One More Thing About Women in the Catholic Church… July 21, 2010

One More Thing About Women in the Catholic Church…

After hearing about the Catholic Church’s recent misogynistic declaration that female ordination is in the “same category of crime under church law as clerical sex abuse of minors,” the Denver Post‘s Mike Keefe drew this:

I don’t know whether to laugh or weep.

Anyone who still remains in the Catholic Church should have to explain why they belong to this awful organization and why they accept this (misguided at best, horrific at worst) treatment of women and children.

(via Humanist Network News)

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  • True and sad in the same cartoon.

  • Vivian

    Back when I was Catholic, the explanation we gave was that women are held in greatness as the church itself is referred to as female. Weak, I know. I am definitely not one woman still with this church. Or any!

  • WingedBeast

    To really understand this, you’ve got to understand the perspective of the Catholic Church.

    The Catholic Church operates under the belief that the only way to save a soul from the ravages of Hell is for that soul to be saved by the Catholic Church through strict adherance to Church law and self-flagulations of guilt and remorse when failing to achieve that adherance. It’s been one of my longtime criticisms of Christianity in general that, in effect, the only real sin is not being a Christian. Because it results in things like this.

    For the Catholic Church, the goal is saving souls and that can only be done by getting people to submit to the Catholic Church. That means that, in effect, priests sexually molesting and raping children is a lesser sin than anybody else finding out about it. If one child is molested, that is a trajedgy, but if the knowledge gets out, that could risk and lose many souls.

    Therefore, when you truly understand the belief system that the Cathlic Church works with, the contraversy here isn’t saying that ordaining a woman as a priest is as bad a sin as child molestation. The contravery becomes, instead, saying that child molestation is as bad a sin as women priests.

  • ML

    The whole idea of women not being able to become priests in the Catholic church upsets me so much that I can’t think, then I remember, I’m an Atheist, so maybe more women will question that and forget the whole thing altogether.

  • j2j

    So in other words, it’s not that big of a deal and the church will cover it up?

  • jcm

    Apparently child sex abuse is more acceptable to the Catholic Church than ordaining women!

  • well, of course female priests are a big no no. How are women going to abuse children? Men are so much better at it.

  • fiddler

    @pinkpoppop That was incredibly stupid and a ridiculous statement. Grow up or shut up.

  • why they accept this (misguided at best, horrific at worst) treatment of women and children.

    You’re equating disallowing a female to become a priest with child abuse?!?!

  • Valhar2000

    @pinkpoppop That was incredibly stupid and a ridiculous statement. Grow up or shut up.

    And then you went and topped it! Well done!

  • Ed


    You’re equating disallowing a female to become a priest with child abuse?!?!

    No, the Catholic Church did that when they made ordaining women priests an offense as grave as child abuse. See Hemant’s first sentence.

  • L.Long

    I find it bazaar that the catlicks are criticized for no woman when we should be criticizing the other churches for BREAKING their own buybull BS rules of letting women have any say at all. Its another example of so called xtians ignoring the literal word of the buybull and cherry picking what to believe, like gays go to hell but we can get divorces. If anything the catlicks are at least, in this respect, following their own holey book.
    Again if you don’t like what they are doing then get the pluck out.
    As atheists and skeptx it is not our place to say ye or nay to their belief as long as they keep it to themselves and not push it onto us. But we can still laugh at it though.

  • edwords

    L.Long — we can say yea or nay to their beliefs

    all we want. They butt into ours.

  • It’s time, I think, to abandon the popular mantra of “religious tolerance” and hold people accountable for the actions of the religious institutions they finance. Every tithing Catholic is culpable for the current scandal and shouldn’t act so indignant when society judges them harshly.

  • NorDog

    I think everyone who ever bought gas from a BP filling station is responsible for cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Paul

    This reminds me of The Far Left Side’s cartoon from June 2.

  • MichaelZarthustra

    You’ve got to realize, Vivian, That the church, this Catholic church, is a massive LIAR! Wherever they use the word LOVE, you must substitute the word Hate. When they say you’re ELEVATED because the church is called ‘Her’ that means you’re not taken into account at all…. And as proof, this Pope has just compared you to the priests who RAPE and MOLEST the most vulnerable segment of the population, innocent children. The fact that this church is against Sex-Education, Birth-Control, Family Planning and Abortion means they care nothing for their devotess. The only thing this church really cares about is itself, its MONEY, its power, and its ability to control people’s bodies and minds. The quicker we hasten the death of this church, the better for all Mankind!!!!!!!!

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