Party with Me in Minneapolis Tonight? August 21, 2010

Party with Me in Minneapolis Tonight?

I know it’s short notice, but I’ll be in Minneapolis tonight and a bunch of awesome atheists are getting together for dinner. If any readers want to come, you’re welcome to join us 🙂

I’m considering it my last vacation of the summer.

I’ve already been back at school for two days, going to meetings and prepping for the new year. Students will be in my classroom come Tuesday.

(Side note: I’m teaching a section of AP Statistics this year. Very exciting.)

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  • Rollingforest

    Okay, I’m threadjacking here, but I wasn’t sure where else to ask. I found a person with the user name “The Friendly Atheist” on Huffington Post. I thought it was probably a coincidence, but I thought I’d check. Is it you?

    Hemant says: That’s not me! It’s an imposter!

  • I’m teaching a section of AP Statistics this year. Very exciting.

    What are the odds of that? And how confident are you that you will be excited? 😉

  • James

    Sounds pretty tempting. Is there still some room left?

  • Of course… you come to the Minneapolis area the very week I happen to be 1500 miles out of state on vacation. Damn!

  • jes3ica

    There are a few good music festivals going on tonight, if you’re looking for some post-Grumpy’s action. (And do you really want to be hanging out in *Roseville* instead of Minneapolis?)

    West Bank Music Festival:

    Red Stag Block Party:

    Nordeast Music Festival:

  • Kimberly

    Have a good time, wish I could make it!

    Good luck with the new teaching opportunity as well 🙂

  • jaf

    Grumpy’s was awesome!
    And, jes3ica, we also took him places in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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