A Couple Radio Shows You Should Hear… July 22, 2010

A Couple Radio Shows You Should Hear…

Tonight at 10:00 p.m. (ET), several YouTube activists will be on “God Discussion” to “talk about their experiences which led to non-belief and/or activism.”

All the details about how to listen, how to call in with a question, and how to chat with others during the episode can be found here. The show lasts for two hours and you know you love the subject matter 🙂

My friend and fellow activist Todd Stiefel recently appeared on the Ethics Matters radio show in North Carolina with host James Coley.

You can download the episode here (but only for the next few days).

One of the reasons Todd was on the show was to promote The Stiefel Freethought Foundation. While his foundation is notable for giving large donations to several national atheist/Humanist organizations, he may be even more commended for sponsoring the Second Chance Prom for Constance McMillen.

It’s nice to hear a conversation with someone who has made freethought activism his full-time passion and find out what makes him tick.

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  • Hitch

    Only could stay for the first 2 hours of the God Discussion, but it was quite excellent.

  • Oh good! I caught part of the discussion!

  • ihedenius

    I listened to an hour of “God Discussion” and I’ve already added it to my RSS feed list. Recommended.

    Haven’t heard “Ethics Matters” yet.

  • ihedenius

    They did a whole show about astrology (“God discussion”). And not as a joke either. Some episodes better skipped entirely. Otoh the creator of Skeptics annotated gets interviewed.

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