The Hunt of the Jesi May 16, 2010

The Hunt of the Jesi

Oh no! The predators are hunting down the near-extinct Jesi! Some save them!

(via SMBC Theater)

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  • too soon

  • Deiloh

    ha ha ha

  • Okay, I realize the point of it is to be funny and I have nothing but love and respect for SMBC, but I feel I have a duty as a Latinist to perform here, just in case anybody gets the wrong idea. Here goes: the Latinized name “Jesus” is wholly irregular. While it’s true that most of the Latin words ending in -us pluralize to -i, this is by no means universal. Some, like “corpus” (body) are third declension; that one being neuter, its plural is “corpora”. Some, like “manus” (hand), are fourth declension, and their plurals are indistinguishable from their singulars except by the addition of a long mark to the final syllable. As for Jesus, he doesn’t actually fit any pattern, being adapted from Greek which was adapted from Aramaic which was adapted from Hebrew. Jesus has no Latin plural.

    I’m sorry to have to get into that, but I love you guys and I love Latin, so naturally I want you both to get along.

  • Sandra

    And I thought I was overly analytical! (Sesoron)

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