You Ain’t Got No Pancake Mix June 25, 2010

You Ain’t Got No Pancake Mix

When a Christian starts preaching on campus, some students use boots to protest.

And some people just yell random things back…

YouTube start Ray William Johnson explains:

I thought the Boot Protest was clever and smart.

But I found the “pancake mix” student in the video to be pretty annoying. Less annoying than the preacher, no doubt, but still…

Does anyone support what he was doing? Why?

(Thanks to AJ for the link!)

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  • I’ve been watching this guy’s channel for like six months now. He’s freaking hilarious 😀 We just watched this one like two days ago. “THERE AIN’T NO PANCAKE MIX IN THERE!” Awesome.

    My other favorite one by him is called “no pants!” It’s quite amusing.

  • Evilspud

    I certainly admire his “in your face” attitude.

  • Deiloh

    Loved the boot protest… no vid. =(
    Posters are more my style. Let the preacher be the loud and obnoxious one. (Phelps counter protests)
    The pancake mix is funny. Don’t mind the style as long as it doesn’t turn into a shoving match.

  • The boot is significantly more clever, but sometimes religious jerkoffs need to be shut down, even momentarily. The great thing about the pancake mix line is that it’s totally random and there’s no response. What could she possibly have said without making it more hilarious and way worse?

    But then when you get the sort of people who won’t leave you alone, I’m all for any sort of protest, “You ain’t got no pancake mix” being fairly low on the scale of obnoxious compared to say, blowing an airhorn every time she opened her mouth.

  • Maybe he’s just high, in which case, interpretation is futile. I think it’s funny and I mean what he is saying is just as ridiculous as what she is saying, which I feel like is the point: combat insanity with insanity.

  • cranium

    he was more rational than her

  • Damn. Now I want pancakes.

  • Nakor

    The boot was far funnier, but this one wasn’t all that bad. I wouldn’t have called it annoying myself, except maybe to the preacher. Although to be honest, I thought at first that he was drunk.

  • ASD

    I prefer the boot protest. Or Twitter’s protest in response to the WBC protest against Twitter. Protest bigotry with maximum ridiculousness!

    Maybe that’s what Pancake Mix Guy was attempting to achieve?

  • Matthius

    I went to a Tea Party protest, and at some point the speaker said something like “… and I’m going to tell you how to fry a chicken” so I made up a sign really quickly saying “You can’t tell me how to fry chicken, I’m from Kentucky, b*tch!” (yes I spelled it with the star. Not the classiest thing, but really, the guy was saying we should start waving AK’s and such.)

  • Steve

    He was hilarious. Not as sophisticated by far as the boot thing, but I laughed and so did others there. What she preaches makes as little sense as what he does.

    But the thing is, she has no business being there and harassing people. If she wants to preach, she can do so in the church. The only annoying person is her.

  • Bill

    There’s likely no pancake mix at the scene, and there’s no god. He was being accurate, at least.

  • Karen

    I’m all about Obama’s, “you can disagree without being disagreeable,” And I concede, of course, as an introvert I would be… but still, I think (true) atheists should show that they know how to behave better.

  • Billy

    The pancake mix guy is not an atheist but a “Christian Anarchist”.!/korey.visser

    The kid is hysterical regardless.

  • Phrosty

    I agree. The boot protest: clever. The pancake mix: annoying. After a while, I could help but think, “Stop. Please. Just shut the fuck up and do something useful.”

  • “There’s likely no pancake mix at the scene, and there’s no god. He was being accurate, at least.”

    Exactly what Bill said. Whether intentional or not, the kid was dead on. Annoying, but dead on.

  • Evilspud

    A vuvuzela would have made this beautiful.

  • Dan


    That is so awesome he uses the line in this way! Zach HATES the Christian right… but he’s also a very polite person. I’m curious to know what Zach’s feelings about this would be!

    Zach saying the magic words: (line at 0:29 and 0:41). (line at 3:27 and 3:44).

    Love love love him! (Zach that is, the guy saying it here is pretty cool too though. But I HATE WITH A PASSION this ray Johnson guy. Uch.)

  • littlejohn

    Pancake mix made me a little uncomfortable. His gestures and tone of voice came close to assault.
    He should have been less threatening.
    Would he have been willing to do that to a 6-foot-6 250-pound male preacher? I doubt it.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the non sequitur counter-demonstration – it drives Phelps crazy. But it should be unaggressive.

  • Kathryn

    Holy shit! That’s my Alma Mater…(A state school with bible verses on the clock tower…)

  • Ohioobserver

    I’m ambivalent. Calling a pious fraud on her intrusive offensiveness is necessary, but I remember something my dad said when people wanted to prohibit the Nazis from demonstrating in our town during the ’60s: “Let’em demonstrate. That way we we can identify the idiots.”

    These street preachers give us some clue about who to ridicule and avoid. maybe we should let’em alone to dig their own holes.

  • Sean

    Students need pancake mix more than they need “god”. This man’s anger was justified. They could also use some money for beer on the weekends. Maybe if jesus offered that he would get more followers.

  • muggle

    Loved it! I am going to have to remember that line to use next time I run across a nauseating street preacher. It’d be fun to pull on the God Hates Fags crowd.

    Or something equally ridiculous. If we’re borrowing from comedians, there’s always Lew Black’s, “I went to college because of my horse.”

    Or from movies. It’s scary how many uses my daughter finds for Disturbing Behavior’s, “Meet the musical little creatures who hide amongst the flowers.”

  • At least at the moment, Korey Visser’s Facebook profile can be viewed by anyone with an account, and what he has posted there indicates he’s quite religious.

    I love God and I am planning on going into missionary work in the middle east after school. The concept I live by is Love, in every aspect of life, as God is Love. I love reading deep into scripture and philosophy. … I am going to school for philosophy and learning Arabic to prepare myself for what God has planned for me. I want to change the world through ministry. I know that all the hardships thrown at me in life have only made me stronger in the spirit, the unending stream of life that leads to the infinite sea of love, that anyone can drink from if they so choose to do so. I dealt with severe panic disorder for years, and was cured by the Grace of God. If it weren’t for my God’s Love and His presence within my friends and the people around me, I would probably no longer be here. … I love Christ, my savior. I know He loves me even though I have made many mistakes in my life. He loves you as well, for His love knows no bounds.

    His “Favorite Quotations” section includes endless Bible citations.

    Someone posted on his wall ( inquiring about the video: “[C]ould you pleaser [sic] tell me the story behind this ? Because you seem religious according to your profile.” Korey responded, “I am religious, the person I was yelling at in the video is a person that embarrasses true Christians. ¶We love people, and we love God. Love is really what it’s all about.”

  • Lobar

    That baby afterwards dances better than I do. 🙁

  • “The great thing about the pancake mix line is that it’s totally random and there’s no response.”

    Or, you know, there is:


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