This is What Church is Like May 7, 2010

This is What Church is Like

I know a lot of you have been to church way more than I have, but based on my experiences at the bigger, non-denominational megachurches, I can vouch that this pretty much sums it up:

Just fyi, that video was created by a church that is poking fun at itself.

It’s funny because it’s true…

(via Stuff Christians Like)

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  • Trace

    That was cute.

  • This is what humour is like!

  • Robyn

    That was insanely boring and pompous.
    No wonder I hate going to church.

    (Funny because it’s true, though, yes.)

  • ScottP

    head bursting trying to decide what poe’s law looks like from the other side of the fence. Masterfully funny. Wouldn’t have believed a church made that if Hemant hadn’t said.

  • Charley

    I thought it was awesome! Honestly!

    Not that I’m saying I’d go or anything. But the video was funny. 🙂

  • Aaron

    It’s nice to see a church that realizes how silly they can appear.
    If I could go to a rock concert every Sunday on a donation basis, I probably would, if they left out the religious parts.

  • Janeen

    Hum de dum, this sounds vaguely like Trailer for Every Academy Award-Winning Movie Ever…

    whispering repetition

    Hm. Forget I said “vaguely”.

  • Philbert

    The music bits were spookily familiar.

  • Haha! I don’t remember ever going to a megachurch service, but this nicely sums up many youth services, too, or any church that tries to cater to the younger crowd! All nicely designed to manipulate people’s emotions and pretend it’s God!

  • NV

    I think I saw Tampa’s Sunshine Skyway bridge in there. Not surprising if it was filmed in FL. We have a church in every strip mall. Sometimes two!

  • The video is even eerier since I’m studying in a christian student center and they have a service going on above me. Nailed it to the T. Though, the video forgot to mention the obligatory butchering of songs that everyone knows (seriously, a soprano singing “I’ll Fly Away” like she was in an opera) and someone incompetently working the mixer.

  • tues82

    A church that’s honest? Holy Fuck, I’m converted. See ya at church guys (you know this whole atheist shit is just a phase anyway, so speed it up and get your ass back to church).

    -And because even atheists have trouble with this, this entire comment is sarcastic. Thanks for comprehending my disclaimer, and reading that far down, in advanced.

  • aerie

    Ugh. I can’t even watch it. Church sucks. The fake smiles & put-ons to look like upstanding Chrisitans is sickening. You’d think all that bible hi-lighting would have given them a clue that their god is evil. And those endless worship songs are brutal. My fundy parents dragged me there every sunday. I hated them for it. But I’m not bitter. /s

  • Dan

    These guys did it before, and did it better…

    UPDATE: Well shoot! Just checked out the link for this on “Stuff Christians Like”, and the top comment on there says the same thing I just said.

  • Chal

    Yeah, definitely felt like a ripoff since Cracked‘s video with a similar concept came out months ago.

  • Claudia

    OK, I’ll admit it, that was awesome. Now I want to see it done for our side. I want this done, TAM style.

  • Martin

    I’m sure I’ll get shot down for this, but if Churches in England were like this, I might not have become an Atheist so soon in life.

  • Shannon

    LOL! That was funny 😉 I like people who can laugh at themselves 😉

    Not like any service I’ve ever been to though. I’ve only been to Catholic and Episcopalian services which were a bit different.

  • Nora

    Oh yes, so true! Contemporary…blech.

    Glad that they at least have a sense of humor! Nice reminder that Christians are people too =)

  • Growtivation. Heh.

    Yeah, this is pretty much like every evangelical church service I went to.

  • BlueRidgeLady

    haha that was pretty much our church experience in Youth Group. I like that they can laugh at themselves.

  • Excellent, now that I know that a megachurch service follows a set formula I need never bother going. Phew, I was almost worried that I might be missing out…..not.

  • Brendargh

    I was worried the raised arms were not going to be in there, but they gave a small nod to it at the end of the video. Just a side-note: this stuff is only acceptable in the newer mega-churches or youth groups. Any of the kids that raised their arms or even looked excited in the itty-bitty local Baptist church that I attended while in college were glared down.

  • When I was younger we went to Catholic church where we referred to the mass as “Catholic aerobics” with all the “sit, stand and kneel.”

  • Mel


  • nogos

    If more churches were actually capable of humor and able to take jokes like this, they wouldn’t be as bad as they are.

  • muggle

    Really? People found this funny? I thought it was bland and predictable and laughing more at the schmucks they take in than themselves.

    I’m more amused by a local megachurch’s because the preacher thinks he is so cool and hip and gets the youth riding a motorcycle on the stage at the end of the commercial. LOL, one of the stoner dudes in my high school did this at our talent show in 1976, for Pete’s sake.

    Both commercials are lame, very lame.

  • PeeMikGee

    So, not that BritaNick invented this joke, but this totally BritaNick’s joke ( Which is cool; it’s stll funny when these guys tell it. People just need to learn how to give credit to major sources of inspiration.

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