Buy One of Ray Comfort’s Vests… for an Atheist Charity April 30, 2010

Buy One of Ray Comfort’s Vests… for an Atheist Charity

Lately, bananaman Ray Comfort has been reaching out to atheists in his own unique way — he’s been giving out $100 food vouchers and giving away handmade vests.

As it turns out, reader Amy “won” one of the vests. She does appreciate the gesture, but she thinks she can do something even better with the gift:

Auction it off an eBay and give most of the proceeds to Foundation Beyond Belief!

For your bidding pleasure… a brand-spankin’-new, genuine cowhide vest, handmade and signed by, that paragon of Christian thought, Ray Comfort at Living Waters Ministries.

This vest would fit women sizes 6/8. (I’m guessing here. This is what I wear and it fits me.) It has a super-soft outside, two pockets and four shiny, new snaps. It smells great, actually (if you like cow-hide, and I do), and though it’s a bit crispy, would soften up with some wear. Plus, did I mention, Ray Comfort signed it?! (on the inside)

But wait, there’s more!

75% of the winning bid will go to the FOUNDATION BEYOND BELIEF! (

They aren’t quite the fashion statement I would make… but others seem to *really* like Ray’s vests:

And just how fine is this garment, you ask? Another auction is offering a Ray Comfort-made vest right now, and it’s currently going for 1,007.00 — all of this to support Living Waters Ministry (omfsm!) Can we wretched non-believers raise a similar amount for works that will make an actual positive difference in the world?

It’s a wonderful, generous idea and I hope Amy’s new vest sells for a lot.

If you’re interested in bidding, the auction can be found here!

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  • medussa

    I don’t understand. Why is Ray Comfort giving away autographed vests?

  • How funny, as I read this I am getting ready to call Living Water and try to help them fix their streaming service. Please forgive me, I know it supports them, but its my job, sometimes life sucks.

  • @James Henline,
    Hey, at least your client isn’t raping kids, well, at least as far as we know…

  • Richard Wade

    Well it’s nice to know that Ray can actually make something useful.

    I wonder if he could make armored vests for atheists that deflect the stinging insults, sharp criticism, pointed remarks, edged sarcasm, barbed ridicule and blunt contempt that he and his loving Christian brethren so gleefully sling at us on a regular basis.

  • Bob


    I think the civet does a better job than Ray, because the civet isn’t proselytizing on the side.

    (That’s the wild cat that eats and excretes coffee beans …)

  • Michael

    It might be easier to beat that 1000$ goal if more than 75% of the sale was going to charity.

  • Taisha

    And yet, no one wants the tampon case…

  • Siamang

    Ray Comfort is making vests and giving them to atheists?

    wow thats random

  • Rest

    Clearly, Ray has a vested interest in doing this because he wants to convert atheists.

  • Jen

    I think the Banana Dude is on to something. Imagine if people brought vests, and not wine or flowers, to parties.

    I don’t know, sometimes I almost want to like Ray. I am not saying I would bring a vest to his party, but it is almost cute that he is trying to reach atheists while still deriding us with Sir Isaac as the tagline to his blog.

  • Peregrine

    I know what you mean, Jen. Ray Comfort is an odd duck. And while we mostly dismiss his foolishness when he’s beating his usual drum, I kinda want to hear him talk about something else sometime; some other topic of interest – sports, mechanics, his favorite brownie recipe, whatever – without taking the opportunity to incessantly witness. Just to see if he’s just a one-trick pony, or if he’s actually capable of coherent thought.

    Actually, now that I think about it, I haven’t touched the stuff in years, but he kinda strikes me as a great guy to get stoned with.

  • Richard’s Evil Twin

    Jen and Peregrine,

    You’re both very kind, and I admire your charitable attitude toward Ray. I have a much harder time thinking of him as deserving anything better than contempt.

    He has had many opportunities to express a coherent thought instead of the nonsensical drivel he constantly oozes, and many opportunities to demonstrate any basic understanding of the things he criticizes, such as a basic understanding the theory of evolution. He has been asked, he has tried, and he has failed miserably.

    Ray Comfort sells ignorance. Ignorance is not just the absence of knowledge. Think of it as a real stuff. The world, especially the United States has an insatiable appetite for ignorance, and Ray sells it by the hundreds of metric tons, by the thousands of acres, and by the millions of barrels. He’s a walking ignorance factory, vast farm of it, a gushing well of it. He makes it up, right on the spot. He leaves a puddle of it where he has sat, and a trail of it wherever he goes, like a snail. It’s easy to find him. Just follow the ignorance, but don’t get it on your shoes.

    Sorry if I’m being too easy on him. I guess I’m just a big softy.

  • Staceyjw

    He’s ignorant about evolution and such, and condescending for sure, but I just can’t hate a guy that wants to send me $100 or a vest (which I like, even though its not my style). Is it a bribe? Yes, but SO WHAT, it’s not like I’m going to become a xtian over $100. Take the money when offered, its a dollar less that goes to promoting creationism!

  • I’m just going to be blunt, that’s an ugly vest. Even when he’s trying to be nice, he still comes across as weird and out of touch with reality.

    It kind of makes me think of the movie “A Christmas Story”, when that aunt gives that kid pink bunny pajamas and he’s forced to pretend he likes them. Though in this case, I would rather wear pink bunny footed pajamas, every day, for the next year, than wear that ugly vest for an hour.

  • muggle

    Why in hell is an Atheist charity promoting Ray Comfort?

    Am I really the only one to ask this obvious question? This is a bad, bad idea. Burn the danged thing. Better yet, send it back.

    Why are you accepting gifts from someone who preaches against us? At best, Ray spends a lot of time making fun of Atheists and, yeah, I know he just makes himself look stupid but I cannot say this loudly enough:

    HE IS OUR ENEMY — NOT OUR FRIEND. Kindly don’t promote him.

  • Honestly, I think atheists should just ignore Ray Comfort. All he wants is attention, and we should refuse to give it to him. Imagine if he didn’t get any media coverage or any takers for his free gift certificates and leather vests? Muggle’s right. Don’t promote him. He’s not our friend, and his ploys are all too transparent.

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