A Perfect Baby Prison July 20, 2010

A Perfect Baby Prison

To survive, he must eat his way out:

Who needs a crib, anyway? 🙂

(via Cynical-C Blog)

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  • Oh, my. That kid is gonna be so sticky!

  • It’s all fun and games until someone rolls off the chair.

  • That looks good enough to eat!

    I’m talking about the watermelon, of course.

  • Malachi

    Look what hatched!

  • Looks like he got a… sweet deal….


  • Miki

    Must the child look so happy and content?

  • *taps fingertips together, Mr. Burns style*

    Yessss, little one. Eat up. Watermelon will make you nice and tender….

  • Richard P.

    Watermelon marinade, who would have thought…
    Mmmmm.. delicious

  • I did not know Watermelons were atheist……..

    And then again this seems to prove that if you don’t eat babies …

    The darn atheists are right to eat them( along with being right to deny gods of all shape and nature and such stuff).

  • Of course watermelons are atheist. ==> Proof.

  • Trace

    hoverfrog: 😉 Perfect!

  • muggle

    I’ve been a mother and a grandmother too long. I was waiting for the roll and also damned glad I didn’t have to wash that baby afterwards.

    But, man, got to give it to the kid! Made the best of a bad situation and said mmm, watermelon and dug in. Freethinking already! Mom ain’t gonna keep him imprisioned for long.

  • Steve

    Careful. Think of what happened in “Alien”.

  • plutosdad

    You can carry him around in this until you are hungry: Japanese Portable snackbaby I mean Watermelon Cooler

  • Amber

    It’s not that hard to stop them from rolling… especially if you’re right in from of them with a video camera, watching every move!

    I personally thought it was adorable and am a little saddened my son is too old for that.

  • Pensnest

    That child is going to be sick a bitch to bathe.

  • Ok, who’s got the vodka? I smell a summer cocktail!!!

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