Help Foundation Beyond Belief Reach Its Summer Goals May 17, 2010

Help Foundation Beyond Belief Reach Its Summer Goals

As I write this, nearly 500 people have donated nearly $25,000 to various charities, courtesy of Foundation Beyond Belief. You can help us get past those numbers.

The New York Times article from last month really put the Foundation in the spotlight and the money we’re raising is really appreciated by the different beneficiaries. They’re amazed at the generosity — the fact that it comes from a group of atheists is just an added bonus 🙂

Now, we’re trying to raise $4,000 to get our organization through the rest of this quarter.

Can you help? Any amount would be appreciated!

If you’re curious which charities will receive this quarter’s funds, you can check them out here.

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  • Richard P.

    Is there any plans for the foundation to register in Canada?

  • Is there a Form 990 available? I don’t see it listed on Charity Navigator and the Guidestar listing does not have it.

  • @Simon — Those are in the works right now and will hopefully be up on those sites in due time!

  • Xena

    I’m dangerously close to needing services for the poor, myself right now. But I like the approach to distribution that FBB uses. When I am in a position to give to charities, I’m always discouraged by the prosteletyzing that constitutes “helping” the poor. I always wonder if I’m paying a bunch of wealthy American preachers to torture people, you know?

    I’ve also had to use these services in the past. Even in Canada, where we pay 13% sales tax, and more in other provinces, and working people pay huge income tax bills, a temporary bout of poverty or homelessness is often treated as an excuse to send out the exorcism squad. I could get SO Foucaultean on the way the London Salvation Army operates–right down to the security guard that the “inmates” refer to as “Nurse Rat Shit” after the character in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

    It’s nice to see charities that help without all the conversion crap. Keep up the good work.

  • Hemant: Ok, I contributed.
    Would it be ok to post a link to their org via my blog without asking?

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