Atheist Cupcakes July 26, 2010

Atheist Cupcakes

These are adorable… and perfect for your next atheist function:

(via Epicute — Thanks to Gemma for the link!)

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  • That image is relevant to the interests of my Inner Infantivore.

  • ReinetteRenee

    Wow i just Love it!!!! it would be perfect for my little atheist baby shower! lol I got a baby in me but one is never enough gotts to eat more lol

  • evana

    I will feel terrible after eating one of those!!! OH No no not the babies!! The guilt!

  • Twin-Skies

    I’ve always wondered what sort of ingredients they use for making pieces like those.

    Anybody interested in enlightening a curious foodie? 🙂

  • That is GREAT. I am always telling people that at X function we’re going to wear black robes and eat marzipan babies!

  • Mara Jade

    I believe it’s fondant.
    I decorate cupcakes myself, honestly. I love those baby-cupcakes. They just beg to be cuddled and devoured.

  • William


  • Hitch

    Hmm I’d seriously order a pile right now if I only knew where!

  • Oh that’s so very tempting.

  • lonnie93041

    Git in ma belleh were you belong!

  • Vivian


    For the matte look of the blankets, try marzipan or fondant. You can buy it pre-made and colored at Michaels craft store.

  • SickoftheUS

    I’m confused as to what makes these cupcakes “atheist”, other than an interpretation as possibly being disparaging to the mindless breeding/family/bible script, which I’m not sure was intended based on all the “cute” comments on the original site (and here).

  • Hitch

    We are having fun with our own negative stereotypes. This one is called “Atheists eat babies.”

  • SickoftheUS

    Ah, I see. But seriously, I wonder if there is a correlation between atheism and number of children.

  • DaBigQ

    At first, I didn’t get the whole “eating babies” thing. I just thought they were atheists because their eyes were open!

  • Clay

    Allthough I can see the humor in this, I also feel the negativity is only more ammo for the theists to use against us.

  • lisa


  • Moxiequz

    I’m still curious where the whole “atheist eat babies” meme originated. Does anyone have a link or any source of someone making that claim in a non-ironic/non-sarcastic fashion?

  • Hitch

    @SickoftheUS: Don’t have a source so take with grain of salt, but as best I know high religiosity correlates with lots of children. However Sweden, one of the most secular countries in Europe is not the one with the lowest child birth rates in Europe. For example Sweden beats Italy in birth rate handly, even though Italy is much more religious.

    So the relationship is not that easy. Sweden has a great child-care and maternity support system.

  • plutosdad

    It’s from the Bible, we will all eat our own young because we are idolaters or oppress the Lord’s people. (Deut might be the only one that applies, since Ezekiel is about the Israelites and Isaiah is about- I think – Persia) but god sure seems to love the imagery of eating your own babies:

    Deuteronomy 28:53
    Ezekiel 5:10
    Isaiah 49:26

  • kumquatwriter

    @Clay – if we let them take our sense of humor, we have lost our second greatest weapon. (the first is logic) (all IMHO, of course)

    I too went “um, how are these atheist?” but then I also already have one very busy little godless fiend in my belly. As soon as someone pointed out RAR ATHEISTS EAT BABIES I got it and laughed as hard as I dared (there are certain embarrassing side effects to the later stages of pregnancy when one laughs. I try to avoid that when possible)

  • Twin-Skies


    Plenty of studies to back that up actually 🙂

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