How Would YouTube Commenters React to Jesus? June 24, 2010

How Would YouTube Commenters React to Jesus?

What would happen if you took the Sermon on the Mount…

… and put it on YouTube?

Go here to find out.

This is why I never bother reading YouTube comments…

(Thanks to J B for the link!)

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  • Claudia

    He forgot the most annoying one: “First!”. I love me some YouTube, but sometimes it really seems like a multitentacled 14 year old boy.

  • Hitch

    If it actually happened, who knows maybe this isn’t that far from the actual reception.

    Oh and second!

  • Christopher

    Blessed are the Cheese-makers

  • I enjoy some of the videos, but the comments section on youtube almost make me lose hope for humanity.

  • NewEnglandBob

    That must be Charlie Brown’s ancestor in the front row. He looks just like him but a much bigger nose.

  • Youtube is the worst place for comments. I have never seen a place where so many comments are thumbed down so much that you can’t read any of them.

    Just the other day someone sent my Youtube account a message that linked some video to “The Obama Deception.” Blah.

    I like to think about the film “Oh, God!”, where you have this normal guy – John Denver, a grocer – and all these alleged Men of God are challenging him because he’s not important enough to know God personally. Paul Sorvino’s performance as a southern evangelist is superb.

    Even though I’m Godless, that film is one of my favorites.

  • Ollie

    @NewEnglandBob: “Better keep listening – might be a part about ‘blessed are the bignoses'”
    (Life of Brian)

  • Come on, YouTube comments aren’t really like that. There wasn’t nearly enough racism to capture the full YT experience.

  • Anonymous

    lol at Life of Brian quotes

  • JustSayin’

    I’ve often wondered if Jeebus really did return, what kind of reception he’d get from his followers and those who claim to love him most. This comic comes close, but as other commenters have mentioned, it’s not nearly vitriolic enough.

  • There are people that regularly read the comments on YouTube videos? What’s the point?
    I tried reading them once; at least 90% were sheer idiocy.

  • Troglodyke

    I have long opined that commenters on YT are the lowest common denominator on the planet. I’ve never red a cogent, thoughtful comment on there.

  • I loved the movie ‘OH GOD’ as well. If God were real, I’d want him to be just as George Burns played him. That would be more realistic, to me anyway.

  • Honestly, that was civilized compared to a Youtube comment section.

    Whenever I actually read a Youtube comment section, I just convince myself it’s all the same five-ten 13 year-olds.

  • Man youtube comments are the dregs of society. You can’t go five sentences without racism or something about a Jewish conspiracy.

  • Dan W

    That’s actually a more tame version of common Youtube comments. Usually the dumber comments have more swearing, racism, and/or other ridiculous stupidity. Fortunately, not all comments are so moronic, but the good comments are too often outnumbered by the bad ones.

  • The reputation of YouTube comments has been known for a while:

  • rbray18
  • I would downrate him, but I’m sick of religion.

  • That’s why I manually approve any comments to my videos. I haven’t added much since November – aside from a few updates – but when I start recording again, I may even switch off YouTube to a site like Viddler or Blip.

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