Pillow of Doom August 7, 2010

Pillow of Doom

7-year-old Silas attending a Bible camp this summer and came home with a pillow that left his mother a bit… conflicted:

Anyone care to offer an explanation?

(Thanks to Hilary for the link!)

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  • Susi Bocks

    looks to me like even the bible thumping kids know when they see bullshit and offer up their own version of sarcasm.

  • L. Vellenga

    at the risk of offending, maybe he’s just a boy (and rather typical, given my kids and their friends). they ran the same vbs at our church and i’m surprised my boys’ pillows *didn’t* come home similarly decorated.

  • Karen

    I hate to burst the bubble on the bandwagon but DOOM is a Gir song and there is a little character over to the left, and it looks like he’s crossed out Invader Zim.

  • fritzy

    I’m with L Vellenga. If I can recall being 7 (which, thanks to the alcohol is actually easier to remember than 27) at VBS I was much more interested in comic books and scaring myself than I was with VBS. So, yeah, “DOOM” would have been a pretty typical thing I would have wanted to put on there; except I knew it wouldn’t make the folks happy, so I wouldn’t.

    Kudos to Silas for being able to get past that hang-up and go with his heart! Yes Silas, “doom” to you too! DOOOOOOM!

  • Christopher Borra

    Is that a cell phone in the upper right? How big is that pillow now?

  • Silas is either an Invader Zim fan, or a fan of one of the best video games in the history of the universe. Either way, I salute this twisted little monkey, for he is a man after my own heart.

  • liz

    invader zim is also the first thing that came to my mind…

  • Hitch

    Early punk phase?

  • I daresay that comfort is not what this 7 y.o. is looking for in life.


    Besides the spiral star (Science Discovery Channel influence?) The rest looks like guitars and he “silas rouls (over) doom?”A fine example of a young Xtian Rocker in the making! Tub and bible thumping go hand in hand these days as they are still trying to “get’em while they’re young,” just like “big tobacco!”

  • anthrosciguy

    He heard that god sends sinners to hell, and he knows that the slightest thing is a sin, like talking back to your parents or lying. So he learned at Bible camp that he’s doomed. Isn’t that a nice thing to teach little kids.

  • Jack

    Insert witty comment here <— perhaps something to do with Marx or an apropos Hitchens quote.

  • thethirdchimpanzee

    Obviously it’s The Pillow…

    …of Doom.

    Naw, but seriously..it just looks to me like some little kids just scrawled random things on a pillow…my kids write on stuff all the time…(or did when they were little – and the littlest ones still do…)

  • Will

    Looks like he drew guitars on it. Dunno bout the sun thingy. The Skull and Xbones is a nice touch.

    I was raised in a xtian home and drew grim, gory stuff all the time. I’d say he’s just a typical little kid.

  • CJ :)

    Looks like everything my boys drew at about that age. Video games, comic books and rock and roll.

  • KPL

    I thought they were brown cacti for some reason.

  • LS

    This is the kinda thing I drew when I was a kid. Granted, I was born in a disturbingly religious household, but I think many young boys really get into the idea of monsters and fighting and war. It’s part of learning to deal with testosterone. I really don’t think it has anything to do with where the kid was.

    Not that I have anything more to go on than the pillow.

  • Dave B

    I personally support our new 7 year old overlord.

  • Houndies

    I’m guessin the pillow came pre-decorated with the god slogan and the kiddies were encouraged to add their own graffitti. Thinking maybe about the “Doom” video game series and whoever Silas is, apparently he rules but is misspelled. My thoughts. I would guess a kid this age wouldnt give a thought to actual biblical meaning. I never did at that age.

  • Well, God’s Word is Doom, but at least it’s comforting Doom.

  • muggle

    Um, if you’re sending your kid to Bible camp, why in the heck would you even be surprised let alone alarmed at the word doom on the pillow? Sounds like standard buybull fare.

    Heck, even if you weren’t sending your kid to buybull camp, why would you? Unless your kid is wrapped in cotton under a rock somewhere (in which case you should definitely be prosecuted for suffocating them), they’re subject to these concepts and are going to try and understand them. My six year old grandson wants to be a police officer. Am I really supposed to be naive enough to think that’s not a reaction to our violent world?

    I’m just glad he wants to protect people. Be the good guy, not the bad guy. I’m only disturbed when he wants to be Draco Malfoy instead of Harry Potter. (He goes back and forth between the two lately. Now what’s with that? Oh, yeah, figuring out different personalities and the role they play in the world.)

  • Alt+3

    You know how Cthulhu sleeps?

    This is where he lays his head.

  • magicsparkleprincess

    i realize this thread is pretty dead, but i was told by some friends who were tickled by the pillow of doom when my son made it that it had spread around the internet! so just to comment for fun: we are not religious, though not opposed to different experiences, hence the bible camp with friends. the pillow was extra funny to me because it suits his questioning mind and sarcastic personality though i don’t think he was aware of the irony when he made it!

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