For the Weekend Stalkers July 14, 2010

For the Weekend Stalkers

I’m doing a couple events this weekend for those who might be interested.

On Saturday, I’ll be in Des Moines speaking at the Iowa Secularists Conference. There will be entertainment. And there will be Math.

You’ve been warned.

On Sunday night, I’ll be at the Evangelical Free Church in Bloomington, IL to do an atheist/Christian dialogue alongside Dr. Todd Daly, professor at Urbana Theological Seminary. That event is still open to the public and tickets are $4 for adults ($2 for students).

If you’re in the areas, hope to see you there!

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  • Matt

    A free church is charging for an event?

  • @Matt: No. Obviously they mean that the church is currently free from all Evangelicals. Or they are giving away evangelicals for free.

  • JD

    Let me guess, free to the Christians, $4 and $2 for the Atheists?

    Couldn’t they just pass a plate like a regular church?

    Kidding of course, I think.

  • I was itching to go but I can’t make it. Here’s hoping the event will be video-taped, and maybe Hemant would be able to post it? (The Bloomington event, I mean.)

  • Jay

    You’re not from the Quad Cities by chance?

  • Json

    I will be coming!

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