Homeopathy Humor June 20, 2010

Homeopathy Humor

It’s from a couple months ago, but I only saw it now… and it amused me 🙂

(via Rational Moms)

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  • Siobhan

    I posted this outside my cubicle door at work. One of the women there read it and laughed and asked me “Are you a scorpio?” and I looked at her a bit nonplussed and said “Uhm, no” and she said “well my husband is, and this is -so- true”.

    *head bang on desk*

  • Liz

    Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley’s daughter “overdosed” on Traumeel, referred to here and elsewhere as “homeopathic aspirin”. Did she know it wouldn’t work? I’m glad it didn’t and hope she got the help she needed.


  • Mitch

    This comic’s a bit hypocritical on Scott Adams’s part as he believes a few unscientific things himself.

  • 5ive

    hehe, Mitch, I was just thinking the same thing. Mr. Adams is a known creationist… but that scientific inquiry isn’t meant for religion, just other people’s non-sense…

  • Big Jim

    What I don’t understand about homeopathy is this: If, the more dilute, the stronger… then, shouldn’t we all be dead from the dilute mercury/cyanide/MEB* in the water we drink in tap water all the time?

    *MEB = Methyl Ethyl Badstuff.

  • False Prophet

    I wouldn’t call Adams a creationist. I’m pretty sure his defense of intelligent design was motivated by the common but misguided belief that there are two sides to any argument, and that they deserve equal chance to be heard. He’s wrong, but he’s by no means a true believer in ID/creationism. More of a useful idiot.

  • LOL.

  • Alt+3

    This is crazy. I JUST read this one on the Dilbert website like five minutes ago.

    Crazy coincidence or evidence for a supreme Dilbert loving being?

    Also, I kind of have to take Adams with a grain of salt. I read a book he wrote (THE book he wrote?) and he’s got a few kookier ideas himself. He’s great at skepticism when he disagrees with you, not so much when applied to himself.

  • sven

    @Big Jim.
    Don’t worry about pollution like that. It only works if it mixed and shaken by a specialy trained homeopaphat.
    That’s how we know it’s a real science.

    PS:Please recognize my sarcastic tone here.

  • Silent Service


    You applied to much sarcasm. To be truly homeopathic you would have to dilute the sarcasm more before shaking.

  • JustSayin’

    Like several other commenters here, I was shaking my head about Scott Adams’s evolutionary skepticism even as I was chuckling at this comic. (I’d read about his anti-scientific views on the subject on Pharyngula just a short while ago.)

    To Siobhan, I say: I feel your pain. People see what they want to see.

    To Alt+3: Care to rehash some of Adams’s “kookier ideas”? I’m curious to hear them.

  • Mitch


    The Dilbert Future contains a ‘serious’ chapter in which Adams states:

    -that the theory of evolution will be ‘scientifically debunked in our lifetime’;
    -that he has met a fortune teller who really could read his mind;
    -his belief in ‘affirmations’ of the kind in The Secret; and
    -that ‘information in the present can (literally) change the past’.

  • JustSayin’


    Thanks for the info.

  • Hemant Mehtam, please tell Rational Moms their blog has been hacked by people who have also hacked the website of a University for spamming.

  • Simon

    What I don’t understand about homeopathy is this: If, the more dilute, the stronger… then, shouldn’t we all be dead from the dilute mercury/cyanide/MEB* in the water we drink in tap water all the time?

    No, I think that you miss understand the homeopathic idea of “Provings”, that like cures like. So tap water should protect you from diseases with similar symptoms to mercury poisoning.

    However clearly tap water will be more potent because of the dilution, so by their own logic one is better off not taking homeopathic remedies as they are so much less potent than the tap water or sugar they will displace.

  • Lakafaith

    Did you hear about the homeopath who forgot to take his treatment and died of an overdose?

  • I sent that in 😀

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