I Approve of Neverending Pareidolia September 4, 2010

I Approve of Neverending Pareidolia

Well played, Zach Weiner:

And that’s only the beginning.

If we begin packing the envelopes now, the Tea Party will be out of commission come November…

(via SMBC)

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  • I saw that when they posted today and laughed my ass off.
    No for real, I laughed so hard my big fat atheist ass feel right off, landed on the floor, scared the cat and woke up the kids.
    More than worth it.
    Hover over the little red dot on the bottom of the image for a final cell, it makes it.

  • Ending with a full moon ;). 400 layers down

  • Brian Macker

    Why would you want to put the tea party out of commission? You want the same irresponsible leaders like Obama to keep destroying the economy?

    I think you should support the tea party and question those religious nuts who are trying to jump in front of the parade.

  • JD

    Brian, the religion aspect seems ingrained into the tea party, and the rank and file don’t seem to be doing anything to stop that, which suggests to me that they approve.

    I appreciate the tea party’s economic platform, but their religious and morality platform turn me off. It’s also suspicious that the Tea Party only got traction after Obama was elected, Bush was also a rampant deficit spender during his presidency (granted, not as bad as Obama, but he was still a serious deficit spender) but most of the current tea partiers didn’t seem to care about it before. It just seems way too suspicious and quite frankly, dishonest.

  • JD- Sorry, but as a rank and file (LOL I don’t think I’ve ever been rank and file, even when I was in the military) tea partier, I can tell you a few things about many of us- we’re atheists, Jews, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, gay, straight, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, nothing… The tea party, just like any other large group of people, cannot be brushed with a broad stroke. It always amuses me when people say things about tea partiers that has nothing to do with economics, since that is the real basis for the tea party. Now, I’m not saying that some nuts aren’t on full display by the tea party, but please don’t cover us all with your ink.

    Hemant- This was a hilarious comic.

  • Oh, and yes, we were all complaining about Bush, too. I liked/like Bush, but I think his economic policies sucked. In fact, I didn’t even hear one talk radio show host who supported Bush’s economic policies. Seriously, I like the man, didn’t agree AT ALL with most of his political policies. We were all very vocal about the first stimulus. In fact, that stimulus got a lot of republican politicians kicked out of office. We warned them, called them, yelled at them, and then we didn’t vote for them. Then, when none of that worked, we started protesting.

    The thing is that most people didn’t want to protest Bush because he was already being protested by anti-war protesters. I think people were afraid of being lumped in with them. It’s too bad because the economic issues really needed to be addressed.

  • El Perro

    Rightwing groups can never seem to divorce themselves from religious nuttitry. No matter how much the non-religious members of a group might protest or downplay the reality, they will always be working towards a theocratic ends. Secularism has been a progrssive pursuit since the Age of Enlightenment.

  • I learned a new word today! Pareidolia!

  • Rollingforest

    Okay, I love debating politics, but can we please not divide the Atheist community over economic issues? Internal struggles over unrelated issues will only hurt us. Save that for other events.

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