First Aid Kit: Hard Believer May 9, 2010

First Aid Kit: Hard Believer

First Aid Kit is a Swedish indie band consisting of Klara & Johanna Söderberg. I’d never heard of them until reader Andy sent me one of their videos:

Gotta love lyrics like these:

Well I see you’ve got your bible
Your delusion imagery
Well I don’t need your eternity
Or your meaning to feel free
I just live because I love to
And that’s enough you see
So don’t come preach about morality
That’s just human sense to me

We need more songwriters like that, no?

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  • Interesting… I need to listen to it again but for now, I’m sticking to ‘Dear God’. 🙂

  • Hemant, have you ever heard of the band Cursive? It’s a very different type of music than the group you posted, (er, less calm) but their album “Happy Hollow” has many songs with lyrics us atheists can appreciate. A couple samples:

    From the song “Big Bang”:
    “They say there was this big bang once, but the clergyman doesn’t agree, oh no
    There was this big bang once, but it don’t jive with Adam and Eve
    Original sin, idyllic garden
    Some talking snake giving apples away
    What would that snake say if he could only see us today?”

    “There was this big bang once, we were left here to fill in the blanks
    There was this big bang once, now we’re aimlessly drifting in space
    We’re gonna need an explanation for rational thought
    And what it meant and the weight of our hearts
    In a world of entropy, why can’t we just simply be?
    And don’t feed me lies, intelligent design”

    From the song: “Rise Up! Rise Up!”
    “Please forgive me, for questioning divinity
    It’s an ugly job, but I think I’m up for it
    I’m not saying who’s right
    I’m just saying there’s more than one way
    to skin a religion
    There’s more than one way
    to explain our existence”

    “So, rise up! rise up!
    There’s no one to worship!
    But plenty of life to lose!
    I’m not saying “let’s burn down the church”
    But do you want to hear my confession?
    It’s my greatest sin..
    Okay, here it is:
    I wasted half my life on the thought that I’d live forever!
    I wasn’t raised, to seize the day, but to work and worship
    ’cause “he that liveth and believeth” supposedly never dies”

    Not all their stuff is about religion, but “Happy Hollow” has a bunch of songs that are. Anyway, Cursive. Check them out.

  • Hmm! Never heard that Cursive album before. I’m a fan of their other stuff. Will have to check it out.

  • Joseph R

    I’ve been listening to First Aid Kit for a little while now. They are awesome!

  • And its one life… and its this life… and it beautiful…

    I like them A LOT!!!

  • Amber

    I was coming in here to mention Cursive, but someone beat me to it! So I’ll just drop another band called Cobra Skulls. I saw them a festival recently and this song got the greatest and most fervent reaction from the fans. They lean much closer to the punk end of the spectrum, but it’s great upbeat music.

    ‘Faith Is A Cobra’

    Well I don’t know what happens when we die
    But I just can’t see no angels in the sky
    I might lay there for a while, hope I go with a smile
    But I just don’t care what happens when we die

    And I say faith is a cult, faith is a cult
    The faithful say that I’m an insult
    Faith is a cult, faith is a cult
    And the cult is beating me by breeding me out

    Well I don’t know if a god is coming back
    But I think you’re fucking crazy to welcome an attack
    That would signal armageddon but to you it’s just as well
    Cause you don’t know you’re going to go to hell

    Christians, Jews and Muslims too
    They want to tell me how to pray
    But they don’t know that I got a soul
    And they can’t take it away

    If I’m right, we die
    If they’re right, we all wind up in hell
    But I’d rather live my life today
    And treat all people well

    We’re heading for a new dark age
    And in defense of reason
    Here’s what I say

    Yeah they are beating me
    Forget succeeding
    They’re morally misleading
    And they are cheating
    By breeding me out

  • Me

    Love how in touch they are with their witchy Forn Siðr heritage. I was
    already intrigued prior, but when I picked up on the lyrics of this
    song and realized they were so bravely singing the “non-pc” taboo truth
    well that’s when the hook finally set in deep. Dark Folk? Runestone
    Rock? Norse-A-Billy? Whatever you call it – one thing is for sure – it
    has far more stylistic layers to it than any first impression

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