The Amazing Jesus – He Should Turn Professional July 16, 2010

The Amazing Jesus – He Should Turn Professional

by Jesse Galef –

Rowan Atkinson had such a great sketch as the devil, I went looking for more. And lo and behold, I found another hilarious bit of him as a vicar extolling the amazing entertainment of this Jesus character:

Wouldn’t it be fun to perform this? (By the way, if you didn’t get the ending, don’t feel bad – neither did I. But it made more sense after checking out the wikipedia page.)

Enjoy your Friday!

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  • flawedprefect

    Re: the ending: Paul Daniels was a famous British magician who’d do the chat-show and TV circuit and was generally well-known to the TV watching public of the 60’s and 70’s. If this were translated for a more American audience, “David Copperfield” would fit the bill. The punchline would still work to a point.

  • This is absolutely hilarious! Rowan Atkinson is one of the greatest. 😀

  • Trace


  • mike

    Rowan Atkinson did another bit in that same show where he plays a priest who has just conducted a wedding and explains how he and the bride “discussed” the churches position on fellatio.

    (This was from a time when everyone and their grandmother did not know what fellatio was, much less that it has 2 l’s and that spell check would help you spell it right)

    Haven’t we come so far? 😉

  • Lars

    This is what always confused me. This bit is from the DVD, and is from an earlier show before he had polished the jokes. The VHS version(I have both), was from a later show, and he ended it with Jesus and ‘Trixie’ going on the road and taking the act to Jerusalem, but as Rowan ended it, he was not well received, “And they absolutely crucified him”

  • Love it! Thanks!

  • mike


    That’s the version I remember. I rented it on VHS a decade ago. I loved all of his religious jokes but found his other bits to be less engaging.

  • Lars


    The only skits that he did on the tape that I didn’t enjoy as much were the Mr. Bean in church, and the end drum solo.

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