Fargo Native Gets ISNOGOD License Plate! May 27, 2010

Fargo Native Gets ISNOGOD License Plate!

Remember Brian Magee, the Fargo resident who wanted an ISNOGOD license plate?

Today, he got a response from the North Dakota Department of Transportation:

In a letter dated today to inform Magee that his plate will be issued as requested, Francis Ziegler, NDDOT’s director, said lawyers from the Attorney General’s office told transportation officials that Magee has a legal right to the plate.

It’s a good move on their part — they already allow religion-friendly plates. If they said no to Magee, no doubt they would have had a lawsuit coming their way.

Congratulations to Magee for following through with this and getting the plate he wanted!

(Thanks to Erin for the link!)

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  • Durr Hurr

    Countdown to the plate getting stolen/defaced in 3…2…1…

  • Potco

    I think we will need pictures.

  • Trace

    That is good news…and yes, what Durr Hurr said.

  • Rebecca

    He will need to mount miniature cameras inside the front and rear windscreens when he parks so he can film those who will take action.
    I’d love to see the shitstorm that ensues when he hands the evidence over to the authorities.

  • EdmondWA

    Hooray for ND (and its lawyers)! That is the right decision. What they said.

  • It’s great that he got a No-God plate.
    I think we should all contribute to a fund so that we can name a state capitol, “The no God State House”.

  • Kurt

    In my state, we still have the “In God We Trust” plates (the only free “special” plate you can get – everything else costs $45 or so).

    I’ve been thinking of getting one that says “NOT RLY” or maybe “GR8 FSM” or maybe “WHICH 1”. Suggestions?

  • Edmond


    How about… “In God We Trust”

    NOT ME

  • SickoftheUS

    This is good work by the ND guy. But I wonder why not just get some bumper stickers? Much cheaper than vanity plates, and you can make them much more visually interesting. You can make your own messages at places like makestickers.com, and slather them all over your car’s back end like I did. Make the fuckers behind you read and wince at just about anything that’s not “obscene”.

  • TychaBrahe

    I ditto the camera idea. I once got my tires slashed–in Disneyland of all places–when I was displaying a call for Clinic Defenders (“Don’t Let Operation Rescue Oppress You!”) back during the height of the clinic blockades.

    Yeah, I was in Orange County, but still, at Disneyland?

  • Angelique

    Last time I checked license plates were government property. I live in the area this took place and was incensed when I first heard he was denied the plate. And by all accounts the local gov’t didn’t accept his plate because they wished to uphold the constitution or to respect all our citizens – nope- they just wanted to avoid a lawsuit. Pitiful, but one step at a time I guess.

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