I Kissed a Nerd July 2, 2010

I Kissed a Nerd

Get ready to have a nerdgasm.

The Damsels of DorkingtonBlythe Renay and Rissy Pelot — have a new video out called “I Kissed a Nerd.” (It’s a parody of Katy Perry‘s “I Kissed a Girl.”)

I’d totally marry any woman who knows how to factor.

A little insider info for you: Blythe, the lead singer in the video? Atheist. Her father? Wrote a piece for the Atheist Guide to Christmas.

And the song’s writer (the one in red in the video), Rissa? An atheist who’s getting her undergrad degree at the University of Kansas in Molecular Biosciences.

Coolest group *ever*.

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  • Bob

    I am a nerd and proud of it.

    I was a walking stereotype – the smart Asian kid with a pocket protector and a calculator on my hip.

    And I’m a member of the 501st Legion (we’re the guys in stormtrooper armor).

    Nerds rock!

  • Mak

    Any woman who knows how to factor? Wouldn’t that be the majority of women who made it out of high school? The way she said it in the video confused me, because I didn’t really think of it as a geeky skill, just something you had to learn in math class if you didn’t want to fail.

  • MissK

    Nerds *do* rock!

    But I’ve got mixed feelings on this song. I wish they’d written it from the perspective of a girl that already was a nerd instead of a girl that turned nerdy for a boy!

  • Kai

    I agree with Mak–knowing how to factor is barely more impressive than knowing how to long divide. I would draw the line at solving integrals, at the very least…

  • I agree with MissK. Poser nerds are NOT where it’s at.

    (But it is nice that there are guys out there who think atheist nerdy girls are sexy.) 🙂

  • Eliza

    I agree, MissK! Someone here recently argued that relatively few female nerds existed in the 80’s until geekdom became “fashionable.” How daft and patronizing. I’d rather not celebrate this Tiger Beat nerd anthem with its backhanded message of why be one if you can just date one/women have no identity without a man.

  • @All — I meant a woman who can factor polynomials. Yes… that’s it.

  • Fledgling P

    I’m more of the History/English Literature/Art nerd with a bit of dabbling in Biology, strangely enough.

    Generally, I’d fall for any woman who can charm me with the cute tiny bits of history that are left out of most textbooks.

    The song was pretty cool, although I think hearing the song it’s based upon so many times has ruined the experience for me.

  • jcm


  • Reckless

    Nerds make the best boyfriends. I met my bf playing D&D in high school, and we’re having our fifth anniversary in August. There’s something terrifically sexy about a smart guy…

  • Claudia

    I’ve never really had a non-nerd boyfriend, so I guess I don’t know the difference.

    Fun video, the lyrics rock. I do have one tiny objection. They got two attractive females to dress sexy for this song. They’re at a convention, there must have been, at minimum, hundreds of male nerds there. They couldn’t find ONE hot male nerd to feature in the video? Nothing against the sweethearts who do feature, but I’d like some eye-candy too you know.

  • Aegis

    Of course we rock. Nerds…pretty much embody progress. Arthur C. Clarke and his famous accidental invention of comms satellites in a sci-fi story, for example – and imagine where we’d be if the Wright Brothers had listened when people told them to stop messing with propellers and canvas and ‘get real lives’.

    Galileo didn’t hang with the popular crowd either.

  • I married a nerd. There’s something about debating Schrödinger’s cat or whether or not the graviton exists for pillow talk that just tops the cake. He’s a theoretical physics major, so I may not always understand what he’s talking about, but watching him do calculus is HOT.

  • Hitch

    I’m disappointed. I’m looking for someone who learn about differential forms so we have a topic for small talk.

  • absent sway

    This is fun. I have mixed feelings about the female-nerd thing, though. Pretty much for women, the thinking goes, you can do or look like anything…as long as you’re simultaneously hot. You can still get insulted for other stuff but being not-hot (not even ugly, just anything short of hot) is the ultimate sin. Anyway, I have always been a nerdy girl (humanities nerd, mostly) who appreciates nerdy guys. Any “Freaks and Geeks” fans here, btw? It wasn’t perfect but I think that show got the closest to real nerd portrayal out of anything I’ve seen…

  • allison

    I like the nerd-love, don’t get me wrong, but like MissK I’m wishing the girl was less of a poser. I can do way more than factor, and my first professional math talk was about domination and bondage. 🙂

    Sorry, Hemant, I already have my own really awesome nerd husband. We have nerdy kids, too! It’s good when the kids can join in the gaming.

  • I’ll loose it for any girl who can do both integration by parts and also apply the Laplace transform to real world problems.

  • Dan W

    That video was awesome, Hemant! I’m an exceptionally nerdy guy, and I often find nerdy women more attractive than women who aren’t nerdy. I do prefer the term “geek” to nerd though. I’m proud to say I’m one of the founding members of my college’s first geeky club- which actually has more women than men in it, so it’s not your stereotypical bunch of nerdy males doing nerdy stuff and avoiding females. 🙂

    Though I’m okay at math, I’m more of a history and scifi/fantasy geek, who reads science as a hobby.

  • I just had to chime in here.

    If you think the average American who graduated from the American public school system, has a deep understand what it menas to factor, you are the very nerd you’re claiming is so common.

    Also, don’t you think that maybe girls that would do this in the first place are probably some pretty seriously official nerds…FTW? C’mon now… I mean, this song is a parody. If the main character had been a nerd all along, that completely undermines the parodic concept.

  • Wait are the things in the video supposed to be nerdy? Who knew?

  • False Prophet

    Some of their references are really dated Taped-up glasses? Who’s used that as a nerd stereotype since 1989? This perception of geek/fandom as a white suburban male phenomenon is steadily becoming obsolete.

    But I’ll forgive them for showing off a copy of the Book of Nod at 0:32. Makes my old LARPer heart fill with joy.

  • Ian

    Nice video. Have to check them out. There was a cameo by another nerdy musician in there as well, LukeSki (with a quick shot of the FUMP website as well… the funny music project).

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