CFI Opens Branch in Ottawa, Canada August 15, 2010

CFI Opens Branch in Ottawa, Canada

The Center For Inquiry is opening a new branch in Ottawa, Canada (which, I suppose, makes it the Centre for Inquiry?) and their inaugural event on September 22nd will feature Marci McDonald, author of the new book The Armageddon Factor: the Rise of Christian Nationalism in Canada.

The sponsors include Humanist Canada and The Humanist Association of Ottawa. If you’re in the area, consider checking it out! All the information can be found here.

Also, Canadian atheists rule.

(Thanks to Tony for the link!)

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  • “Also, Canadian atheists rule.”

    And we love you muchly.


  • Richard P.

    Kelowna atheists and freethinkers just became an member of CFI in July. We had our first public meeting on the 12th of August with about 30 people.
    Yahoo!!!! Kelowna and Ottawa

  • Evan

    Pay $15.37 for a DRMed ebook? I think not.

  • AxeGrrl

    Yippeeeeee!! This is great news for someone who lives within driving distance of this:)

    And I’ve been dying to read McDonald’s book…..

    But why did they pick Sept 22nd for their inaugural event? I already know I’m working that night 🙁

  • Opium_4_the_Masses

    The Kelowna group is known as CFI Okanagan since there are a few other smaller cities in the region. This is significant because it’s the first Canadian branch outside of a major metropolitan center.

  • Gauldar

    Great to hear!

  • Sara

    I was thinking about going to see this talk. I should make an effort to be more a part of the ottawa atheist scene, but I’m a touch anti-social 🙂

  • I know here in Montreal we call it the Centre for Inquiry – but CFI Canada, AFAIK, is semi-independent from CFI Transnat (whichever version’s run out of Rochester).

    I’m from Ottawa originally, so congrats to them!

  • Jay

    Yay!! Ottawa’s getting something new and shiney!

  • Woo hoo! It’s great to see something interesting happen here in Ottawa that doesn’t involve annoying chants of “Go Sens go!”.

  • “god”dammit!! why can’t you Americans learn the names of Canadian provinces?!!?

    When we report on something happening in the U.S., we don’t say it happened in Houston America, or Newark America, or Anchorage America.

    Ontario! the city of Ottawa is in the province of Ontario.

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