If Only the Bible Were Written Like This… June 27, 2010

If Only the Bible Were Written Like This…

I think this ending is *way* more interesting than the current version (subtitles are in the video):

(Thanks to Sandro for the link!)

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It’s Moving Day for the Friendly ..."

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  • Chris Small

    Oh my.. That was fuckin hilarious. A little good the bad and the ugly in there. I needed a laugh day.

  • Saaaaandrrrooooo!

    That was good. The end caught me off-guard.

  • Shannon

    I’d go see that if it was real 😉

  • Hee hee.

  • Evan

    The 12 Reservoir Dogs. Or maybe Reservoir Gods? I dunno. Feeling a little dyslexic today.

  • Ahah!! I’m glad you like it, guys. Soon i’ll report much more… 😉

  • Enrys

    I love this.

  • Santiago

    That…was incredible. Truly a masterpiece of indie film making, bien hecho Sandro!

  • marf

    I am stunned. That movie has potential. I mean, if done seriously (without the Coke and other anachronisms). Good acting, too – even the overacting was within acceptable parameters. Dang! I mean … DANG! Bravi!

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