Hobby Lobby Owner to Build Bible Museum June 16, 2010

Hobby Lobby Owner to Build Bible Museum

Next time you shop at Hobby Lobby, realize that some of the money you spend is going toward the building of a National Bible Museum in Dallas.

With a goal of establishing a national Bible museum of great depth and size, the evangelical Christian family behind the Hobby Lobby chain of craft stores has been spending heavily to amass a collection that has set dealers buzzing in the staid world of rare books.

The man leading the effort is Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby, a private company based here that is a favorite of scrapbook makers, do-it-yourselfers and home decorators. The company, founded by his father, David, in 1972, now numbers 439 stores and has generated a family fortune that Forbes magazine estimates at $2.5 billion.

“The goal is to create a museum around the story of the Bible,” Mr. Green explained. “No book has been persecuted as much or loved as much. Its incredible story needs to be told.”

Here’s David Green discussing the master plan:

Well, it’s not like I’m going to reroute any future road trips to go visit this place when it gets built. But it’s nowhere near as disturbing as the Creation Museum, which actively promotes falsehoods. Green is focusing on the physical, written versions of the Bible. He doesn’t seem as hell-bent on insisting that the words inside it are literally true, regardless of his personal beliefs.

I’m curious how much he will focus on the putting together of the Bible — how it was edited and rewritten over the years and how books were selectively removed from it.

Is it a good use of money? Well, it’s not what I would spend it on… and I’m sure a lot of people, Christians included, could argue that the money could be used in far better ways than this.

Still, it’s his money. He can do what he wants.

Anyone else think this museum will be home to the most boring gift shop *ever*?

(Thanks to Jennifer for the link!)

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  • Charles

    The name of the place is unfortunately misleading. I’d totally visit a museum that features old and obscure Bibles. It’d be legitimately interesting.

    Unfortunately it looks like it’s going to be another Creation Museum, hopefully without the crazy.

  • Andrea

    I hadn’t heard this, but I have expected to hear something along these lines since I learned that their stores are never open on Sundays so that their employees can go to church.

    And Charles, it’s no wonder the museum name is confusing. I mean, the Hobby Lobby has no lobby. At most there’s that vestibule between the outer and inner doors…

  • stephanie

    Wouldn’t a Creation Museum without the crazy be called a Natural History Museum?

    I have relatives and friends in an area that has Hobby Lobbies. They all refer to it as the Bible Thumper Craft Store, so I guess it should be no big surprise they’re doing this.

  • tim

    If I stopped shopping at businesses in which I disagree with politically or spiritually I would starve and have a problem with clothing myself. Not to mention my car won’t go anywhere.

    What this means is that I don’t care what a private business person does with the money they earn from selling a product I feel I need. And if you do I can point to a dozen different ways you are a hypocrite.

  • microbiologychick

    I love hobby lobby.

    I hate that they are so Christian, but so are many other businesses. No one could survive only patronizing atheist businesses.

    If I didn’t patronize hobby lobby, my crafting life would be almost nonexistent. I don’t have many local yarn stores (LYS) near me, and Michaels doesn’t have the greatest selection. The nearest Joann or AC Moore is 2 hours away.

    My solution is to knit flying spaghetti monsters with “I Love this Yarn” from hobby lobby!

  • JD

    The Hobby Lobby stores in my area don’t seem to have a lot of the bible-y things. I’m sure there are some things, but I never seem to notice them.

    Every day, we have to trade with people and organizations that we might not agree with, and those people might give the money traded to organizations we don’t agree with. As long as those people you deal with aren’t promoting violence of some sort, it’s probably not a big deal. The extra penny that the owner might personally get from a given transaction is not worth putting even more money into an oil baron’s treasury to find an alternative store that’s out of the way.

  • @tim,
    Whoa..WTF was that?
    Hemant never mentioned that folks should just stop shopping at all stores whose ownership we happen to have a difference of philosophy or politics with. He never mentions boycotting any businesses once. You made the shit up.
    Anyway, unless you live in an impoverished ghetto area of the United States and don’t have a vehicle (but you state you have a car)or access to public transportation, there are always choices one can make in what vendors they choose to patronize. Some places just make it easy to choose:
    There are other stores out there besides WalMart and I shop at them. Even if their prices are higher. Does that make me a wonderful person? No, it means that I am able to vote with my wallet. In that sense, I count myself as fortunate. Not everyone has that option. But I do, and I’ll be damned if I’m not going to exercise that option.

  • Sarah

    Another heads up about Hobby Lobby/Mardel’s: A couple of years back they donated a largeish sum (I forget exactly, and don’t care enough to google) to Oral Roberts University to save it from financial ruin. To their credit, they made the gift contingent on the university adding an independent auditor and accepting a fiscal code of ethics: something which, in the past, they had been somewhat lax about to say the least…

  • Dan W

    I don’t often know whether the owner of a particular business is religious or not until I read about it online. I hadn’t known the owner of Chik Fil A was so religious until reading it on an atheist blog. Likewise about the owner of Hobby Lobby. I’m not much good at arts and crafts, so I haven’t been to a Hobby Lobby in years. I’d like to know more about this bible museum. It’d be nice if it was a collection of old bibles, and maybe had info about the different versions (like KJV, NIV, etc.) and how some books were put in while others left out of the bible. But the pessimist in me suspects this bible museum will be more similar to Ken Ham’s Creation Museum.

  • Anna

    I was at Hobby Lobby today, looking for green pipe cleaners and wondering why there were so many crosses and things ALL OVER THE STORE. Now I get it. Thanks.

  • Richard P.

    It’d be nice if it was a collection of old bibles…..

    and a fire.

  • Ah, Hobby Lobby. I was there today, actually. I’ve been unemployed for about a month, so I’ve been poking around with different projects to fill the time. Working on carving a chess set, so I went and got some craft wood. The notice on the door with their hours of operation says “Closed Sunday to allow our employees time for family and worship.” Seems a bit unnecessary, really. I don’t need to know why you’re not open on Sunday. If you go to church on Sunday or if Sunday’s your baby eating day, it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t buy Testa-Mints after a full Saturday night of drunken foolishness. I actually bought some once, out of curiosity. They’re not even good mints. You’d think God would endorse a better product.

  • I think I’d be interested in a museum about the Bible if it were welldone and historically accurate.

    Richard P., um, no. Absofuckinglutely no. Burning books is not ok. Burning books because you disagree with them is incredibly not ok. Burning old books is very not ok. Burning old books because you disagree with them? That’s the sort of sentiment that makes me wish there really were a hell.

  • Evilspud

    I have no problem with it, hell, kudos to him for wanting to build, of all things, a place of knowledge. Most Children who would visit the museum probably don’t know about the Bible beyond sunday school and a handful of stories. In other words, they’ve barely scratched the surface.

    Hell, I remember first visiting the National History Museum and learning about ants. How they used their tiny jaws to carve cities into the ground, tiressly and efficiently serving their queen. It was a change of perspective, which is what I’m trying to get across.

  • Michael

    I quit eating Domino’s products because their founder Tom Monaghan not only supported the Creationist museum, but wants to build towns that are completely Catholic. I know he is retired and only owns 7% of the company now, but I still refuse to eat their products. Unfortunately my wife thinks I’m silly and orders Domino’s when I’m not at home. This really sucks because I did like their Kickers. See how I suffer for my principles? 😉

  • Richard P.

    Michael your a true martyr, were all proud of you.

    Sounds like the time I boycotted proctor and gamble for being a satanic organization. LOL

  • jcm

    Good to know. But if I were David Green I would spend the money in something more useful.

  • kate

    I hate Hobby Lobby and that’s not just because I am employed by a competitor of theirs. All of the crosses and religious paraphernalia scattered throughout the store made me feel like I was in Heaven’s ultra cheesy gift shop. Thanks for providing me with another reason to hate that store. BTW- all of their competitors take Hobby Lobby coupons, but they don’t take any but their own. Not very customer friendly IMO. We clean up on Sundays when they are closed- a lot of customers complain about that.

  • I think a bible museum is far more important than feeding the hungry.

  • riverrunner

    They are going to need a museum so people will remember christianity when it goes away and it will. i give it 500 years.

    reminds me of the recent christian fantasy post-apocalyptic movie with denzel washington protecting the last bible with special sword wielding powers from god. crazy people are crazy.

  • Luther

    @riverrunner, I totally agree.

    It should be purposed like the Holocaust Museum, created to warn future generations not to repeat errors of the past.

  • pmsrhino

    Their other master plan is to be the only craft store around me that has a decent selection of yarn and fabrics. 🙁 Which also means that if I need a little extra thread or some more fabric for a project I’m working on it better not be a Sunday, ’cause then I’m just SOL.

    Maybe this is why they have enough money to build a fairly useless museum…

  • I used to shop at Hobby Lobby, until the incident on Easter. I knew they were pretty Jesusy, but I managed to not let it bother me for a while.
    Luckily, I have craft store options where I live. If I didn’t have options, I might try to order more online, but that’s hard with crafty things, where you generally want to see it in person before buying. To be honest, without options, I would probably still end up at Hobby Lobby sometimes. On the upside, they don’t hide that they’re very Christian at all, so props to them for being honest.
    As a few commenters have pointed out, I’m sure there are some businesses I frequent who support things I wouldn’t, but would never publicize it. It’s a sticky wicket.

  • madamefeather

    I worked at a Hobby Lobby for over two years. Their muzak is 95% religious…
    During my interview it was said, “David Green really wears his religion on his sleeve, so you have to be okay with that to work here…”
    I needed the job, so I had to be okay with it. Only a few like-minded employees knew of my atheism. I very well could have lost my job if certain folks had known.

  • Matt

    I am an Atheist and personally I love learning about the history of Christianity. Like it or not the printing of the Bible in whatever form has changed the world. One of the highlights of visiting the Huntington museum is getting to see an original Gutenberg Bible.

    I would love to visit a Bible museum.


  • blueridgelady

    I have boycotted Hobby Lobby for several years now, ever since I learned they are batshit fundamentalists. (I also personally think it’s an awful idea for a craft store to be closed on Sundays, but there you go). I actually had a fairly long email exchange with a higher-up who tried to use the bible to justify their use of fur products in the store. It was interesting, to say the least. I know some places have HL as their only craft store, but if there is an alternative where you live, please consider shopping elsewhere, locally owned if possible.

  • Same old, same old.

    How boring is your hatred.

    Go plant trees, or at least help old ladies cross the street.

  • This is one reason why I’ve never once stepped inside of a Hobby Lobby. I prefer to find local hobby stores to patronize.

  • As a craft blogger and atheist, it kills me every time I have to visit Hob Lob, but the Michael’s in my city sucks, and the nearest JoAnn’s is 45 minutes away. Damn it. It’s the same with Chick Fil A; they just have the best chicken sandwiches. Sometimes you just can’t win. I guess that’s what you get when you live in TX. Oh, that, and ‘updated’ school books. Side note, I don’t know how true it is, but someone once told me that Hobby Lobby didn’t use scanners (the cashier has to manually enter all prices) because the owner thought the bar codes were the mark of the beast. It could be an urban legend, but after reading this I wouldn’t doubt it.

  • I don’t really have a problem with acknowledging the historical and cultural importance of the bible, as long as people don’t over-exaggerate its influence either (no, our laws are not based on the 10th commandments). So a well done museum on the bible is not, in itself, a bad idea, and might even be interesting.

    However, I have my doubt that this museum will be like that. From the motivation that the biblical story is not heard enough, I’m not exactly expecting an un-biased view.

  • Kyle in Waco

    American was truly a stronger, self-sufficient country when we had the Father of Jesus Christ leading the show. Now look at us.

    And who says the Bible has been written, and rewritten? That’s news to me. Love your neighbor as yourself, give God the glory and lets get America love back on track. <

  • Dr. Paine

    @Matt, I agree a historical study of the development of what has come to be known as the Bible is interesting and worthwhile. My only concern is that Hobby Lobby has shown a history of proselytizing with a fundamentalist bent. Just check out their Fourth of July ads (http://www.hobbylobby.com/assets/pdf/holiday_messages/current_message.pdf). They cherry pick a few quotes and imply that the Founders would support their particular religious views. It is really quite presumptuous and offensive.

  • JoAnne

    I want to state I am not an atheist, but I am against any store that posts signs on their door stating they can ‘search your person and your vehicle’ at will. We just got our first HL, I visited it; saw the sign in the window. So they automatically assume anyone coming in the door is a thief. And I DON’T think they have the authority to search my vehicle, regardless of what they think they can do. I was not impressed with the store anyway. EXTREMELY small fabric department, most of the items they sell you can buy anywhere else here. Plus, as a side note, I was at Joann’s over the weekend, and several employees there told me that one of the HL employees came into their store and told them “we’re going to put you out of business”. Nice Christian attitude, right? Plus, they screwed up my purchase and had to redo it. No scanners, employees don’t know what’s on sale. How do these people stay in business?

  • Vince

    This is what is great about our country.
    You don’t HAVE to patronize a company if you don’t want to. I’ve never had a problem or been approached in our local store. Even if I were, I would simply reply with, “I have my own religion, thank you”. There is no need for me to get all huffy about being approached, unless the person became persistent in proselytizing.
    Is a question or comment on religion THAT offensive? If it is, then maybe YOU are the one with a problem, and should seek some counseling.
    I wouldn’t consider boycotting a store because an owner is a Yankees fan, or because he believes in The Great Pumpkin. If he has a good product at a good price, he has my business. If I consider an employee to be rude (I mean RUDE, not someone with a differing belief system), I can either write a polite letter, or politely talk to the manager. If it continues, then I go elsewhere.
    I find it puzzling how atheists find creationists ‘wacko’ because creationism goes against the natural order and science, yet homosexuality, which goes against nature (root word:natural), is looked upon as acceptable. As an agnostic, I find both sides narrow minded, and not afraid to express ignorance and intolerance.

  • Hobby Lobby Quitter

    It has not even been two weeks of working for that store (this Saturday marks my second) and I am already going to call it quits.

    It is 2010 and HL does not believe in scanners and not for the reason YOU would think. Mr.Hobby does not want to SPEND money on scanners and would rather spend money on video cameras to micromanage employees.

    We are also expected to memorize discounts and departments/products as we do not have isle descriptions.

    This is slave work and depending on what kind of manager you have (keep in mind that district managers get on them) he/she will make you stay 2 hours past closing time and insult you in front of customers. You are also called to your register at any time no matter what department you are currently stationed at.

    I’m quitting soon so I will have to grit my teeth for a few more weeks.


  • Mary

    I’ve seen the exhibit in OKC already. Personal beliefs aside, Passages is an amazing piece of history. Yes, they do address edits, translations, etc. of what we know as the Bible today. They have copies out specifically to show the changes in translations and certain passages that had been changed and later changed again (like the SHE Bible which has God addressed as a She). They also have various other books that were written in the same time period.

    There is a working Gutenberg press (not original) that they use to demonstrate how the Gutenberg Bible was printed as well as a copy of a section of an original Gutenberg.

    At the end of the day, its a piece of history. A very cool piece of history. I mean, really, how many opportunities are you going to get to see a dead sea scroll?

  • Dree01

    No job is easy, hard work is always rewarding.  Hang in there, I think you will enjoy it after learning the ropes.  No job is perfect!  God bless and have a good day.

  • Dree01

    But our great country was 100 percent founded on Biblical principles, so how can we go against what made this country the best country in the world?  God blesses nations who recgonize Him as Lord, removes blessings on those who want to remove him from their nation.   Try it…trust in God…He will bless your life.

  • Dree01

    Honor God and His word..A nation thrives
    Dishonor God and His word…Nations fall. 

    Believe it or not, like it or not,  this is how it will be. 

  • Dree01

    Our laws and history are 100% founded on Biblical standards.  Our country was started because  people were being forced to believe in things that were not in the Bible and they came to America so they could read the Bible and stand on it’s principles.  They wanted to be free to live the rules and laws of the Bible, not live by religious laws the King.  He even (King of England and priests) even was charging to give forgiveness of sins.  Jesus forgives sins for free.  He paid the price for our sins when he have his life of the cross.  All we have to do is be sorry for our sins and ask His forgiveness.  Our country was founded completely on the laws of the Bible.  Check it out.  Go WAY back, check your countrys beginnings. 

  • Dree01

    Take away all the Christian owned businesses, all the Christians in this country/world….live in fear of what your nation/world will become.  Without God this nation will, absolutely, positively, completely fall.   Look at Natons who have taken God out, third world countries who have gods, not the one true God.  That’s what America will become.   The more we take God out of our country the more evil it WILL become.  Count on it.   

  • Dree01

    To be closed on Sunday is to do as God said.  “Keep the Sabbath Day Holy”.
    I hate to think of animals being killed so people can wear them.  But if necessary for clothing as was in older days, it’s fine.  In Genesis God killed an animal to clothe Adam and Eve when they sinned and saw their nakedness and was embarressed, God kindly clothed then with animal fur.  God also said man has dominion over animals, but of course I believe he wants us to be kind to animals and only use if we need them for food or clothing.  since He created them we should not abuse them because they belong to Him, the creater.

  • Dree01

    I’m glad you love Bible history.  I pray you will one day love God and his Son Jesus, who loves you more than you will ever know.  Jesus loves you so much he died a horrible death on the cross for your sins.  I think God is speaking to you, listen to him.  Read the Bible, just read it and then decide for yourself.

  • Dree01

    I pray you will find the Jesus of David Green.  That Jesus loves you more than you have ever been loved.  God bless you as you search.

  • Dree01

    Please understand that Easter is one of the most special celebrations Christians have.  Our Savior was murdered  and hung on a cross to bleed and die, put in a grave, BUT to come alive again and now lives forever.  How could Hobby Lobby not shout from the roof tops what Easter is?  Without Easter and a living Christ we would have no hope. 

  • Dree01

    Believe it or not the God  of Hobby Lobby owner LOVES you.  Desperately!!

  • Dree01

    🙂  God Bless you!

  • Dree01

    God loves you and Christ died for even you.   Say he didn’t , believe he didn’t, but He did.  Christ died for you, is willing to save you, and give you a home in Heaven when you leave this world.  Believe it , don’t , but Christ died for you because he loves you more than anything.  No one loves you like the one who made you.  You are a beautiful creation.

  • Dree01

    Thank God for businnesses like Hobby Lobby who do give to spread the cause of Christ.   God blesses those who do his will and his work.  God wants to bless you too.  Believe in Him, trust in Him because He is THE way THE truth and THE life . 

  • Dree01

    But God has preserved the Bible for thousands and thousands and thousands of years.  Why would He do that if it were not extremely important?  Why?  Man hasn’t been responsible for keeping it alive all these years, God has.  And God will keep the Bible is place until he brings this world to an end.  Read it, especially the book of John before you discount it.   If you want to see an amazing display of Bibles go to the Passages Exhibit in OKC.  It will be there until OCtober 16th 2011, and it’s simply amazing.  God your creator loves you so, so much!  He tells you that in His word, the Bible.  It’s a love letter to you and me.

  • Dree01

    But what would you rather have all over the store?  Knives, guns, drugs, dirt, trash, mold, demons, devils, puke, ……    Those crosses stand for LOVE.  The love of Christ, dying on the cross for your sins.  Your sins, along with mine put him on the cross.  That’s a bucket load of LOVE.  Christ died for YOU!  WOW

  • Dree01

    The fire comes when we die without accepting and believing  the God of the Bible and his son Jesus.  Try destroying all the Bibles with fire.  Some, maybe; but God has PROMISED His word, the Bible will endure FOREVER.  He has already seen it through thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years.  Man has not done that, God has.  He WILL see that it endures to the end of the world.  I pray you will read the book of John in th Bible. 

  • Dontknow

    I didn’t realize money spent in hobby lobby goes to a bible museum! Therefore I will not shop there anymore! Business and religion don’t mix, just as schools and government don’t mix with religion. Your brain washing the shoppers, not all people are Christians.

  • SSS

    Sombody must tell me why is it Atheists spend all there time complaining about the beliefs of others? Instead you should spend your time dealing with your own issues and quit trying to push your ideas onto the rest of us. Bottom line is this is a country that was founded on Christian beliefs and Chrsitian ideals but we don’t force anyone to believe in those ideas of they choose not to do, thats what makes The United States the greatest country on the planet Earth.
    Do all of us that choose to live in and support the US in its full glory a favor and move to the middle east where they will get rid of you for openly talking about Atheism. Either that or shut the hell up and quit bitching.

  • JTL

    The USA WAS NOT founded upon Christianity. You are wrong. Do your homework.

  • JTL

    You didn’t know the bible has been rewritten over and over again? Did you know it was assembled from various writings by an early Catholic church counsel? If you don’t know these things, you’d better do your homework. You’re in for a rude awakening.

  • Ia

    Hobby Lobby is an amazing organization…who treat their employees amazingly well!  Best of luck to them and all of their endeavors!

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