A Hawaiian Delicacy? July 11, 2010

A Hawaiian Delicacy?

Keiki” is the Hawaiian word for “Baby.”

Keep that in mind as you look at the menu that reader Allison and her husband saw at a restaurant during their recent vacation there 🙂

… we ate at this little restaurant with terrible service, but we had to forgive them once we found out they serve Baby Burgers!

And only $6. What a deal! I’m paying at least $19 in Chicago.

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  • $19? That’s ridiculous. Or is that that the going rate for a vegetarian burger?

  • 2Smart2Fall4That

    Dude, that’s just a children’s menu. Relax. They don’t actually serve up baby like you’d like us to believe. Stop fueling the imaginary fire!

  • Samiimas

    Okay I’ll say it, who else just groans every time they see one of these ‘Atheists eat babies’ articles? Yeah it was funny, once, we all laughed at the stereotype and moved on. But I just checked the ‘babies’ tag and you do like 3 or 4 of these a month. Can you please find a new shtick?

  • Vivian

    This is also found in other parts of America, as we are often found to be eating… “pigs in a blanket” and “lady fingers”… Oh my!

  • adam

    Aside from the fact that I’m sick of the whole the baby eating atheists joke, I feel the need to ask how did this cliché start? Was it from someone who actually tried to pass it off as an example of the typical behavioral mindset of an atheist or was it always an inside joke in response to claims about atheist immorality.

    I’m sick of it either way but I’m still curious.

  • fiddler

    @adam Well, I’d like to hear the “baby eating atheists” joke!
    For those who are sick of: suck it up. This is the twenty-first century and I’m only 34, yet I heard this shit told as fact as a kid. I appreciate adopting the insult and turning it into something humorous.

    And just for the un-knowledgeable, this has been a claim against jews and atheists for 1800 years by devout christians.

  • Ted Powell

    You don’t have to go as far afield as Hawaii. A&W has been selling the Baby Burger since at least as long ago as the early 1960s: http://www.agilitynut.com/giants/aw2.html

  • adam


    Sorry if I pissed you off I can only really claim ignorance and Poe’s law here.

    I wasn’t raised religious and I live in area where I’m not exposed to fundies beyond the media, so the only place I hear the “atheists eat babies” line is on atheists blogs like this, so I wasn’t sure of it’s origins.

    Have you really heard it told as fact to kids? Somehow it‘s always a surprise to me to find out that people can be that f**king stupid.

  • Gib

    You really need to include a picture of the baby burger. Here you go:

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Cheese Quesadilla“? How much for the non-cheese quesadilla?

  • Hitch

    Meals from and for the young unbeliever it seams.

  • Parse

    Sounds like a much better deal than that Reiki burger I ordered last week. The chef came out, waved his hands around me, then told me I had eaten the burger and it was delicious.

  • Somejustin

    Wow. Some people take things a little too serious. It’s a joke relax people.

  • Dave

    You don’t have to go to Hawaii, or even the kid’s menu for that. This is from the place around the corner from us (half-way down, in the burger section):

    Val’s Burgers’ Menu

  • Drew M

    I wonder if Hawaiian baby burgers taste like spam…

  • Ben

    What restaurant were they at? I’m from Hawaii.

  • NorDog

    There are “atheists eat babies” jokes and stories? Really? Never heard one; maybe I’m avoiding the right people.

    The closest I’ve come to that time of rhetoric is reading Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” and that was a satirical suggestion that everyone eat babies. I’m not sure there were many “out” atheists at that time for Swift’s satire to be seen as applying to them anyway.

  • Angie

    I prefer baby subs to baby hamburgers, myself.


  • Dylan

    Babies: An atheist’s favorite meal.

  • TXindie

    Is there an upcharge for the diaper?

  • L.Long

    When ever I see ‘baby burgers’ on the menu I always ask the waitress if they are really fresh or a few days old and they had better not be ‘teen burgers’ as the meat flavor is too rebellious. Some of the looks are delicious!!!

    Ha! Reiki burger! Love it!!!

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