An Atheist Bear… June 13, 2010

An Atheist Bear…

Who knew bears were atheists?

Glad I could help educate you all.

(Thanks to Amanda for the link!)

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  • Richard Wade

    Might not be an atheist bear. Maybe the kid made fun of a bald man.

  • NewEnglandBob

    Doesn’t the cotton/polyester blend taste kind of bland?

  • Godless Killing Machines.

  • Of course bears are atheists. Unless they explicitly believe in a deity, then they’re atheists, which pretty much includes all animals, young children, and most agnostics. Hell, you can even lump in inanimate objects if you want to be really loose with the term.

    (BTW, the jpg is not showing up, so I’ve no idea what you’re actually talking about.)

  • Amy

    Carl, it’s a picture of a woman looking a bit scared holding a baby (looking a bit bored) whose leg is in the mouth of a plastic life-size bear.

  • plutosdad

    This is what Colbert warned us about.

  • Ian

    I agree with plutosdad… Colbert warned us that they are GODLESS KILLING MACHINES.

    So, obviously… atheists. ;-]

  • Dan W

    According to Stephen Colbert, Bears = Godless Killing Machines. 🙂

  • jcm

    Aren’t bears naturally godless?

  • DemetriusOfPharos

    Reminds me of one of my favorite Christian jokes:

    A Christian is camping in the woods, and comes a little to close to a bear. Being Christian, he immediately drops to his knees in prayer: “Please Lord, I have never asked for anything, but please make this bear a Good Christian!” The Bear suddenly raises on his hind legs, throws his front paws to the sky and shouts “Dear Lord, thank you for this bounty I am about to receive!”

  • The lady is clearly feeding the baby to the bear. This is some kind of sacrifice to the atheist bear. The bear would have been happy with a fish.

  • Mak

    I should have known that everyone here would be a Colbert fan. XD

  • Seth C.


    It has to be a bald follower of a semitic war-god who makes predictions of the future based upon political and socio-economic conditions then suggests that this impending doom can be stopped with the proper religious ramifications of the supposed people who also follow the same temperamental war-god.

  • Richard Wade

    Seth C.,
    Ah. I see what you mean. Sure can get complicated when you just want to shit in the woods.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    In case anyone does not know what Richard Wade and Seth C. are talking about:

    Elisha and the Two Bears (2 Kings 2:23-25)

    In which

  • Shatterface



  • Of course, since the bear is reenacting an Old Testament Story, we can’t be sure whether he’s Christian or Jewish.

    I’m not positive whether a baby could be considered kosher, now that I think about it.

  • muggle

    hoverfrog, she totally misunderstood what the Flying Spaghetti Monster wants of us all.

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