Baby Cake with Feet July 27, 2010

Baby Cake with Feet

Normally, I’m all for baby cakes. But this one is a bit creepy…

Oh, wait! I get it. It’s Upside-Down (Baby) Cake.

In that case, someone cut me a slice.

(Thanks to Elyse for the link!)

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  • Hitch

    Now that one creeps me out. Is that a white behind or what?

  • Sven

    Is that Bam-Bam or Pebles?

  • William


  • That’s one full diaper. Looks to be about two or three days worth.

  • Aaron

    That’s one full diaper.

    I certainly hope it is not chocolate cake inside that diaper. Eww.

  • They have lots of horrifying baby cakes at CakeWrecks.

  • Randall Morrison

    You all sure are a bunch of friendly atheists up there! LOL!

  • Jenea

    As TooManyJens says, CakeWrecks has many creepy baby cakes.

    Like this one.

    Or this series of “baby butts” (the first one will be familiar).

  • Annie

    You are doomed to life-long bachelorhood.

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