Southside (of Chicago) Atheists Meetup in August July 21, 2010

Southside (of Chicago) Atheists Meetup in August

There’s a meetup next month on the south side of Chicago for anyone who might be in the area:

Where: Jenny’s SteakHouse (20 Kansas Street Frankfort, IL 60423)
When: Friday, August 13th, 6:00-11:00 p.m.

You can just show up, but it’d be great if people could sign up on Facebook or Atheist Nexus.

(Thanks to William for the link)

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  • Chakolate


    I’m on the south side of Chicago, but Frankfort isn’t. That’s a long drive!

    (I graduated from UIC math dept, too, but I think it was a year or so before you.)

  • jcm

    And, the date is appropriate!

  • eh?

    I live in Frankfort! But I am also vegan so…

  • I can’t stand American atheists, every time they describe where they are having meetings, I get hungry.

    All our meetings are in the local church hall, with “ham and cheese sandwiches made by my mum” on the menu.

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