Does He Lead a Triple Life? July 31, 2010

Does He Lead a Triple Life?

It’s summer and I’m home. Don’t judge me.

I was watching an old episode of True Life on MTV and the episode was about people who lead double lives.

One of the subjects was Mitch, a 22-year-old who is an “adult filmmaker with two girlfriends.” The girls don’t know about each other — or what he does.

At one point (at the 21:00 mark), he said the following:

I’m pressed for time. That is for sure. Today, I got a pretty full day. At 4:30, I gotta meet Erin to go shopping. And then, at 8:00, I gotta meet Molly because we’re partying. Having two girlfriends can get pretty crazy. And I’d get lost without this right here — my datebook. This is what I rely on so I don’t get confused and don’t get caught doing something I shouldn’t be doing. I must be good at it because I’ve never broke down, ever.

Such a romantic…

As he said this, the camera caught a glimpse of his datebook…

Hmm… must be where he meets the ladies.

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  • beckster

    I like the ? after church. Guess it depends on how Saturday night goes.

  • Must be where he learned his morals. 😛

  • Revyloution

    Wait, a hypocritical Christian? Say it aint’ so. Being religious makes you more moral, someone told me so once.

  • liz

    i totally caught that when i watched this episode! I even paused the dvr and showed my husband…because i thought it was absolutely hilarious. haha

  • MaleficVTwin

    I don’t see the problem. Multiple wives is in the Bible. 😉

  • Ron in Houston

    But of course, he’s not a TRUE christian.

  • Vas

    What kind of church?

  • Nordog

    It’s amazing the conclusions you can come to with so little evidence.

    Really, for all we know he was going by the church to tell all the fundies how stupid they are.

  • Brandon

    Lighten up. This is obviously just a bit of poking fun.

    If you think that anyone here thinks this post is a serious critique of Christianity, you’re a moron (or you have a much lower expectation of the posters here than I do).

  • Nordog


    Sooooo, you’re saying that if I think posters here like to call Christians stupid, I must be a moron?

  • muggle

    Don’t you know that if you go to church on Sunday that erases all the sinning you do throughout the week? I love the question mark. If he misses this Sunday, next will suffice, I suppose.

  • muggle

    Um, Nordog, show me one place anyone said all Christians were stupid. This thread is poking fun of one hypocrite’s hypocritical actions. I’d think it’d tick a Christian off.

    Of course, you’re right. Jesus said don’t judge least ye be judged. Of course then one has to wonder why you’re judging us?

  • Nordog


    Lot’s o’ folks around these parts talk of the stupidity of Christians. Did you miss that?

    Don’t judge you say? Interesting rhetorical devise. Hackneyed, trite, fatuous, false, and all that, but interesting.

    Interesting inasmuch as I make a behavioral observation, and an atheist busts out with scripture.

    Forgive me if I find your exegesis suspect.

  • Eliza

    No, no, you all misunderstand. He is dating the church, just like he’s dating Molly, Erin, Jessica, and Brent. 😉

  • Jen

    I wonder how he does it. Every once in a while, you hear about men who somehow have two wives in different cities, sometimes complete with second families! I feel I can only complete about 75% of my life on any given day, so how do they do these 200% lives?

    ….Although the secret may be to only date Molly for one hour a day. That would free up some time.

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