I couldn’t handle the crawling toward camera…reminded me of The Ring. Thanks for the nightmares, Hemant.

  • Luther

    Wait! Are you sure it is not supposed to be a priest recruitment tool?

  • At about 4 minutes in, it’s starts talking about Jesus being crucified and “descending into hell” before being risen. The visual is fluorescent pink, green and yellow mechanical gears turning about.

    Um, what? Distract the little childrens while talking about torture and death? Or something?

  • I had to turn it off at 1:42. Couldn’t watch it anymore. nuff said.

  • I made it about six minutes, but I’m a sucker for Things in Different Languages. Also, I stopped watching and just listened after Creepy Giggly Nun Baby giggled after “1.”

  • muggle

    3 minutes. When it hit number 2, I couldn’t take it no more. Gawd, that crawling nun was creepy as all get-out.

  • eladnarra

    3:30. The nun was just toooooo creepy.

  • Crux Australis

    Gonna have to go have some nasty sinning sex to get rid of that.

  • Crux Australis

    On second thought, is there any other kind?

  • Icaarus

    Red and Yellow, Black and White??? Okay whoever wrote the script should be shot. Preferably ‘Romeo Must Die’ style.

  • Mikko

    23 seconds

  • inmyhead9

    My sister in law lets her kid watch a dvd called Praise Baby. Barf. I let mine watch Baby Einstein when they were babies and that was cool, but this crap is horrible.

  • beckster

    Well, I tested it out on my preschooler and toddler. The preschooler left the room at about the 55 second mark. The toddler made it to the end of the racist song before leaving the room in boredom. So if their aim is to brainwash toddlers, it isn’t going to be very effective 🙂

  • Apsalar

    I recognized the tune as “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and knew with all the multi-ethnic kids they were going to have the “red and yellow, black and white” lyric, but SRSLY. Gross.

  • Atom Jack

    12 seconds. Yeesh, I’m never getting them back, either. “Holey baybee…”. I’m going to turn up some Testament to wash that earworm out of my brain.

  • Brice Gilbert

    No one in the Atheist blog community has talked about the fantastic episode of Louie last week titled “God”. It touches on this very subject beautifully. The show is really funny, but more important it’s quite the art piece. It’s been renewed for a second season so I would recommend getting caught up.

  • Peregrine

    Under 30 seconds. As a former Catholic, I thought I could put up with quite a bit. But I wouldn’t be surprised to find a current Catholic who couldn’t handle much more than a minute. It’s like the unholy spawn of Chuckie and the Veggie Tales.

  • 38 seconds, and it would have been less if I didn’t have to stop retching first before I could reach for the mouse .

  • Coweringomega

    As was commented earlier, this is directly ripped off from a Baby Einstein video. In that video, they have counting and songs in different languages. They also have the jack-in-the-box theme as they switch scenes. It’s sad that they couldn’t come up with something original.

  • Eh, I made it to about 1:15 before I got bored.

    I didn’t think it was all that horrifying (I’ve seen worse), but I was perplexed why the animated baby in the beginning was dressed like a nun.

  • Jake

    Still going at 2:43, but I did think it was odd that they still used the color “yellow” to describe asians.

  • Jake

    Okay, 10 minutes in and I’m bored of this. It’s not that horrifying beyond the terrible CG graphics.

  • Allen

    When the kids were crossing themselves, I was a little disappointed that one of them didn’t break into “YMCA.”

  • 25 seconds… any more and I throw up.

  • What Would Professor Pat Pending Do?

    15 seconds. I’ll be sure to store that period of time in a corner of my brain in case I need it for a future nightmare.

  • Jay

    I’m glad I had alcohol in my system.

  • 36 seconds I will never get back

  • I stuck it out for a good piece of it–the “Jesus Loves the Little Children” part here wasn’t as gut-wrenchingly clueless and awful as the ugly puppet version here:

    But the nun-baby is just a weird idea. Child-bride of Christ? Helllooo?

  • Couldn’t bring myself to click “play”, already kinda freaked out by the screenie. Plus, I find nuns to be right up there with clowns: High Octane Nightmare Fuel.

  • Amanda

    My husband was catholic, went to seminary, and knows 3 of the languages in the video. I had to hold him down to watch it.
    Jesus reading a bible that was written after his death and Mary having joy at her son’s death were jaw dropping. Now I understand why it’s ok for Catholics to drink.

  • what

    Hemant you know what else is frightening that you get your news from the mainstream media.

    Off topic I know, my response to your past posts.

  • Todd Stiefel

    Wow. They are telling infants of someone being tortured, murdered, dying and then going to hell. They even show Jesus on the cross, which has to be instinctively terrifying for a baby. This is so very screwed up.

  • blueridgelady

    always with the cross, and the suffering. They love that shit. Can’t we ever get a picture of a happy Jesus!?

  • pansies4me

    As a former Catholic, I remember reciting the “I believe in…” part in mass all the time. I did it by rote. As a matter of fact, I could probably still stand up, sit down, and recite drivel in all the right places if I ventured into church today. I really got the heeby jeebies as I was reminded of the nonsense that used to spew from my mouth. Yuck!

  • 20 seconds… I need to update my GodBlock filter

  • sc0tt

    As was commented earlier, this is directly ripped off from a Baby Einstein video. In that video, they have counting and songs in different languages. They also have the jack-in-the-box theme as they switch scenes. It’s sad that they couldn’t come up with something original.

    I’m not so sure it’s a ripoff – looks to me like the same lady’s hand and the same voices (with a few new languages added to the mix… Latin, Italian, and Portuguese before I stopped). I think the Catholic Family Media people hired Julie Aigner-Clark and her staff to do the video for them.

    I liked the Baby Einstein videos a lot more than my daughter did… I learned most of the rhymes and counting in those other languages and repeated them to her while we’d swing or play in the sand… didn’t stick, she’s ten now and doesn’t share my love for other languages.

  • I am an ex-catholic and that just brought back a whole lot of memories. Watching this, I kept asking myself, “Why do we allow this?”

    To me now, this is an obvious attempt by the catholic church to create mindless human beings in an effort to feed the church. It’s brainwashing. I can not see it any other way.

    Can you imagine how different the world would be if these types of videos were made to promote logic and critical thinking instead of mythology?

    I am starting to question why we need to tolerate religion beliefs and give people the right to brainwash our children. Religious freedom should not equate to the freedom of religious indoctrination.

    I think I am going to throw up.

  • Rollingforest

    I decided to go for the gold and watch the whole thing. I worry less about these videos because they are aimed at one year olds who can’t understand what the videos are talking about, especially since half of it isn’t even in English. I worry more about indocrination at age 8.

  • muggle

    pansies4me (love the name btw), Protestant but same thing. Whenever the common Protestant hymns are sung on TV, movies, etc. not only do I remember them word for word but have to fight the instilled impulse to join in the bleating. Not only does that bother me. It’s always creeped my unchurched daughter out big time.

    Trying to forget that shit is like trying to forget the alphabet.

  • MH

    There’s really no way to present a crucifix and Christian theology that isn’t frightening.

  • Big Chief

    Special thanks to Archie McPhee? Really, the makers of irreverent toys?
    And “No animals were harmed during the making of this production” during the airing of this production, on the other hand…

  • Rollingforest

    Did anyone else notice that they put the bunny’s name in the credits?

  • Benjamin


    Anybody catch them calling that Asian kid “yellow?” Loved it.

  • Riccardo

    20 seconds. And then I had to erase part of my chronology to forget I ever saw it. Brrr…

  • 13 and Atheist

    The link seems to broken now.

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