Jen McCreight to Speak in Chicago April 28, 2010

Jen McCreight to Speak in Chicago

The Women Thinking Free Foundation is a new non-profit based in Chicago:

Our goal as an organization is to bring science, skepticism and critical thinking to the women of the Midwest. We’re planning some great events, campaigns and outreach programs to help provide women with the tools to fight pseudoscience.

We’re taking the skeptical community offline, and giving people a reason to care about our message!

Your donation will help us bring in great speakers for our lecture series, fund our educational and outreach campaigns, and bring some fun and fantastic science and skepticism events to Chicago and expand to the rest of the Midwest!

The inaugural event is one I’m very excited about! (Even though I’ll be out of town for it — very sad about this.)

It’s Jen McCreight, fresh off of #boobquake!

All the details are here. In short, the talk is on Saturday, May 22nd at 7:00 p.m. at the Galway Arms in Chicago. Admission is $10, which goes to the WTF Foundation 🙂

If you’re in town, this is sure to be a talk worth hearing.

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  • I wish I could go–it sounds so exciting. My feminism and atheism are intimately connected, but it’s rare I see events that deal explicitly with both. Thanks, Jen! Keep it up!

  • Can’t wait to do it! Sad you can’t be there though, Hemant 🙁

  • Dekker

    I kind of want to go just so I can give them $10 for naming their group the WTF Foundation.

  • Andrew

    Argh! I love the Galway Arms and I love Jen, but I’ll be out of town. Grrr.

  • Valhar2000

    What the fuck is WTF?

  • froonium



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