Atheism Is Not a Religion June 16, 2010

Atheism Is Not a Religion

Preach it, Sister Cristina:

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  • Is it bad that I didn’t hear a word this woman said simply because I couldn’t get over how hot she is? Maybe someone uglier should have tried to convince me. Brains and beauty tends to be a “pick one” kinda deal. I picked beauty. Something about atheism…blah blah blah…not a religion…blah blah… 🙂

  • Denis

    Atheism is a religion like baldness is a hair color. Or like not collecting stamps is a hobby.

  • CatBallou

    Yes, she’s hot–but in a late night “Call me, I’m waiting” TV commercial way. Just watch the video without sound (I guess you’re not listening anyway, C.E.!), and you’ll see what I mean.
    But it’s too bad you’re so binary, because she really is smart, with a very sharp edge.

  • C.E. Moore, yes, there is something bad about that. Cristina is good looking, but if you can’t pay attention to what she has to say because of that? Yeah, something is very wrong. Now, it happens in Criss’s case she is deliberately using her sex appeal as part of her persona, but that shouldn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to listen to what she has to say.

    As to the video Criss is responding to, seems like the usual drivel. I mean seriously, saying straight off that “you can’t talk me out of it”? Might as well just say “and if you try to tell me otherwise I’ll clasp my hands over my ears. Just feel happy that we’re no longer able to burn people alive when they say things that might indicate we’re wrong.” He also seems to miss the point when he talks about books by Darwin and Dawkins as holy texts (incidentally did you notice he just said “Darwinian evolution” afterwords? It makes me wonder if he’s aware of what books Darwin actually wrote), that no one takes these texts this way any more than they take Newton’s Principia that way. Darwin’s works certainly have many things that we now know are wrong or don’t work as Darwin understood them. This shouldn’t be surprising. Darwin didn’t even have a mechanism for inheritance. Without any knowledge of genes of course his theory of evolution would be seriously incomplete.

  • @Joshua Zelinsky,
    Dude, lighten up. Really. Did you see my post on this yesterday? Mostly tongue in cheek, but seriously now….something is “very wrong?”

  • Hell, *I* was distracted by her looks and I’m a straight woman! It’s her body and if she wants to use what god gave her (tongue planted firmly in cheek) then she can! She is witty and deals with the “issues” well.

  • @C. E. Moore,

    Brains and beauty tends to be a “pick one” kinda deal.

    Naw, if she had just sat there and delivered her message, the distraction factor would have diminished by…well, a whole lot.
    She does shit like this because she knows it will get guys to watch her videos and drive up her subscriptions.
    Sex sells. You enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. She is the one who distracted from her message and a natural male reaction to that is nothing to be chastised for. Still…”a pick one kinda deal”? No, can’t go that far 🙂

  • Monster, yeah, I may need to lighten up. I may also be just using my own standards for other people in an unjustified way in that I don’t have a problem both enjoying the video and listening to what she has to say. Although even then, there seems to be a difference between where you got distracted at 2:44 in whereas C.E. seems to have been distracted a bit earlier than that.

  • @Joshua Zelinsky
    Whew, I was starting to worry about you my man!
    ha ha ha..okay, buddy. Roger that 🙂

  • Orson

    I like Cake

  • @Not Guilty — Yeah, I had the same reaction to Lucy Lawless in leather.

    Then I discovered I wasn’t as “straight” as I thought!

  • Philbert

    Naw, if she had just sat there and delivered her message, the distraction factor would have diminished by…well, a whole lot.
    She does shit like this because she knows it will get guys to watch her videos and drive up her subscriptions.

    Exactly, I’ve seen many of Cristina’s videos, and she knows how to be serious. I think the tone of this video was deliberate.

    But I could be wrong. Maybe I’ll watch it again just to be sure.

  • Dan W

    Theists really enjoy claiming “atheism is a religion”. I liked watching Cristina’s response to the moronic “atheism is a religion” comment. And yes, she is very pretty.

  • Cristina makes all the right arguments. She always does. Being good looking is her cross to bear (so to speak).

  • MikeW


  • potorch

    Religion: in general a set of beliefs explaining the existence of and giving meaning to the universe

  • Words can’t express how much I love this woman. I love the fact that she is not afraid to speak her mind, and that she is confident about her looks. Thunderf00t may be one of the best known youtube atheists, but I would pick her a million times.

  • She is smart in a lot of different ways.

  • Michael

    Not only can I appreciate the fact that she is very attractive, but she has brains and isn’t afraid to use both traits to her advantage.

  • EdmondWA

    I’m glad I’m gay so I could enjoy the message without the distraction! She rocks!

  • I love the dancing. A perfect sarcastic accompaniment to her equally sarcastic message. Not subtle but very effective.

    Oh and of course she is physically attractive but how does that make what she is saying any more or less relevant? Her smarts are attractive too.

  • JD

    The video, is something we needed. It plainly explains why this particular Christian talking point is nonsense. Most people aren’t going to go read what Dawkins or Hitchens says about it, it’s just not their level.

    Now she needs to cover this notion that there is an atheist “fundementalism” being practiced. I personally think they’re just unhappy that they can’t use public funds or captive audiences in the form of public schools for religious proselytism.

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    It’s “Hot for Atheism,” the next future ex-Mrs. Mehta.

  • Funnyguts

    So our prophet needs to be someone who can turn water to wine, and have lots of men following him.

    We need a gay atheist magician.

    Hmm… I wonder if there’s anyone who can fit that description…

  • Alan McGowan

    religion is evil, and they want you to believe that you are evil for recognizing and stating that fact publicly.

  • Its a shame that the atheist prophet cannot be a woman, because it is clear from the responses here many male atheists would follow her anywhere. Yes, that includes me too.

  • blueridgelady

    I was wondering how far into the comments I would have to count before something sexist but came up, but I wasn’t expecting the VERY first comment to be it.
    Way to go.

  • Boxxie

    @ Blueridgelady – Yea, I wasn’t going to read the comments for this reason. I couldn’t resist and was not surprised. Oh well…

  • Brittany

    Love her!

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