Sam Harris’ Speaking Tour for The Moral Landscape August 22, 2010

Sam Harris’ Speaking Tour for The Moral Landscape

Sam Harris is making a lot of stops on the coasts this fall during his upcoming book tour for The Moral Landscape.

(I see nothing in Chicago. *sniff* I see how it is, Sam. I’ll take the hint.)

One of his stops, though, will be an event for my Center for Inquiry DC friends on Tuesday, October 12th at 7:00 p.m. It’s his only stop in that area, and “Friends of the Center” get discounted tickets.

All the information is here. If you’re in the DC area, you better have a damn good excuse if you’re not going!

And on October 15th at 8:00 p.m., he’ll be appearing in Cambridge in an event for The Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard. That event is free and open to the public!

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  • Since I live in the middle of nowhere, USA, as long as one of his appearances is televised on CSPAN, I’ll be happy.

  • Brian

    Mr. Harris might want to think about removing the blurb from Marc Hauser, in light of recent events :-/

  • Paul Auger

    Is he coming to Rhode Island Massachusetts or Connecticut

  • Steve

    Wow-Had no idea he was going to be at my university!!! Now I don’t have to worry about beating the crowds at Harvard!

  • What’s the wordpress equivalent of a facebook ‘Like’? 🙂 Thanks Hemant!

  • Roxane

    Nothing in Albuquerque, I assume.

  • Great info for Sam but what about you? Besides individual TFA entries, do you have a calendar of your appearances online?

    (Hemant says: All my appearances can be found here!)

  • Olive Oil

    Ditto to the Chicago sniff! Our city is so full of awesome!

  • if you’ll forgive the rant, this is exactly the problem with atheist and progressive leadership/speakers. there’s no need whatsoever to convince people in Harvard Square that atheism should be not only tolerated, but celebrated. but in IL? “flyover land?” that is precisely where any atheist should be speaking, not on the “elite coasts.”

    i grok it can be very difficult to get (paying) gigs out here, but dammit. i really wish leading atheists would realize that it is out here our good works are needed most.

  • Claudia

    @chicago dyke I can see where you’re coming from, but Harris is out promoting his book. He’s likely doing so on the dime of his editors, who will have an interest in getting him into contact with large groups of potential buyers. There are simply more of those in NYC than than Kansas City. If Harris were doing this tour as part of a grassroots attempt to motivate atheists, then it would make sense to go into the red states, but the people who control the purse-strings care about book sales, full stop.

  • I was told a few months ago that an event in Austin, TX was being planned. However I don’t know what the current status is.

  • Nerdette

    My excuse is a little thing called I95. It really sucks being so close to DC and having to pick and choose which events will be worth coming home past midnight on a weeknight.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    My respect for Mr. Harris is diminished after his recent demagoguery on the topic of the NY Islamic center. He appears way too full of himself. How can you look around, see that the people on your ‘side’ include Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich, and then label everyone who disagrees with you as “dishonest”?

  • Lost Left Coaster

    I second what Reginald says above. I live right in Washington DC, and I’m not going to go see him. If I wanted to see right-wing religious intolerance in action, I’d go to see Glen Beck when he comes to town at the end of this month.

  • Claudia

    @Reginald and Left Coaster, do you also not care for Hitchens because he always supported and to this day continues to support the Iraq war? He’s also pretty bellicose in terms of Iran. Don’t get me started on Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s positions…

    If you’re willing to throw out our biggest voices when they take a position you find objectionable, you’re going to find yourself without voices pretty quickly. I too am very disappointed in Sams take on the Islamic center, just as I disagree vehemently with Hitchen’s neocon philosophy. That doesn’t mean I don’t think either of them are worth listening to, it just means I know I’m going to part ways with them on some issues.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    If you’re willing to throw out our biggest voices when they take a position you find objectionable,…

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I never proposed throwing any voices out.

    On this particular issue, Harris is not only wrong, but his rhetoric is so obnoxiously bombastic that I find it worthy of note.

  • Please note there will be a Q&A at the DC talk. Perhaps a good opportunity to confront Harris on this (and any other) point of disagreement.

  • Lost Left Coaster

    @Claudia: I do not care for Hitchens one bit. His continued unapologetic support for the Iraq war is certainly the main (but not the only) reason.

    Of course, I do not have the power to “throw out” any particular voices. But I do not jump on board with people whose values I do not share, no matter if they are the atheists who sell the most books.

  • Woohoo, a San Diego stop!

  • It’s great to share the name…and the views! Even Mark Twain was a Sam! Be honest with yourselves people…have you ever met a Sam that wasn’t pretty amazing? Doubtful! Hope to see some of you in D.C on the 12th. Take it easy everyone!

    -Sam L

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