What Can You Buy for $39? July 30, 2010

What Can You Buy for $39?

Wait, what?

The charges — believed to be a first for a papal event — are for a prayer vigil in London’s Hyde Park on Sept. 18 and the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman in Birmingham on Sept. 19.

In Rome, Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said Wednesday that the Vatican understands that the faithful will be asked to make a “contribution” toward the visit but are not being charged a fee as such. Lombardi said he understood that those who cannot pay will be not be required to do so.

Well, I guess when you consider all the things getting ripped off by Catholic Church officials, an adult’s wallet is the least of my worries.

[Cue rim shot]

Thank you. I’ll be here all week.

(via @faith_reason)

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  • Viggo the Carpathian

    The Vatican has never done anything that wasn’t motivated by making money… this is no surprise.

  • Kamaka

    No how, no way!

    You would have to pay me a whole lot more than $39 to get me to sit through some boring vigil.

  • Richard Wade

    Apparently the sluggish economy is affecting heaven.

  • Isn’t that considered a form of simony?

  • DemetriusOfPharos

    Thank you. I’ll be here all week.

    Thankfully the week is nearly over. Kidding, kidding.

  • Hitch


  • Ron in Houston

    Man, have you seen the Astros record lately? No way that ticket is worth $39 bucks.

  • Richard Wade

    I suppose there will be some physical barrier to separate the paying prayer vigilists (vigilantes?) from the freeloaders hanging around nearby, and I take it that praying “along with” the Head High Holy is supposed to be more effective than by yourself. Okay, but how do they block the extra boosted signal from leaking out of that area so that the cheapskates don’t get the benefit for free? If you park next to a Starbucks, you can sometimes get the internet without going in and buying a cup of that liquid ear wax they call coffee. (Not that I do that, I’ve just heard that.)

  • Parse

    Richard, whenever I know the Pope’s going to be in the area, I pull out my Prayer Cantenna, and slip in some absurdist prayers in there. All the boosted prayer strength from the Pope, without needing to leave my home!

    In other news, if statues of Jesus start bleeding chocolate milk, and the pope trades in his chess hat for a baseball cap, it totally had nothing to do with me. Absolutely NOTHING.

  • Richard Wade

    I’m sitting here at Starbucks (really) using their signal, and your comment made me spray this bildgewater onto my iPhone. Thanks for a good laugh.

  • Bob

    So the Flood actually lasted 39.95 days, plus tax?

  • Richard Wade

    Any senior discount? 10% off with a flier from a cathedral? A dollar off with proof of purchase of Cap’n Christ Cereal? How about a $10 mail-in rebate if I get a note signed by my priest? Nothin’? What a bunch of gospel gougers.

    What about scalpers? Maybe they’ll be selling tickets that night for $80. Scalpers for Jesus. Will they be selling refreshments inside the pay-for-pray area? I’ll have a Dogma Dog with a Salvation Smoothie.

  • Fett101

    Richard, my guess is they’ll construct a large Faraday cage to block electromagnetic prayer waves from being absorbed by the bums.

  • And yet the British taxpayer is still paying for Benny the Poop to visit AND we’re not even allowed to arrest the crook. I’d pay $39 (£25) to see him dragged away by theh Old Bill. That’s entertainment.

  • muggle

    And those who didn’t voluntarily contribute the suggested amount will be treated the same as those who do? Yeah, riiight.

    Fortunately, it makes absolutely no difference anyway. I’m amused by this attitude god is listening to my prayers but if I can get the pope to pray them for me, I’ve got his ear for sure! You’d think it’d occur to them that if god doesn’t seem to be answering their prayers there might just possibly be a reason for that — like there is no god to answer them.

  • Ex Partiot

    they would have to pay me the price of a new Aston Martin to get me within 1000 yards of that old idiot, then I would only laugh at him

  • Mer

    I think you may be wrong in assuming that money is going to the church. These big gatherings cost a lot of money to put on with security and such. The only other option would be to get the Britidh tax payer (amoung which I count myself) to pay even more for the visit. I’d much rather let the Catholics pay for it thanks. Also, Hermant, I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now, and you really do seem to be a lot less friendly recently. Please stop, you’re giving all of us a bad name. 

  • Glen

    Save $9 and become a minister in the Church of the SubGenius! No pedos!

  • Sweetredtele

    It’s surprising how many liberals, agnostics or atheists wouldn’t pay the $39 for that, but they will pay $25 to go to a Block Party and see bands at an event designed to raise money for the local catholic church.

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