End Religious Discrimination in Faith-Based Initiatives July 1, 2010

End Religious Discrimination in Faith-Based Initiatives

Sean Faircloth of the Secular Coalition for America issues a reminder that faith-based discrimination (with federal money) is still allowed in our country. President Obama could stop it in an instant, but he hasn’t done it yet.

There’s no reason to wait on this. Obama knows this is an illegal use of tax-payer dollars and he ought to put a stop to it.

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  • Kimberly

    Obama? Really? I wouldn’t hold your breath…

  • Daniel

    While I agree with what this guy is saying, it would be political suicide to cut funding for a world-relief organization. Yes, I know its a bigot organization and yes, I know its wrong, but if I was president, I wouldn’t cut funding until the end of my second term(assuming I was president and got voted in a second time).

  • Hugh Kramer

    I’m not quite as cynical about the politics of it Daniel, so perhaps he’s just waiting for the midterm elections to be over.

  • Nakor

    Perhaps rather than immediately cutting funding, they could be informed that further discrimination along the lines that they’re currently practising would result in the cut funding. That puts the ball squarely in their court. After all, Bush has allowed it to go on this far, so suddenly hitting them with the cut funding, while fair from some perspectives, would probably only hurt a lot of people in the long run. I think most of us would rather see the charities run well rather than be forced to cut them off.

  • muggle

    Cut them the fuck off! Yesterday! They never should have been funded to begin with.

    Look this is a great speech and all and it’d be a start to clamp down on discrimination but what pisses me off big time is my tax dollars supporting religion at all! I don’t care if it’s a charity. If it’s a religious organization, I shouldn’t be forced to spend one cent on it! All their charities are is advertising they do on the backs of the needy for their God. I should not be forced to be a part of it.

    Besides if it’s tax payer dollars going to charity, it should be government administered charity such as welfare, Medicaid and food stamps, administered by the government not a religion or any private organization either for that matter. Government funds should be used to run the government not support private organizations.

    I must say though that Mr. Faircloth was very impressive and well spoken. Can we run him for President? (Yes, I know he’d never get elected. Sigh.)

  • Bertram Cabot, Jr.

    Obama lied about a lot of things…the wars, shutting down Guantanamo, and now the oil disaster.

    What else is new?

    The country is going into a depression, and that will not help atheism.

  • BakedPenguin

    Kimberly and Bertram are right. Counting on empty suit Obushma to man up and deliver on one of his campaign promises is hopeless (unless it delivers more powers into his hands).

    He didn’t even have the guts to follow through with stopping the raids on medical marijuana dispensaries, despite the fact that it’s a political winner – something like 70% of the population supports MM. If you expect the f’ing coward to oppose something that might motivate one of the key bases of the GOP, you are deluding yourself.

    I take solace in the fact that Congress will go R in the next election, dividing power and hobbling the damage that the government can do. However, I greatly fear 2012, because it’s likely that the Republicans will be back in control of the WH & Congress, and we’ll have a re-run of the Bush years.

  • RS

    Um, Obama expanded faith-based initiatives.

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