They’re Teaching WHAT in the Classroom? May 25, 2010

They’re Teaching WHAT in the Classroom?

This time, Christians have taken it *too* far:

I’d be laughing harder if it weren’t equally as ludicrous as trying to force Intelligent Design into the classroom…

(Thanks to Kevin for the link!)

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  • Mel


  • Neil

    Oh, The Onion. Putting ridiculous-enough-to-be-true stories out there for our amusement. I love you…

  • CdaHumanist

    That is a hilarious parody! I agree, though, that it rings home on other Christian / Public issues that it’s scary that they’re even issues at all.

  • NewEnglandBob

    Gotta love the Onion! LOL

  • Lazlor

    What a pleasant thing to teach children. You’re all going to die soon! Now go to college. Good thing it’s from The Onion.

  • Nakor

    Ah, saw this earlier. The Onion is hit-or-miss I find, but this one they knocked right out of the park. XD

  • Toominator

    It’s unfortunate that proponents of AGW are using the very tactics used by various religions to scare the children into thinking they are doomed if they don’t drink the (enter-religion-of-choice-here) Kool Aid.


  • Alan E.

    “Next up, MTV scientists have discovered a previously unfilmed species of asshole.”

  • Good one, though it could be more of a prediction of the future than a parody.

  • Enrys


  • The Onion has been doing a lot of pieces that are founded in truth recently. The current political climate is ripe for their satire.

  • fritzy

    If it wasn’t from the onion, it would classify as a Poe.

  • fiddler

    The reason that the onion is a perfectly relevant mirror to society? 3/5 American christians support these stories until told that they are satire and then scream about the injustice being done to their religion! Proof positive of the relevance of the “POE” concept.

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