An Atheist Restaurant June 5, 2010

An Atheist Restaurant

If I ever go to London again, I need to remember to make a stop at ArchAngel.

They have one thing on the menu I can actually eat.

(Thanks to Ed for the pic!)

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  • Tony

    And the kid option is by far the cheapest! Bonus!

  • Finally! A restaurant that will satisfy my infant-devouring craving!

  • Mel

    I wonder if I could fit a kid roast in my crock pot? 8 hours on low should do the trick.

  • Angie

    I’m confused. Do you get to choose a type of meat or child to roast, or do they throw the meat and youngster together in a roasted dish, a la paella?

  • T Ray

    That really gets my goats.

  • Aegis

    I hope they have a vegetarian option. You know how hard it is to find a soy baby in England?

  • HP

    I wonder how they prepare kid in England? In Mexico, it’s usually as cobrito or birria. And Jamaica has its famous currygoat, which is delicious, but more of a stew than a roast.

    Do they prepare kid in England like a traditional English roast? Rosemary and mint, maybe? I’d be curious to try that, although I suspect I might prefer cobrito after all.

    Dunno why Americans don’t eat goat. For omnivores, it’s one of the most feed-efficient and environmentally friendly stock animals out there, and there are so many delicious recipes from all over the world. But just try picking up a quarter kid-goat in an American supermarket.

  • Hitch

    If the kids are vegetarian, that could well count as a vegetarian option. Dirt cheap too!

  • Greg

    There seems to be some misunderstanding about the menu here – some people have taken ‘kid’ to mean a young goat. I feel it is my duty here to correct them:

    Here in the godless UK, we have discovered a new delicacy called: ‘babies’. They are the young of the ‘long pig’, also sometimes known as ‘the hairless goat’ (which may be where the confusion is coming from).

    Sweet and succulent, they lend themselves to many dishes, from savouries to sweets. Once they have grown a bit older, they are then known as ‘kids’. These have a far stronger taste, and are generally only used in roasts and stews.

    If they get any older they become teenagers, and honestly they become very fatty and to be frank, unappetising. We dispose of them after that and don’t use their meat. I know some people think it tasteless – but trust me, it’s one of those things you shouldn’t diss before you’ve tried it.

    Throw off your religious masters and join us atheists over here in the UK!

  • shady lady

    Uh…I don’t get it. You have to be a child-hater to be an atheist?

  • No, it’s a play on the “atheists eat babies” meme.

  • Damn, I wish I would have known about that place before my trip 2 weeks ago!

  • This isn’t an atheist restaurant, but a Catholic priest restaurant O.o

  • If you can be pedantic then so can I:

    It reads to me (as a native English speaker, and local, that there is a choice of 3 meats (cow, pig and sheep) and that it costs £9.95 for a chicken to eat there and £5.95 for a kid to eat there.

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