Catholic Group Rewrites Internet Poll After Results Are In August 17, 2010

Catholic Group Rewrites Internet Poll After Results Are In

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (a.k.a. anti-gay-marriage-people) had a poll up on their website asking “What do you think about Judge Walker’s decision to overturn Prop. 8 banning same-sex ‘marriage’ in California?”

At one point, it was hit hard by the people from Daily Kos and these were the results:

“I support the decision” was ahead by a longshot.

So what did the right-wing Catholic group do?

According to homogenius at Daily Kos, they magically swapped some of the answer choices to their liking and deleted the “I support the decision” option:

I know what you’re thinking: The Catholic Church? Being deceptive?! NEVER!

Maybe they’re just taking a cue from the Bible. I’m pretty sure Jesus swapped around Internet poll options when he didn’t like the results…

(via Joe. My. God.)

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  • Hitch

    Clearly the almighty knows how to rewrite PHP scripts.

  • Deiloh

    Must be the 11th commandment: thou shalt lie and cheat at all costs if it supports thy opinion.

    I blame their role models, practically every main character in the bible lies. “She’s my sister, I swear!”

  • Mmm, classy.

  • Reverse Pharyngulation! We’ve been HAD!

    Whatever. They’re idiots. LOL

  • LeAnne


  • Daniel CB

    84% of the people who regularly follow a catholic website think that gay marriage should be legal? This sounds like something /b/ did, or another pro-gay website.

    Still, it looks like the Christians are getting bit in the ass. Fucking with polls in this country is a pretty serious thing.

    Ironically, its the whole thing they were bitching about in the first place. The judge overturned prop 8, and they overturned their displeasing poll results.

  • Dan

    They have the word “Family” in their name, and you expect them to be honest?

    I’ll give them credit though. At least this trash isn’t subtle about their cheating, crooked ways.

  • Richard Wade

    I suspect that this “Society” is actually one lying bigot with not enough to do. He could save himself some trouble by just making up whatever “results” he wants from his bogus polls, and have the voting page be as phony as his bar graph. Clearly he’s not actually interested in other people’s opinions, only in bolstering his own.

  • Aaron

    I just noticed that on the redacted version, there is now no choice for “I support the decision” or anything like it. So not only are they blatant liars, but they are sloppy and dumb as well.

    It’s like a poll that says:
    Do you agree?
    1. Yes.
    2. Sure.
    3. OK.
    4. Hell, yeah!

  • Looks like they deleted the top option and rolled its votes into the second (went from six to five choices)

  • Jose

    This is atrocious. This needs to be circulated and made even more public. Their lying needs to end. Everyone…post this on anything you can post it on!

  • Internet polls are serious business. Sometimes giving up a little credibility and integrity is worth it in order to be right on the internet, am I right? Right guys? Guys?!?

  • So awesome. Apparently the folks behind this knew enough about the internets to change some script, but not enough to realize that screen shots are possible. I love it when sneaky practices bite people like this on the ass, particularly since many of them are constantly raving about all the sneaky practices the gays and atheists are up to.

  • Hopefully it will hasten Pharyngula’s stated goal-the demise of lousy internet polls. People have better things to do with their time.

    One must admit that it is a creative approach to dealing with having your poll hacked, even if ethically it ranks up there with Watergate and Philip Morris.

    For those attempting a Captain Renault-like “shock” at discovering poll tampering, look at how the catholic hierarchy have treated dissent in their ranks over the centuries and move on-nothing new here. Tempest in a teacup.

  • The “American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property”? Funny, there’s a recent post on Pharyngula which is uncannily on topic:

    Rule of thumb: Never trust an organization with “family” in the name!

  • Rich Wilson
  • Richard Wade

    The results are in!

    The ASDTFP is a pack of clumsy liars who discredit everything they support: (pick only one)

    I agree.
    ________________________________ 92%


    Democracy does not apply in this case. (WTF?)

    They’re a slap in the face of Westborough Baptist Church.

    Did not respond to this poll.

    Well, yes, but fags make me nervous.

    Maybe undecided, maybe not.
    _____14% or _________18%, depending.

    Do not understand the question.
    ________________________________________ 106%

    Yes, again, in case I missed the other yes.

    This is a long line.

    This is a short line.
    ________________________________________ 1%

    I still agree, even after reading these other responses.
    ____________ 32%

    They’re not clumsy, more inept.

    I was promised doughnuts!
    __________________________________________ 100%

  • odc

    the ‘I support the decision’ is back. and is still over 75%.

  • Ugh – that site makes me sick:

    See this poll!

    55% think that a gay person can’t be a military hero, unaware that PEOPLE IN THE GODDAMN MILITARY ARE GAY!

  • sophi

    lol, i remember this happening to some poll that pz myers had linked to. this might be an emerging trend for religious sites that post internet polls.

  • Ambidexter

    Just another bunch of Liars for Jesus.

  • How did you get the original screen shot?

    Is it assumed that dishonesty is the natural mode of such organizations?

  • fritzy

    I’m not sure why anyone is surprised or upset by this–it’s an internet poll–these are never scientific. They are pretty much meaningless. Typically they are there to promote the opinions of the blogger.

    Personal opinions in this case are pretty much irrelevant anyway–violations of civil rights and the Constitution are not up to the whims of the majority.

  • Parse

    Richard, unfortunately it’s a bit more than the single-man Catholic League. According to their website, “The American TFP relies on the dedication of approximately 75 full-time volunteers and 60 paid employees.”

    David, if you’re using Windows, you can take a screenshot by hitting the ‘Print Screen’ button on your keyboard, typically abbreviated to ‘Prt Scr’. That will copy what’s currently on your screen (or screens) to the clipboard; from there you can open Paint and paste in the contents. (And then do stuff like cropping down the image to the relevant portion, so you don’t see the windows to Baby Recipes or Satanic rituals on your taskbar.)

    If you look at some of the other ‘polls’ on their website, it looks like the dissenting option on this one was an accident. The choice to disagree with their conclusions is missing in most of their other ‘polls’.

  • Ron M

    Jose — you say “Their lying needs to end.” Well, true enough. But if religions stop lying, there would be no religion. They would all “truth” themselves out of business. So, sorry — it ain’t gonna happen. Lying is a matter of self-preservation for them.

  • Richard Wade

    Thank you for that info, Parse. Wishful thinking on my part.
    fritzy, you said,

    Personal opinions in this case are pretty much irrelevant anyway–violations of civil rights and the Constitution are not up to the whims of the majority.

    Actually, in real-world terms, violations of civil rights by the whim of the majority continue for decades until the minority organizes, fights for their civil rights in the courts, and those violations are declared unconstitutional. Then several years go by until the Federal government gets off its ass and kicks the state governments to get off their asses, who finally, after several more decades of dragging their feet, kick the local governments to get off their asses to actually enforce the minority’s rights, which is done halfheartedly for a few more decades. By the time somebody actually benefits from the Constitutional protection they were denied, two or three generations have gone by.

  • Claudia

    Maybe undecided, maybe not.
    _____14% or _________18%, depending.


  • BathTub

    Eric Hovind did the exact same thing after PZ linked to a poll on his website a couple of weeks ago. The word Evolution became Creation reversing the results of the poll.

  • I just clicked the link and it appears the original questions are still there.

  • If you look at some of the other ‘polls’ on their website, it looks like the dissenting option on this one was an accident. The choice to disagree with their conclusions is missing in most of their other ‘polls’.

    That is one conclusion, of course it may be those other polls changed in the same manner, but no one noticed.

    Consider ‘rel=”nofollow”‘ on links to such sites, don’t want to lend them undue credibility.

  • Brian B.

    I also just clicked the link and it appears the original questions are still there.

  • alex

    You know they are bankrupt when this starts happening. “Poll is unscientific” my ass.

  • Myla

    It’s not that I’m shocked the catholic church lies. It’s that I’m shocked they EVER tell the truth.

  • Gauldar

    These so called “Think Tanks”, are paid for giving their employers the answers they want to hear. They are marketing firms which deal in the distribution of canned statistics.

  • Leomar

    As Russell said: “Because religious people, most of them, think that it’s a virtuous act to tell lies about the death beds of agnostics and such. ”

  • christopher

    “What harm would it do, if a man told a good strong lie for the sake of the good and for the Christian church… a lie out of necessity, a useful lie, a helpful lie. Such lies would not be against God, he would accept them.”
    Martin Luther

    BTW: IMHO this is also the tool/methodology of the right.

  • Looking at the two images, did the site also delete the “News Portal” and “Contact Us” sections from the side menu? And is our only source of evidence that these images reflect the history of the poll the word of a person employing the Nom-de-Clavier “Homogenius”?

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