What Do Christians Do That Frustrates You? April 27, 2010

What Do Christians Do That Frustrates You?

I know I’ve asked variants of this before, but I’m looking for answers to the following question:

What do Christians do or say that frustrates you?

A few examples of what I have in mind:

  • Bait-and-switch: Where they become your “friend,” but really, they just want to convert you
  • Not speaking out against other Christians who do really crazy things
  • Assume that everyone who isn’t a Christian is “lost” or needs “saving”

It’s for a project I’m working on. Your short answers (with elaboration if you’d like) would be very helpful. Thanks!

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  • Tony Andrews

    Giving credit to god for every good thing that happens, and accepting every bad thing as part of his “plan”.

  • Paul Wilkins

    What frustrates me about what Christians do is in regards to prayer. Specifically the expectation that it is a special and sacred thing that is not to be interrupted – and we play along with it!

  • 1) sneaking their beliefs into supposedly neutral conversations; using neutral platforms to espouse their religion (like facebook, et al.)

    2) automatically “assume” that everyone shares their beliefs

  • gski

    Cherry picking the bible.
    Not admitting that their god is immoral.

  • Christians that say things like what my friend set as her Facebook status:

    “Jesus has taken over-joy’d delight in constantly telling me about my future over the next year! How much he loves me and cares for me! He truly gives hope to my heart! Refreshing! Exciting! Yhiew!”

    Sometimes I would like to tell her that her imaginary friend is just that… an imaginary friend.

  • Upon finding out that I am atheist they (even people who don’t know me or have any idea about my life) tend to say something along the lines of:

    “Right… You obviously haven’t experienced hard times. When push comes to shove you’ll see”.

    That statement is -more often than not- accompanied by a smirk and a very annoying know-it-all face. Ugh… >.<

  • NewEnglandBob

    How their brains let them spew faith instead of using it for thought.

  • What do Christians do that is particularly annoying?

    It’s their attitude of “I’m right, you wrong, get over it.” They continually confuse certainty with possession of truth & with being right. Their cowardice in the face of even trivial doubt is particularly galling. The result is that you can’t really talk to them except on their own terms using their own specific & idiosyncratic terminology.

  • Donna

    I don’t find the Christians in my predominantly Catholic community frustrating, possibly because it’s considered inappropriate/taboo to press religious views in polite company.

    But these rules don’t seen to apply to kids. They don’t seem to hesitate to tell my daughter that they are going to hell or pass on other hateful ideas.

    Keep your crazy ideas away from children who haven’t yet learned to stand up for themselves!

  • Bailey

    When Christian friends and family members give “god” the credit for some achievement they worked incredibly hard for and successfully completed on their own, I just want to shake them by the shoulders.

    Additionally, people who tell me I have no morality/moral compass/ethics because I don’t worship their imaginary friend really irritate me.

    The inability to conceive of other viewpoints that conflict with their own is especially infuriating, because it leads to enforced ignorance and the praising of that ignorance as though it’s somehow worthy.

  • Kyle

    Christians who don’t “get it” when you say you’re an atheist. I had this one friend (we are no longer friends now, but for different reasons,) who kept including me on prayer chain e-mails. Mostly it’d be “pray for me!” requests because she was going through tough times. I told her straight out, “Look, I feel bad for you and I can be there for you as a supportive friend, but please don’t include me on these prayer chains. I’ve told you I’m an atheist.” She finally relented when I reminded her, several chain e-mails later, that my e-mail address shows up to these other people she includes on the chain and I didn’t want her giving out my e-mail address to everyone else she may know. I didn’t know these people at all.

    Oh, but it’s okay to breach someone’s privacy, not to mention their personal boundaries, so long as we’re doing “The Lard’s Work!”

  • Les from Canada

    Anybody who waits tables in coffee shops and diners on Sundays for the after church crowd will tell you this:

    They’re cheap. Lousy tippers. The same folks who will give thousands of dollars a year to support Ken Ham’s lunacy will nurse a single cup of coffee for ages, not order anything else, and then toss you an extra dime or so on a $1.25 bottomless cup of coffee. Then they drive off in those big-ass Lincolns and Caddies so favoured by well healed evangelical Protestants in the south and midwest.

    I can only think that this is related to the “eat what you kill” philosophy of neoconservatism and badly misconstrued social Darwinism. Evangelicals are usually politically conservative, and as such are likely to view the underpaid waitress as solely to “blame” for her position in life. A generous tip–a whole quarter, maybe!–may spoil her.

    Hateful twits….

  • Ben

    Christians who say that if god provided proof of his existence we wouldn’t need Faith™, implying that Faith™ is more important in actual knowledge.

    Those Christians who, when pulled from a burning car by a complete stranger, thank god for a miracle instead of the stranger for saving their life. It, as usual, implies that god is the source of all good, but doesn’t credit him for allowing them to be trapped in a burning vehicle in the first place.

  • Bob

    It would have to be casting the Bible as the Word of God inerrant. If the natural state of the world is change, how can an infinitely wise, all-knowing, merciful deity be caught short by changes in culture/society? And how is it, exactly, that God’s supreme achievement – man – seems to lack a default mechanism for critical thinking?

  • Sunioc

    Someone mentioned facebook status updates. Some people are so prolific, I have to unfriend them just because I get annoyed by constant “PRAISE JAYZUS!” status updates. Also stuff like “Please pray for X, he really needs some help right now.” Those are really just minor annoyances though. After all, I don’t -have- to read facebook updates.

    What really bothers me, is when I’m a captive audience. I had a coworker a couple years back who was constantly proselytizing to me, and telling me I was going to go back to church someday. To me, this was like telling a recovering addict “don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get back on the heroin someday.” He wouldn’t drop it, wouldn’t take no for an answer. He did this with everybody that worked in the store. Even his fellow christians found it irritating. He backed off somewhat when one of the managers had a talk with him about harrassing coworkers, but he never stopped entirely. The thing is, he was a genuinely nice guy. If he hadn’t been so aggressively evangelical, we would have probably been good friends. Instead, he was just an annoying douchebag.

  • Steven

    The rather condescending “I feel sorry for you” if I share my atheism with a believer is frustrating. Equally frustrating are those folks who “know” what God wants for them, even if it is contradictory to their own inclinations.
    The promotion of faith over reason and ignorance over knowledge makes me both sad and frustrated. It continues to boggle my mind that so many people simply accept their religion as truth without any concrete evidence beyond stories in a book.

  • Drew

    “Love the Sinner, hate the Sin.”

    How convenient! For you.
    How convenient that you can make such a neat separation, keep your love and hate in tidy little compartments!
    But it doesn’t work like that. Especially when what they call your “sin” is part of your identity.
    If you love me and hate who I am or the choices I make, then you hate me. Maybe you see the difference, but trust me, from the receiving end it’s all hate.

    This is what makes wackos like Westboro refreshingly ironic: they are, for what it’s worth, more honest about their hatred than the “nice” Christians.


  • Sunioc

    Oh, another one I forgot to mention. A few months back, my brother’s coworker came into the garage he works in with a shotgun, murdered a friend of his, and then pumped 3 shells into his own face. My brother had been out of the garage on a housecall for 5 minutes at the time (he repairs tractors, so often he has to drive out to people’s farms to do repairs), and apparently the guy looked into my brother’s station on his way through the shop. 2 days later, my brother is talking about how blessed he was that god took him out of the shop just in time to save his life. Never mind that God did nothing to save the other guy that was killed, and didn’t prevent the murderer from going insane in the first place, God was looking out for -him-! When I heard that, I just wanted to grab him and scream “What the fuck is wrong with you!?!”

  • trixr4kids

    I have a friend who never passes up a chance to proselytize. When I met him on the street the other day and asked how he was doing (he’s an older man whose health is iffy), he said, not well, but he wasn’t worried because he was going to heaven, etc. etc. Then he started spouting Bible verses at me, hoping to worry me into converting (lest I die in my sins and wind up in hell.)

    I tolerate him–I just say “‘bye” and walk away when the god babble starts–because he’s a little bit nuts and can’t help himself. But, years ago, I actually had two different Xtians tell me that my parents (who died when I was in my teens) were in hell. That, however, did not elicit frustration, but something closer to blind rage.

  • They assume everyone else ‘believes’ like they do. Matter of fact, they assume themselves to believe what often they’re not even able to articulate or defend. Very frustrating.

  • Robin

    Their insincere, patronizing or sighing replies when I mention my atheism.

    “I don’t believe in God.”
    “Well, God believes in you!”

    “I don’t believe in God.”
    *sigh* “I see. You must have a very sad life.”

    “I don’t believe in God.”
    “Do you believe in…HELL?”

    You get the picture. It’s very irritating.

  • Sally

    I don’t really know anyone who is actively Christian, although I do work with two women who are JoHos. Apologies in advance for the TL:DR though.

    Things that they do to annoy me;
    1) Pretending to be willing to engage in debate, but are actually just trying to convert me. They refuse to listen to my points of view, and loudly claim that I’m narrow minded if I refuse to convert to their faith. Their faith prevents them from reading anything unless it’s approved by the watchtower so we can’t do a literature swap.

    2) They buy into a belief that their faith makes them better than non-witnesses. A huge hypocrisy. They have both repeatedly broken the watchtower’s explicit rules and claimed their actions are not against the rules but are a matter of conscience. One of them had an affair with her husband’s boss, whilst condemning her sister at the same time for getting pregnant outside of wedlock as though she herself were a paragon of virtue.

    3) They use peer pressure to force people to conform, and as a punishment when people don’t. One of them stopped going to meetings whilst trying to reconcile her sexuality with her faith. Her family refused to speak to her since she wasn’t going to the meetings, so I stuck by her and tried to help her through it. Eventually the peer pressure was too much, she missed her family, and now she represses her sexuality and pretends she’s straight so that she can continue to practice her faith. She now suffers severe depression and has panic attacks when going outside, but her family show precious little concern about her health or wellbeing. As long as she goes to their meetings, she’ll be in “the club”.

    4) As with most other christians, they’ve never even READ the bible. They rely on getting their cherry-picked sermons from their leaders who do their thinking for them. I am an atheist, and even I’ve read the bloody bible. As soon as we start a discussion and I start using scripture against them, they become frightened and unsure and either make wild statements or refuse to continue the discussion. They know how shaky the foundations of their belief are and as soon as you make a point that makes them think, they cover their ears and start “lalala-ing” to block out the facts.

    5) When you start beating them with their own arguments, they resort to pettiness and name calling – because that always wins the argument, right?

    6) They claim (or believe in their own minds, even if they don’t say it outright) that I’m an immoral person because I don’t believe in their particular cult. Now, being a godless liberal, I’m sure many would agree with that statement. However, unlike many Christians, I’ve never broken any of the ten commandments. In typical Humanist style, I also believe in kindness, forgiveness and charity. In keeping with the word of their own J to the C, but not so much with Christianity.

    Oh yes, and recently I was accepted to study for a masters degree in astronomy with astrophysics. When my JoHo friend found out, she assured me that I would re-think my atheism once I started studying the universe (because apparently I don’t know anything about it yet!). Her argument? “You can’t have something as amazing as the Universe just happen, God made it that way and I think you’ll realise that.”

    No, I don’t think I will. Where no rational explanation exists, that doesn’t mean “God did it, nothing more to see here folks, we can all stop thinking about it now”. It means I have the opportunity and the duty to find the rational explanation.

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    How can you be frustrated by Christians being Christians? If they didn’t take all of their sky daddy mythology seriously, and didn’t praise their god, think he was the best thing since sliced bread, and try to convince everyone else of that “fact”, they wouldn’t really be Christians now would they.

    Basically your saying that you’re frustrated by the way they define themselves, which in fact seems to be what frustrates them most about atheists. I sense a vicious circle forming.

  • riverrunner

    Number one frustrating thing is they believe complete nonsense with nary a thought, i.e. Noahs Ark, Adam/Eve, walking on water. They will dismiss palentology, biology, geology in favor of a book which somehow is perfect. i used to be one and it took years for common sense to sink in and overcome the brainwashing.

  • Aaron Ankers

    The thing that bothers me the most, and this has been going on for a long time, even Herman Melville talked about it in his books, saying that the cannibals were more christian than the christans were, is when christians are hypocrites. They talk about being good to their fellow men and acting as christ would, but they don’t. In one breath they say that you shouldn’t get an abortion because it is murder, and then in the next they say they support the death penalty, things like that. They don’t practice what they preach. Inconsistencies like that drive me nuts. And of course the overzealous types are also a bit much to handle.

  • Drew

    gski’s first one – cherrypicking the bible. Leviticus, anyone??? Sheesh!

    Hypocrisy. With no small amount of irony, I say that atheists are typically better christians than most christians. I never knew a bigger bunch of gossipy judgmental backstabbers as when I was a churchgoer.

    Also, the Facebook proselytizing!

    And the continuing campaign to get god put into everyday life – school, law, politics, etc. Their belief that today’s problems are caused by lack of god is maddening.

  • To that list I would add:

    4. They assume the very existence of non-believers (i.e. atheists, agnostics, etc.) are a personal insult to them.

    5. Less-extreme members of a religion tend to side with its more extreme members, against outsiders, even when those extremists are wrong and/or detrimental to the religion or society as a whole.

    6. They refuse to accept that their religion might have faults, either philosophically or historically.

  • Drew

    “The universe is only 6000 years old”

  • Siobhan in Vermont

    The single most annoying thing to me is how they don’t actually read their own bible in its historical context, and yet they claim they aren’t applying their own interpretations on the things it says.

    When I was a born again christian, I pretty much worshiped the bible, and I wanted to know it better, and understand it better. So I *gasp* actually read it. I bothered to learn about the historical context of the things it presents because I had a hard time swallowing some of it, and I didn’t understand how the christians around me could possibly claim they weren’t interpreting (“That’s just what it SAYS there’s no room for INTERPRETATION!”)when they so obviously were. As a result of my reading and understanding of the historical context, I was one of the most liberal christians pretty much anyone in my circle knew. I believed that Paul’s teachings (PAUL’S not JESUS’s) about the roles of women were flat out wrong and that he clearly indicated these were HIS words, NOT GOD’S (for crying out loud, how the heck could they NOT see this was historically/societally driven?). I believed that abortion was solely a matter for a woman and her doctor to decide, and NOT murder because the ONLY passage in the bible that treats in ANY way on harm to the fetus treats the fetus as PROPERTY with the penalties applied for PROPERTY damage, not harm to humans. And that homosexuality as understood at the time of the writing of the bible was NOT the same thing at all as what the loving relationship between consenting adults we have today (the issues being the sexual practices during the worship of various pagan gods and the relationship of older roman men who used “power over” the young men around them to demonstrate their dominance). Sorry, now I’m ranting…

  • There was an atheist week on Facebook recently and my cousin asked me what the red A stood for. I told her, and she wrote back, “Well, God believes in you!” I felt like telling her to get bent, but before I could think of a less unkind response, she logged off.

    I’m also bugged by the ones who apparently care more about the soul of the person than the person.

  • Bob

    @ Sally: “… never even READ the Bible …”

    Or, rather, they have. They’re just selectively remembering those parts that fit neatly in with their prejudices and ignoring that which runs counter to it. It’s the same mentality that fuels the whole Creation v. Evolution ‘controversy.’

    After quoting Scripture in one forum, I had an evangelical Christian rage, “How DARE you quote Scripture to ME!?!?!?!?!” You could almost imagine veins throbbing on his forehead.

  • Christophe Thill

    I’ve had long discussions with a guy who’s a committed Christian (Catholic variety), although he harbors some doubts and uncertainties.

    Asked about all the bad and horrible things happening in the world, his answer was that we don’t know everything, we can’t understand everything, and all the bad things have a good side that we might not see. Yes, it’s even true of the people afflicted with terrible diseases, and even of the children slaughtered during the Rwanda massacres: because, who knows, they might have had a really difficult life, with hunger and misery, if they had lived longer.

    It infuriates me from a moral point of view when I hear this. To me, it’s just an evil way of thinking.

    It infuriates me even more, but this time from the point of view of logic, when I think that this guy is actually a good and caring person. Only, he just “wants to believe” and is obsessed with finding some sort of higher meaning in everything he sees.

    This is what faith can do to you. Even when you complain of not having enough of it.

  • Ryan Anderson

    To echo PsiCop’s #6, their constant use of the No True Scotsman fallacy is what annoys me the most. It’s one of the tools they use to enable them to ignore the philosophical and historical faults with their religion.

    Also, along the same lines, when they acknowledge that “religion is bad” but then claim that True Christianity is not a “religion” is very annoying as well.

  • Greg

    I would add to:

    Not speaking out against other Christians who do really crazy things

    by saying:

    …and complaining about people who do speak out against these Christians.

    A good example would be the people who complain about Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, et al being ‘militant’.

    Then there’s also:

    People who assume you’re only an atheist because you’ve had bad things happen to you, and have ‘turned against god’ as a result.

    As if that would be a good argument even if it were true. Would slavery suddenly be justifiable if the only reason a person spoke out against it was because they had once been a slave?

    or the popular:

    “You’re an atheist because you want to do immoral things. You know god exists really.”

    So… we are atheists so we can get finite pleasure, whilst knowing that the cost of this finite pleasure is infinite torment? Yeah… Ri-ight…

    Also those people who say “that offends me” if you mention you don’t believe in god.

    And…? Do you seriously not see that if you have a right to be offended by me mentioning I don’t believe in god, then I have at least as much right (and arguably a great deal more) to be offended every time you even mention Yahweh? I mean, at least my statement isn’t telling you I think you deserve to be tortured for eternity.

  • Kathy

    The hypocracy drives me insane. “No special rights for gays, but damn it, I want MY religious views to be taught in schools, and I want you all to accomodate my religious practices.”

  • 1) When, after finding out you are an atheist, they say either “Oh, you don’t look like an atheist”, or “You can’t be an atheist – you’re too good.”

    One implies all atheists are thugs, while the other implies that only THEIR way can be right and that any other thought process except THEIRS is corrupt.

    2) Attempting to force their views on you, either by preaching or by codifying their belief system into law.

    3) “Solving” a problem or suggesting a “solution” that “jesus will fix this”… Get off your lazy, superstitious butts and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  • Bob


    “I mean, at least my statement isn’t telling you I think you deserve to be tortured for eternity.”

    It’s not what you’re saying, it’s what they’re hearing.

    If there is no God, then everything they’ve held to be true is cast into doubt. So instead of riding off to heaven and eternal reward, there’s …. nothing. That scares them to no end. (You might recall one of the criticisms levelled at Pat Tillman’s family was that they were Atheist.)

    It’s projecting their frailties onto you.

  • Ubi Dubius

    1. Trying to claim my country as specifically Christian (America is a Christian country!).

    2. Using their Christianity as an excuse to tell people around them what to do, what not to do, what to think, and what to believe.

  • Dang – forgot to add that those three items cover all religions, not just christians…

  • Aaron Crabtree

    I hate this conversation:
    “I’m an atheist.”
    “No your not.”
    “Yes, yes I am.”
    “You don’t believe in God!”
    “How can you be sure?”
    “How can you be sure there is a god?”
    “Bible says so.”
    “I assume you mean the Christan Bible. I don’t believe it is the word of a god.”
    “How can you be sure?”
    “How can you be sure it is the word of a god?”
    “The Bible says so.”

  • Richard

    Thanking god for all that happens while ignoring the people that actually do the work.

    I recently spent the weekend in a hospital waiting room with a close friend of mine. His 18 year old son drank himself blind (.29 BAC) passed out, hit his head causing a bleed between the 2 lobes of his brain. Long story short he spent a couple days in the hospital and will be fine. Everyone thanked god for saving him. Not once did I hear a thank you directed toward the EMTs, doctors or nurses that actually saved his life. Nor did a thank you come the way of his brother who really got the ball rolling by biting the bullet and calling 911 within minutes of him hitting the floor. Anyone else would have rolled his drunk ass into the corner and left him there.

  • Zoo

    Latching on to your problems in order to try to convert you.

    Not isolated by any means, but I had some Jehovah’s Witnesses come to the door where I was cat-sitting, and do their usual thing. I was depressed and not sleeping well from being in a strange place made that worse, plus my kitten had done something and screamed her ‘mommy help me I’m being tortured!!’ scream that morning. I ask them to leave, and one of them says “are you sad?”, so I ask them to leave again, and she does it again. I’m not going to tell some random strangers who are invading my space my problems to begin with, and I already know your motive (I’m really truly NOT interested, sad or not), so quit pushing, thank you.

  • Claudia

    The confidant assumption you’ll turn to god when things get hard.

    The way they can smile while agreeing that yes, nonbelievers go to hell.

    Both make me incredibly uncomfortable, since both ideas assume that great suffering is in store for you and this appears to cause them not the slightest bit of concern. It would be like someone smiling at a smoker and cheerfully saying “You’ll die a horrible death of cancer someday”.

  • Trace

    They make Rachel Weisz cry in Agora?

  • Ben

    Upon hearing I’m an atheist, insisting that I’m actually agnostic.

  • Dave B

    I’m almost “PZ” in how much christians and the religious annoy me now. It’s something I should really work on.
    What really gets me though, is the feigned caring and the constant taking of the moral high ground when they have no ground to stand on.
    OH! And people who say they don’t believe in atheists. That makes me want to hit them.

  • Aaron

    Jesus laden facebook updates.
    Constant religious propaganda-laden emails.
    The “of course everyone agrees with me” attitude.
    The assumption that everyone is also a christian who is just WAITING for someone to pray with them.

  • Dawn

    I am particuarily annoyed that they assume that everyone is a Christian. And if you are not then you are the one who is wrong.

  • Molotov Molly

    Christian who has been confronted with ideas contradicting their own: *patronisingly* “I’ll pray for you”

    Me: *To angry and confused at their stupidity to respond*

  • Philbert

    Assuming that everyone who doesn’t believe is ignorant of the Bible, or of popular interpretations of the Bible.

    Asserting that Christianity is not a religion because religions aren’t real or using some other silly criteria.

  • Caroline

    Another vote for giving God credit for everything. Don’t tell me to thank God because I got my degree. It wasn’t God’s plan, it was mine. I worked hard for years for this and God had nothing to do with it. Why can’t I get credit for my own hard work?
    Now maybe if my PhD came floating down on a beam of light with a chorus of angels singing in the background I might consider thanking God, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

  • Scott Welty

    I hate it when they say, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in God. . . He believes in you”.

    Oh, please!

  • Recently a guy who identified as Lutheran handed me a small pamphlet called the “atheist test,” wherein it totally got everything about atheism and evolution wrong. It also had this little quiz about how the banana was the atheist’s worst nightmare because its conveniently shaped for the hand, it has an easy-open tab, a biodegradable wrapper, and its color lets you know if it’s ready to eat (therefore it was designed). Pure nonsense, I tell you.

  • If you ever have a problem, they say take your prayers to God because miracles can happen. Of course, not all say this, but I’ve had it happen many times. I have a very ill family member that needs a vital organ transplant, so I hear it a lot.

  • The older I get the less I get frustrated by Christians and the more I just think they are silly. I guess one thing that does still frustrate me is the attitude that “Christian” is synonymous with “good” and non-Christian is synonymous with “bad”. (and atheists are particularly bad). I do get concerned when they try to pass laws to encode their religious beliefs but other than that, I don’t care about their “silly knees-bent running around advancing behavior”. (from Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

  • If you ever have a problem, they say take your prayers to God because miracles can happen. Of course, not all say this, but I’ve had it happen many times. I have a very ill family member that needs a vital organ transplant, so I hear it a lot. Really what I’d like to ask them is why it wasn’t prevented to start with….;)

  • jamssx

    Behaving like the first dudes that came upon the guy in trouble in their good Samaritan story rather than the Samaritan. The other week, on the bus, guy actually sitting there reading the bible. Pregnant lady gets on with 3 kids and shopping, having real problems especially as there were no seats available. He was on the side facing seats, right by her, taking up two of them. I’m on the inside of a pair at the back with someone next to me. Only I got up to help and give her a seat. (Yes he wasn’t the only one that could have helped, but considering he was in the best position and was reading the bible one would have hoped he showed those “Christian Values” they talk about…)

  • plutosdad

    funny those things in your post don’t annoy me, (I haven’t experienced the fake friends), and the others are standard hypocrisy we are all guilty of 🙂

    but what does, like the 1st comment:

    1. every good thing that happens is from God (like when I find a close parking space, so did the day before God make me drive 20 minutes looking for a spot?)

    2. funny enough, complete lack of faith in anything besides God: “I just can’t believe in evolution”, “I just can’t believe you can love without God”, they “just can’t believe” anything at all!

    3. Refusing to think through their faith, or using hindsight bias. When I was a christian I studied archeology and ancient greek, I also studied philosphy and the problem of evil, and why we believe. Because I really wanted to learn as much as possible. Most (evangelical and fundamentalist) christians thought and said “you don’t need to know that” and would get upset that I did not repeat the easy pat answers to questions like “why do you believe.” Someone would say “because i’ve seen him answer prayer” and I would say “I can’t have that as the basis of my faith, because of selection bias I am just remembering certain events the way I want” for some reason christians are threatened by this, even though Aquinas wrote about the same thing!

  • Claudia

    Hmm upon further reflection I should add two arguments I’ve never had directed at me but drive me crazy (“annoy” is really not the word though):

    – Affirming that people who didn’t believe in god in life are now in hell, even the relatives or loved ones of the person they’re talking to “My grandmother was an atheist, is she in hell?” “Yes”. This is beyond enraging, and it makes it even worse when the person saying it refuses to acknowledge how callous and cruel their words are, and how there’s nothing “loving” about them.

    – The position that horrible things happening to innoccents is for a reason. “Babies born without limbs are there to teach us compassion”. The position that god causes terrible suffering on purpose as an object lesson disgusts me.

  • Revyloution

    Assume that I’m Christian because I’m white and I live in the US.

    And I know it shouldn’t bug me, I know it’s just tradition, but I hate it when someone says ‘bless you’ after I sneeze.

  • D.G.

    I’m so sorry. These all piss me off too, & I am a United Methodist Pastor. Again. I’m sorry.

  • Phoena

    Christians want to force their morality on everyone else yet they don’t even try to live up to their own morality.

    I hate how so many of them blow off their own rules whenever they want, and figure they can just “pray for forgiveness” later, and then use the excuse “We’re all just human and can’t help but sin!” I feel I work harder to maintain my morality than they do to maintain theirs. I don’t have a built in “devil made me do it” excuse. I don’t go against my moral code and then giggle, “Oops! I couldn’t help it!” the way they do.

    I also don’t like how they are inconsistent. “Selective reduction is playing god!” “Abortion is playing god! It’s wrong!’ “Birth control is wrong! It’s against god’s plan!” But they have no problem with fertility treatments playing god, or medical treatments to save or extend their lives playing god.

  • I don’t have any really religious friends. One Muslim who actually believes but we are good enough friends that I can insult her god and she can insult my lack of one. We generally don’t go there. But all my other close friends are atheists. I love that I am Canadian where my atheism won’t prevent me from being a politician. My step-mother just says she is sorry for my (atheist) brother and I that we have nothing when times are hard. I roll my eyes and run. Do I wish I could delude myself? Sure, ignorance is bliss. But enlightenment is fulfilling.

  • Bob


    The banana argument proves nothing.

    Their ‘God’ put bananas in trees. What climbs trees? MONKEYS.

  • TheRealistMom/Spamamander

    Personal one-

    “God gave you this special child because you are a special person” or some variant thereof.

    My middle child has Down syndrome. She is a beautiful, bright happy teen but she is not one of “god’s special angels” or whatnot. If there was some kind of deity, why would he/she/it create people with disabilities to begin with, and why the hell would they give said child to someone with major depression and limited financial resources?

  • Goldenjera

    I’m currently doing a degree in science, and what annoys me is the creationists who want to do medical science and don’t even try to understand evolution. How on earth does bacteria develop antibiotic resistance without evolution?

    Interestingly, something in common with all the christian’s I know is that they cannot comprehend millions and billions of years, it’s no wonder they don’t (can’t?) get evolution.

  • My personal favorite is when they think they need to “save” you and then compound their arrogance by assuming you don’t know you need to be saved.

    “If you were heading towards a cliff at full speed in a car, it would be my moral duty to warn you! This is the same thing!”


  • JT

    I’m most irritated with a particular brand of Christians. Namely, the gays. It’s frustrating to watch them put themselves through all that crap; trying to “fix” themselves so they can fit into a group that doesn’t want them. If they are really that desperate for a sense of community and belonging there are plenty of places that will accept them as-is. The fact that they cling to their religion is incredibly disappointing.

    Most atheists go about deconversion by recognizing the flawed/circular logic and are forced to reconcile the fact that it doesn’t make sense with how nice it would be if it were true. An all powerful being that loves you and an eternity of bliss would certainly be pretty sweet, were such a thing to exist. But gays are, in a sense, ironically “blessed”. They were born part of a group that didn’t get the niceties. I faced a god that didn’t make sense, who at best “loved” me, but hated everything about me and an eternity of torment.
    I’ve had more difficult times picking out a shirt to wear for the day than I did losing my faith. Which is not to say it was easy, I just have had really intense wardrobe anxiety.

    I feel that any gay man or woman who comes across a self-loathing miserable religious gay should be permitted to bitch slap the dumb out of that individual.

    But I concur with most everything else above me as prescribed to general christians/religious folks.

  • Mel

    Conversion! Why do Christians in general feel the need to convert atheists? I’m not knocking on their door trying to make them see the light.

    Supremacy. What makes their religion better than any other? That high and mighty attitude deserves a b-slap.

    Hypocrisy, and many mentioned already: How they conveniently adapt bible quotes to fit their needs. People who donate money to their churches for salvation and are shitty human beings at home and in the rest of society. The fact that you can “repent” on your deathbed and all is forgiven? F-that.

    Creationism in schools, be it private or public, makes me want to vomit!

    Killing in the name of God.

    “Just knowing, feeling or believing… X exists”

    And the list goes on and on…

  • cheryl

    I am also United Methodist and I concur with D.G. More apologies as well. And the Facebook statuses with things like “Praise Him for my easy bowel movement”…sigh.

  • Lindsey

    A few things really irritate me, in particular because most of the people I work with are super-Christian.

    1) Injecting Christianity into any conversation. e.g. anything that happens or didn’t happen is “just god’s plan for you,” almost everything is a “miracle,” and I particularly resent being told to “have a blessed day.”

    2) Lack of critical thinking skills. As someone here already mentioned, they’re willing to accept completely crazy things, but say something about global warming and you get an “I don’t know about that.”

    3) Hypocrisy. It’s always the people proclaiming their love for Jesus the loudest who are the biggest assholes. I have yet to encounter an exception.

  • JustSayin’

    Oh, man, there are so, so many things they do that really drive me up the wall, but the one that never fails to infuriate me is when I see one of those bumper stickers that reads CHRISTIANS AREN’T PERFECT, THEY’RE JUST FORGIVEN. It’s the smug, smirky idea that, “Yeah, I mess up every day, but you shouldn’t hold that against me because I’m already being held to a higher standard than some godless heathen like yourself. Plus, I’m going to heaven. What about you?” Basically, it’s the same god thing that a few posters here have already mentioned–all of the credit when things go well, none of the blame when they don’t–only applied to humans.

    Oh, and another thing! i live in a fairly new housing development, where some of the local wannabe-megechurches regularly disperse groups to canvass our neighborhood in witnessing for Jesus. And despite (1) a doormat that reads GO AWAY, (2) a sticker in the window that specifically forbids bible-thumpers [order yours here: http://www.EvolveFISH.com/fish/product732.html ], and (3) a sticker set in, oh, 172-point type that can be clearly read from the curb and which bears the uninviting inscription NO SOLICITING–THIS MEANS YOU!, we still get fundies, mainly “innocent” little old ladies or dumb teens who claim not to understand the big words. Great little related anecdote: My partner Robert and our friend were holding a garage sale one Saturday when a church van showed up to blanket the neighborhood in Jesus tracts. The youngish minister came walking up, grinning from ear to ear, hand outstretched. Not missing a beat, Robert said, “Save your breath, I know what you’re here for, and let me just say that I’m your worst nightmare: I’m a gay atheist and nothing you can say is going to change my mind.” He said the guy smiled, thanked him for his time and turned to walk away, but not before flinging a quick “Jesus loves ya.” Not one to let him have the last word–and certainly not in his own yard–Robert responded, “Well, if he existed, then maybe I’d take some comfort in that.”

  • Lindsey

    Oh and 4) Not taking responsibility for the horrendous shit their religion does.

  • Flah the Heretic Methodist

    Wait, I’m a Christian, do I get to play?

    1. “This is a Christian nation.” No, it isn’t. It never was. It never will be. And even if you somehow managed that feat, Christians can’t agree on anything anyway, so the infighting will be legend.

    2. Satan. Instead of realizing that man is capable of being duped, duplicitous, stupid, mean, petty, evil, and malicious — all on our own — you get to conveniently blame everything on Satan. Sweet!

  • d’Armond

    I got so tired of the condescending crap from them that i hardly associate with religionists anymore, or at the very least we don’t talk about it. What frustrates me the most:

    1. Try to pass laws that infringe upon my rights on the basis of their religion.

    2. Claim that I’m the one who doesn’t understand that this is a christian nation.

    3. Conclude that I am not an ethical person because i do not have a religious text to refer to, to derive my morality from.

    4. Unify the concepts of patriotism and religiousness

  • believe, without question, the Christian dogma with which they were indoctrinated, but mock other religions as ridiculous and misguided;

    refuse to critically consider the aforementioned observation;

    attribute any academic achievement or professional success I’ve enjoyed to having been blessed by God. And this is Christian-specific for me. People of other religious persuasions haven’t told me this type of thing;

    (of gay Christians) remain psychologically stagnant for years because they are so religiously conflicted;

    (of gay Christians) participate in churches (choir, Sunday school, usher duties) that viciously and openly attack homosexuality;

    (of gay Christian leaders) spend time in the comfort of gay forums/communities but never champion gay people to other Christians;

    (of Christian women) masochistically accept their “place” behind men as Biblically dictated.

  • Quoting bible verses at you in lieu of actual debate or discussion, as though you accept their inerrance as much as they do.

    Alternately, posting bible verses without having read them in their entirety. A frien of mine recently posted “psalm 139” as her facebook status. When I quoted two verses of psalm 139 as a comment that were about being the enemy of non-believers, she replied, “what are you talking about???” I told her they were a direct quote from her psalm, she said that she meant the last 2 verses of the psalm, about love, and they were very humbling, and I wouldn’t understand because I’m an atheist. Grrrrrrr.

  • Tobytwo

    Hypocrisy of doubt. Whenever I discussed my serious doubts with fellow Christians, they would always say, “it’s good to doubt.” What they really mean is, “it’s okay unless you’re serious about it. Then you are wrong to question the almighty creator of the universe.”

  • Jody

    They assume that everyone else operates from the same basic assumptions that they do: that 1. God exists 2. The Bible is the Word of God 3. Hell exists 4. Original Sin is real 5. Jesus is the Savior etc. They never ever take time to check these assumptions out – I doubt they are even aware that in fact, other people DON’T operate from those same assumptions. When they run into someone who thinks differently, they can’t understand it at all. They think we really do believe what they believe and know it’s “true,” but for some reason are just PRETENDING not to. Like gay people are just pretending to be gay but could be straight if they “chose” to be. Then, of course, they get angry with us. I’ve yet to have a conversation with a proselytizer who ever asked me what MY beliefs were, or that didn’t end with them screaming at me.

  • Parse

    @Beth, to be fair, the banana was designed – through centuries of selective breeding. Compare it to the wild, undomesticated banana. So if anything, it’s the creationist’s nightmare, as it shows how far evolution can modify a plant.

    My biggest, long-term frustrations is how Christians continuously try to ensconce their beliefs into law. Abortion limitations, abstinence-only sex education, gay marriage bans added to state constitutions, creationism in schools, state-sanctioned prayer in schools and government, funding religious and discriminatory ‘charities’. None of these the government should be doing, but Christians keep trying to push.

    On a day-to-day basis, Christians frustrate me by expecting me to respect and accept their religion without questioning it: Obligatory SMBC. Two lesser frustrations are by mis-attributing ‘miracles’ to God instead of to the people who did the work, and by thinking that by praying for somebody or something they’re actually helping as much as people doing actual work.

  • VLK

    They can turn idle chit-chat into preaching.

    I was at an awards ceremony at my college, and was talking to the girl sitting next to me until it began. We chatted about the usual stuff, where we came from and what we were majoring in, and then she started talking about her church and how “Christian” she is and how she wishes our college would be more “Christian”. She talked about her church community and asked about mine. I told her I was an atheist and her response was to tell me I was missing out on a chance of finding true friends and community and a place in heaven, and that she will pray I find happiness one day.

  • Melody

    It frustrates me that Christians believe that one bad event will convert you to a believer. My brother has been very ill for a year. Christian proselytism from family and strangers at both home and his hospital bedside has been absolutely infuriating and upsetting.

    Also, in a funny way…that Christians see atheists as “smug know-it-alls”…they wrote the book on that one themselves!

  • Roxane

    I would say their complete lack of understanding about what atheism means. “Oh, you’re an atheist, you must believe in Satan.” “You can’t have any morals because you’re an atheist.” “Atheists don’t believe in anything.” They completely make up what the word means, and don’t get that I’m essentially like them, except that I don’t believe in an imaginary friend.

    Though I have to admit, I’ve had fun being extra polite to Christian colleagues after they found out I was an atheist and watching their assumptions spin their wheels–and having nuanced conversations about morality and family issues with an ardent Catholic buddy. They’re always so surprised.

  • BobtheRobot

    Christians who haven’t even read the bible.

    And Christians who don’t even practice what they preach. If you’re going to define yourself by something, at least apply those vitues to yourself.

  • Mary

    Other than when they try to pass laws based on their religious views, the only thing that truly annoys me is this one christian friend who sends me drive-by emails with a christian theme. The worst thing though is that they are usually something he has forwarded to me, making me wonder if he even reads the drivel he sends.

  • Paws

    1) As others have said, the hypocrisy.
    2) The persecution complex. Everywhere, you hear that Christians are a persecuted minority, or that they’re being attacked by the secular society.
    3) Their attempts to legislate faith. You can’t make a law to make people believe.

  • Sue

    In the UK, where religion is less of an issue, I haven’t found Christians particularly frustrating, but I can think of a few things.

    At university, the Christian Union had a tendency to assume that anyone who wasn’t part of their group wasn’t really a Christian and was in need of urgent education about Jesus. My church-going Christian housemate came home annoyed one day after one of them attempted to convert him to Christianity. They were an interesting contrast to the Catholic Society and the Methodist Society, who were quite happy to leave others’ beliefs alone and got on well with each other.

    I find Catholics who take any criticism of the RCC’s past behaviour regarding child abuse as a personal insult particularly frustrating.

    Most of the Christians I actually interact with on a regular basis aren’t frustrating at all and treat my lack of religion with total respect. The only frustrating thing they do is occasionally assume that because I’m not a Christian, I don’t celebrate Christmas. I’m British! I love Christmas!

  • lynne

    Refusing to acknowledge that they pick and choose what they’re believing in

    Thinking that prayer is effective and using it as an excuse from action.

  • Phrosty

    What annoys me about Christians?

    When they say something along the lines of, “Your atheism is just a phase. You’ll see things my way.” Maybe you’re right. Maybe this IS just a phase…Phase 1 of 1. As for seeing things YOUR way: I’m not a fan of narcotics. They make my tummy feel funny.

    The whole ‘god has a plan for us all’ bit. If this were true (I just threw up a little), god must be a fucking chess MASTER.

    When they preach that anyone who is not a Christian, or even anyone who is not in their sect (I’m looking at YOU, Mormons and Pentecosts), is lost or incomplete in some way without the ‘love of god’ (Or THEIR version of the ‘love of god’). As if their fictitious construct is in any way more legitimate than the fictitious constructs of other religions, or is a replacement for reality. No. No I will NOT enter your fucking Matrix.

    When they get all bent out of shape when we refer to religions (particularly theirs) as mythologies. Oh the irony (Wait, is this ironic?).

    The unnecessary allocation of funds. Do you NEED a church every square mile (This is virtually literal where I live)? Do you find it difficult to further your mass psychosis without millions or even billions of dollars in financial aid? What are you even doing with all that dough? Using the wads as a cash suppository? Do you think it’s ethical to run for public office so that you can push for more funding towards your particular religious (Deluded) community? Obviously you DO. Can you tell me with a straight face that your religion’s tax exempt status is in any way beneficial to society?

    When they, as the majority, ultimately decide (Or attempt to push the notion) that others who differ are undeserving of the same rights that they enjoy, simply because their copy of Aesop’s Fables or Mother Goose Tales says so. Douglas Adams tells me I should put a small fish in my ear, but do I?…OK OK, you got me there.

    The ‘America is a Christian nation’ argument. Shutup. Just…just shutup. You’re upsetting my prostate. How are you still arguing this?

    It’s OK to trust that fellow with the bad hair and poor fashion sense who lacks a degree or professional experience, but scientists? Pssh, those nerdy fuckers are ALWAYS wrong. What did scientists ever do for US? (I wonder what drowning feels like)

    Let’s praise Jesus and thy lord for this meal we are about to partake…because we can’t trust ourselves to get the vittles from the plate to our mouths. That shit requires a miracle (Ooo miracles. Don’t fret. That’s coming up).

    Miracles (Did I or did I not tell you?). You must have pretty low standards to dub a bearded face on toast or a hallucinatory 14 year old as miracles. What’s that? Your portrait of the Virgin (Yeah right. She’s been around the block. I guarantee it) Mary is bleeding? Fuggin gross man! Don’t tell me about it! Just get her a Tampax Pearl or something! “Holy hell! Look! There’s what appears to be a…a…a spaghetti monster shaped cloud in the sky! M!r@c13z!!!!1!!”

    This, that, and those are the works of SATAN!!! *dun dun dunnnnn* I’m sure JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien had every intention of producing converts for the Dark One. You can tell by the way they…write shit not pertaining to baby Jesus. Sinners. If they REALLY sought to indoctrinate souls for the Prince of Darkness, they’d just recite works by Theodor Geisel (it’s obvious this guy lights the black candle).

    I, like everyone else here, could continue, but I have to use the restroom and make breakfast, so I’ll just stop here. Just let me know though if you ache for more.

  • Terry McCoy

    View it as normal when someone states their beliefs on religion on their facebook status then tell you it is offensive as you state your lack of beliefs.

    I.E. Terry McCoy says “My parent’s thanked god for the success of my grandmother’s surgery. I told them maybe they should spend less time thanking god and more time thanking the surgeon who did the work.”

  • Elga

    I really despise it when Christians say that atheists have no moral guide or compass in their lives. As if the Bible is any kind of moral compass! Makes me wonder if any of them have actually read that nutty book.

  • Gimpness

    Insistence of using your heart to do things i.e. just open your heart to God, but when asked what this would actually entail or even means provide no real answer

  • (Some of them) Butcher science on a regular basis.

    ie… Evolution specifically, but the tendency seems to spill over to other issues such as global warming and medicine (though I’m not sure the medicine thing is Christian related).

  • pmsrhino

    Tell you that you are misinterpreting the Bible or are taking verses out of context because you don’t read a certain book or passage the EXACT way they do.

    Take it personally when you ask questions about the Bible and don’t take their interpretation and assumptions of a passage as a viable answer to the question.

    My dad does this all the time. I’m just starting a project where I’m going to read through the Bible and do a critical view of the women in it. I was talking to my mom about some of the stuff I’ve found and my dad got all indignant, saying I was reading such and such passage wrong and taking verses out of context. Which is bullshit because I’m READING the Bible and this is what it is saying. But it’s never enough. Unless I’m saved by the end and give my life to God I’m not reading it right. And then he acts all indignant when I say that I think he’s putting words in the Bible’s mouth. More than one Christian has done this to me, not just my dad, but this is a fairly recent occurrence and I’m still a bit pissed about it. -_-

  • Phrosty

    Babies are not miracles.

    Just because I am a Caucasian American male, doesn’t mean I am a Christian. A religion is in no way a racial status.

  • Valdyr

    For the more philosophical Christian: running through a bunch of arguments that make a decent case for deism (if you accept all their assumptions as true)… then concluding that their particular interpretation of Protestant Christianity is, therefore, the one true faith.

  • Rocky

    It really gets to me that so many give up rational thought for blind belief, allowing someone else to tell them what is acceptable behavior rather than making the decisions for themselves.

  • rcs8924

    I think what gets on my nerves most particularly is when Christians say “well you have to have faith” in an argument. Not only is that a completely stupid response but there is no way to argue with someone who is ignorant enough to say something like that.

  • Lore

    Getting a gift from other people and then publicly thanking god for the gift and not the person who gave it. (this includes medical procedures, money donations, etc)

    Telling me that it is really depressing that I dont believe what they believe is obviously because something bad happened.

    Trying to convince me that what I believe is the more illogical position.

  • Kordis

    Ultimately for me, it would be the rejection of education.

    Much like ICP’s latest video, making it seem ‘cool’ to be as ignorant as is humanly possible about everything.

  • Killer Bee

    Nothing really frustrates me about Christians. I just find it awkward when they insert God into conversations, unexpectedly. I never know quite what to say. As a rejoinder, and just to keep the conversation flowing, I’ll talk about my favorite scene from Superman where he freezes a pond to use as a fire suppressant.

  • I hate it when they come over to my house uninvited, drink all my beer, and throw up all over my cat. Every. Freakin’. Sunday. Night. Stupid, stupid Christians.

  • As much as I dislike Christianity, I still believe in “playing fair”. I’m seeing a lot of stereotypical behavior mentioned in this thread and I’m having a difficult time believing that many of these accusations are anything more than something regurgitated from other sources and not really experienced first hand. Christianity is irritating enough on its own without having to embellish to the point of absurdity.
    In addition, I think the question could be phrased differently. Perhaps make a differentiation between stupid acts of Christians as a group and individual acts of Christian idiocy. There are things that Christians as a group may (or may not) be guilty of, and there are individual acts of stupidity that are committed as well.
    If I had to point out one type of behavior that eats the lining out of my stomach, it would be the typical, “I’ll pray for you”, when (and only when) it comes from a close friend or family member AND only when it is NOT accompanied by a legitimate offer of real, tangible assistance or support.

  • Richard Wade

    1.Their cowardice with each other. They are frustrated by many of these things that other Christians do, but they do nothing about it except to say they’re sorry when non-Christians decry it. They don’t get in each other’s faces when they do stupid, cruel, bigoted or dishonest things. No, they leave it up to the non-believers to speak the truth to power. Then after we’ve done the dirty work and have stopped other Christians from doing these things, they resume telling us that we’re “lost.”

    2.They fail to see that the separation of church and state protects their freedom to worship as they choose. They naively assume that a mixture of religion and government would be a benign version of their particular sub set of their religion, instead of the insane tyranny in Europe that the founding fathers vividly remembered.

  • One line pisses me off more than anything else:

    “The Truth is out there and I hope you find it some day.”

    The idea that the United States is a Christian Nation also pisses me off pretty easily. They’ll back separation of church and state so long as it benefits them, but they’ll deny it as soon as it means they can’t force their religion down my throat.

  • Rob

    Liekt here are so many types of Atheists out there, the same goes for Christians. I have lots of friends and family that are Christians, but thankfully none of them are zealots about it.

    That being said, it always bugs me when people “pray for” anything. Asking for prayers on email or facebook. Saying they’ll pray for someone that is sick or applying for a job, or playing a ball game etc.

    Stop praying! Start DOING something about it instead!!!! My daughter has Muscular Dystrophy. Don’t pray for her… DONATE to the MDA!

  • Meredith

    Pray that misfortune will fall upon someone else. Especially bad is prayer in the hopes that someone else will die.

    Go on mission trips to severely impoverished areas and make the people there trade proclamations of faith for the food, water, clothing, and medicine they offer.

  • Bob


    When I speak out against the evangelicals and/or nuts, I get told I’m not a ‘real’ Christian. (Often times, this is followed with that smarmy ‘I’m saved, you’re damned’ happy dance these people like to do.)

    As for Separation of Church & State, they can’t even grok Clarence Darrow (“I can be free only if you are free.”) In the end, it’s about a need for legitimacy and approval, rather than freedom. You can’t teach a Sneech.

  • Andrea

    Working against legal rights for gay, lesbian, bi and trans people and for women who need abortions. That is the most frustrating thing ever.

  • Emily the non-Catholic

    I have to go with the hypocrisy and cherry-picking of some Christians as well. When the sentence starts with, “My faith teaches me to do XYZ, but…”, you know it’s not going to end well. Also, that sentence will probably end with some political action that they don’t support. Which then reminds me of how much I’m annoyed by the way religion and politics are entwined in the US.

    Most of my friends and acquaintances are lapsed Christians at most, and my co-workers are pretty professional, so my interactions with strong Christians typically come from family gatherings. That usually makes it worse because most of my family members are not stupid/ignorant, I just think they’ve never critically examined their beliefs. So I just want to counter with, “But I know you’re smarter than that!” Just frustrating.

  • Todd

    (purposely not reading any other comments so as not to affect my responses)

    FWIW I’m agnostic, not atheist (yeah, small difference but worth mentioning)

    – Throwing hints wherever they can. For example it wasn’t “merry christmas” but “happy christ mass”
    – Trying to force their beliefs on others. I have one coworker that is very religious but also doesn’t try to force people to convert. I’ve talk to others that basically say if you’re not christian you’re going to hell.
    – Try to spread word of their religion but deny others the same right. Just look at all the posts you’ve done about religious groups complaining when atheist billboards are put up.

  • This might say something about how lucky I am to work with fairly moderate people, but there are two things that particularly irk me.

    1) At Christmas, the ones who blame the lack of “sacredness” and the rise of “commercialism” on all the atheists. It’s completely wrong for public and government buildings to say “Happy Holidays!” instead of “Merry Christmas!” Just wrong, I tell you!

    2) People who otherwise seemed to have accepted my lack of faith who say something like;

    “…your most hated person, Jesus!”
    “Wait, what? When did I say that?”
    “Well, you’re an atheist right? Doesn’t that mean that you hate Jesus?”
    “Um, no? I’m sure he was a nice dude, I just don’t believe he’s anything more than dust at this point.”

    …in other words, assuming that I *must* hate Jesus because I don’t believe in him. Of course. I don’t think it occurs to them that outside of Christianity, most people just don’t care.

    Now that said, I’m sure I can get annoying especially because I’ve made it a point to challenge my co-workers lately by talking about my atheism openly. So it goes both ways, I know.

  • Eugene

    How about what do Atheists do that frustrate you?

    Always trying to prove that a God that doesn’t exist, doesn’t exist? If the tooth fairy doesn’t exist, no one has to prove that he doesn’t! To me the mere fact that atheists try to prove that God doesn’t exist points to His existence!!

    Atheists always pointing to science and the “theory”, yes theory of evolution to support their non-belief. Well, for starters there are scientists that do believe in a Creator God, do Atheists discredit them? Christians believe by “faith”, the same “faith” it might take to believe that human beings exist because nothing spontaneously turned into something or that we are descendants of frogs or apes!!! Good one.
    Atheists always pointing to Christians who misrepresent Christ or calling them hypocrites or backbiters, gossipers, etc. Are there not atheists misrepresenting Atheism? Come on people. Not all atheists are faithful to the cause either!!

  • The whole Jennifer Knapp thing has me angry about their bigotry against homosexuality. Moreover, I hate it when they say that they “hate the sin, but love the sinner,” or try to pass off their bigotry as “just another worldview.” And, of course, when they claim persecution when we point out their bigotry as bigotry.

    Circular reasoning drives me batty, too. “The Bible is the Word of God because Jesus rose from the dead. We know Jesus rose from the dead because the Bible says so.”

  • Richard Wade

    Bob, I appreciate your efforts. Don’t give up. I won’t.

  • Santiago

    – When they freak out when they find out you’re an atheist.

    – When they have the gall to say that you and any non-christian loved ones of yours *deserve* hell.

    – Specifically to pastors, priests and such: that they keep giving sermons in which they say that you cannot be good without god, or that atheists cannot understand “the true value” of life.

    – When they observe the beauty and complexity of the world around us and immediately conclude that “god did it”, and they then use their ignorance of how this all came about to reinforce their belief in their god.

  • Eugene

    How about what do Atheists do that frustrate you?

    Always trying to prove that a God that doesn’t exist, doesn’t exist? If the tooth fairy doesn’t exist, no one has to prove that he doesn’t! To me the mere fact that atheists try to prove that God doesn’t exist points to His existence!!

    Atheists always pointing to science and the “theory”, yes theory of evolution to support their non-belief. Well, for starters there are scientists that do believe in a Creator God, do Atheists discredit them? Christians believe by “faith”, the same “faith” it might take to believe that human beings exist because nothing spontaneously turned into something or that we are descendants of frogs or apes!!! Good one.

    Atheists always pointing to Christians who misrepresent Christ or calling them hypocrites or backbiters, gossipers, etc. Are there not atheists misrepresenting Atheism? Come on people. Not all atheists are faithful to the cause either!!

  • Mike

    1)The inability/unwillingness to divorce belief and personal practices from matters of public policy (i.e. premarital sex, homosexuality, abortion, circumcision, creationism, etc)
    2)The tendency to claim that everything that goes wrong is God’s plan but also the result of “free will” and therefore not God’s fault. In fact, any condescending conversation about how the obvious random injustice of the natural world is really evidence of how much God loves us.

    Well except for Job that is. I guess in that case God was just being a dick. Because he loves us.

  • Carol B

    I can’t stand their self-righteousness and hypocrisy. They say they’re so tolerant and loving and moral, then turn around and spew hate against gays, try to restrict their right to marry, spew hate against anyone who doesn’t believe as they do, try to force others (via laws and teaching in school) to uphold their “values” and views (barf), cherry-pick the bible to uphold whatever view they’re currently espousing, and generally act in decidely intolerant, hateful, and immoral ways. And they don’t see the hypocrisy of it. Unbelievable.

    I think atheists are way more “Christian” (loving, tolerant, moral) than Christians.

  • medussa

    Most recent: Argue that the fb group praying for Obama’s death are not religious people, because she (my christian friend) doesn’t approve of their aims. When challenged about the fact that only religious people pray, she went dictionary on me: praying also means to ask humbly”. BS.

  • Bob


    I can only gather that your friend is thinking of the Gospel of Matthew, wherein Jesus provides the words to the Our Father, prefacing it with, “When you pray, do not pray in public like the hypocrites do … but go to your room and pray in secret. Your Father, hearing you in secret, shall reward you openly.”

    That certainly suggests humility/being humble … but what she’s leaving out is the bit, ‘give us this day our daily bread’ – not what we WANT, but more correctly, what God determines we NEED. And that, in my opinion, is not praying for someone’s demise. Nor is it praying for material goods or success or social trappings – but the enlightenment, the spiritual (or intellectual) strength to face the day’s challenges as best one can.

    That is, I can pray for a million dollars, and doubtless, that will make things a lot easier … but perhaps my real challenge is not to flip my lid when the world doesn’t seem to be lining up with how *I* think it should behave, and a cool million won’t help at all.

  • @Bob,
    “In the end, it’s about a need for legitimacy and approval, rather than freedom.”
    Well put, sir. It’s refreshing to see a rational Christian perspective in the thread. Thanks for your contribution.

  • Tina

    The arrogance. Because they ‘walk with god’, they are privy to the ‘truth’ and everyone else is lost and to be pitied. The way they condescendingly give me a sad smile and proverbial pat on the head whenever I question them about their beliefs, and then keep talking over me like I’m not there.

  • fiddler

    Their absolute inability to understand simple concepts. Like “scientific theory.”

  • NoGodsNoMasters

    The only time I got upset with these christians was the time my 5 year old daughter told me I was a liar for telling her that God wasn’t real. I went storming into the headmasters office at her school and told him that NO-ONE tells my children to get on their knees and close their eyes, that’s too close to submissive slavery for my taste, and could they educate her, not indoctrinate her. I personally think it should be illegal to talk to anyone under 18 about religion, at least then they aren’t just going to blindly accept the utter bollocks that these fools spout! (sorry for the language, I get quite angry about people indoctrinating my children with bullshit)

  • Bob


    Agreed. Makes me want to take a 16-ton weight and drop it on them while saying, “Don’t worry, gravity is just a theory.”

  • Travis

    To me it’s the notion that human interaction is nothing more than a medium for proselytization, as if those are the only ideas in the marketplace. I know precisely one Christian who will answer direct questions, who will genuinely weigh arguments, and who will tell you “I don’t know but I intend to find out.” most often they will ask a leading question, then remain quiet just long enough to decide it’s their turn to talk, generally never addressing the topic at hand. At this point, they adopt the defensive “help help! I’m being repressed!” demeanor, and in the next breath pass judgment on me. In short, a very serious glass house near a rock garden scenario.

  • JSug

    Refusing to make a decision on an important issue, because they would rather “leave it in god’s hands.” My mother-in-law is doing this constantly. The result? She’s trapped in a loveless marriage with a man who makes all the decisions, and she’s miserable. Then she takes out her frustrations on my wife by calling and complaining about how horrible her life is.

    She’s also a passive-aggressive indoctrinator. She frequently sends packages for my son with books and videos. I have to pre-screen them, though, because she often tucks Christian tracts into the books, and the videos are animated bible stories. I have told her that it is not her place to teach our son about her faith.

  • kat

    condescension; assumed belief in things that not everyone believes, and some of us actually find offensive (like that the word “christian” is synonymous with “good” or “moral”); belief that god will make everything clear to us poor atheists one day; belief that i take comfort in the fact that they’re praying for me; belief that as an atheist i simply spend all my time meditating on how their god doesn’t exist, which in turn proves to them that he DOES exist…i could go on and on.

    some choice quotations from coworkers just this past week:
    “oh, you’ll come around, you know the TRUTH in your heart.”

    “oh yes, the earthquakes that are going on right now are so scriptural. it’s exciting, you know, that the lord is going to return soon.”

    “the immorality in hollywood is just appalling. i won’t watch tv or movies, they just think they have such a stronghold on real life and they don’t.”

  • What drives me crazy is that Christians whine as if they are a persecuted minority instead of a powerful majority. (“War on Christmas”)

  • Mak

    Three words- “I’ll pray for you.”

  • 1. “Maybe one day you’ll read the full Bible and come around.” My friend, I’ve read the “good” parts of the Bible, and they’re empty and boooring.

    2. “Those other Christians just aren’t following the true message of Christ.” But you’re presuming that Jesus was right about everything.

  • I find it a bit annoying to hear people say that we must do the “Lord’s agenda” and not our own. For this statement to have any meaning at all, there must be some way to determine what the Lord’s agenda is. When I’ve asked this question, I’ve only been told to look to scripture. The 2000 year old (and older) scripture then must be interpreted for meaning in today’s world. Who does this interpretation? Religious authorities (who have their own agenda)… but ultimately we must interpret it ourselves which takes us back to our agenda.

    P.S. of course the 2000 year old scripture is just some stuff written down by some people 2000 years ago and should not be used as some kind of ultimate truth or anything.

  • Bob

    @Margaret Y:

    The ‘War on Christmas’ drives me bonkers. So you want Christ’s blessings as you zoom around the parking lot like it’s the Daytona 500, push and shove and scramble for ‘big savings’ and honor the Baby Jesus by standing in line outside Wal-Mart for that big screen HDTV, or filing a lawsuit?


    But is the obscene commercialism (c/f ‘moneychangers in the temple square’) the problem? Nooooooo. It’s the faith-shattering offense of someone not saying ‘Merry Horsefeathers’ or whatever.

    Me? I support charity efforts during the holidays, including toy and food bank drives. No shouting ‘Praise Jesus!’ required.

  • Terra

    Being a soon-to-be-RN (31 days and counting) I have some very specific gripes about Christians in the medical setting
    1) The idea that nursing is a “calling” and that we are “angels of mercy.” It makes me throw up a little bit in my mouth. Especially since it is a scientifically based career.

    2) I know it has been said before, but I can’t stand people thanking God for the recovery of their loved one. How about thanking the doctor who made the diagnosis, or the nurse that administered treatment or the respiratory therapist who managed the ventilator settings. Or how about you thank Alexander Fleming for discovering penicillin.

    3)People who use pseudo-scientific misinformation to argue for their particular moral cause (“abortion causes breast cancer”).

    4)Other nurses who assume all medical professionals are “doing God’s work” and leave “inspirational” nonsense in mailboxes and other nonsense things. I actually talked with one nurse who said that atheists shouldn’t be allowed in nursing because they will “let people die because of natural selection.” I don’t even know where to start with that one.

    A couple of non- nursing gripes
    5) My mother in law, who has a weird blend of religions, crying because it is so sad that we don’t have Jesus in our lives.
    6) The idea that their beliefs are inherently sacred and deserving of respect and awe. I always ask if they respect Osama Bin Laden’s beliefs. They don’t seem to get my point

  • nolongercatholic

    What frustrates me the most is when otherwise smart, capable, educated Christian women say things like “my husband is the head of our household, and that’s just the way it is!” I was at a wedding once where the bride’s vows actually included the phrase “my submissive self” and submission to the husband was mentioned more than twice during the ceremony. The whole “Men serve God and Women serve Men” thing annoys me to no end.

  • JulietEcho

    On a petty, everyday level, there are plenty of things that bug me about many Christians, but those are all nothing compared to the concerted efforts of many churches and groups to:

    – Curtail or prevent civil rights for gays and lesbians
    – Restrict access to planned parenthood services and abortion
    – Push abstinence-only sex ed when it’s known to be worse
    – Lie blatantly about condom effectiveness and AIDS
    – Indoctrinate children and scare them with threats of Hell
    – Consider themselves above the law & protect criminals
    – Fight against science funding, stem cell research, etc.
    – Generally encourage people to distrust science & education.

    And more…

  • JulietEcho

    @Terra – Thanks for those. It’s nice to hear from a nurse speaking out against that kind of crap. Some nurses aren’t professional enough to keep it out of their interactions with patients as well, as I’ve learned from experience in an emergency room. A really pushy nurse kept evangelizing to me and even praying “with” me, and I was stuck with her because… well, she was taking my vitals and communicating with the doctors and so-on. *Not* a time when you want to be faced with an extra source of annoyance.

  • Vas

    1) Disavowing other Christians who do horrific shit in a very public way, as not real Christians (no true Scotsman) people like let’s just say…David Keresh, Adolf Hitler, Jim Jones, Joseph Smith, Wesley Swift, Fred Phelps, etc.

    2) Thanking God for the acts of men, (you know, not thanking the EMT who patched ’em up or the fireman who drug them out of a burning building, but thanking God instead… on the news. I think this is the #1 answer so far).

    3) Setting up fake universities, and attempts to load certain professions with shills for Jesus, i.e. medical professions, teaching, the media, science, psychology, etc. specifically to undermine the profession. Using these Christian university degrees as the entry vehicles to the professions they seek to undermine.

    4) Their tireless work to deny civil rights to those with different world views than their own.

    5) That they will not acknowledge that the statement “I will prey for you” when directed towards a non believer is an act of aggression, a verbal assault intended to belittle the person to whom it is directed.

    6) Continuing to donate money to organized rings of pedophiles and their protectors even though it is no secret what the perpetrators are doing with the money, namely protecting pedophiles in their midst.
    5) Quest for world domination

    That is just a start.

  • Bob


    “… let people die of natural selection.”

    Um, wait. If they believe in God, then isn’t all that evolution/natural selection stuff hooey?

    Or, if there is a God (what Thomas Jefferson attested to as ‘the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God’), then isn’t the mere process of death a form of natural selection? The Christian is happier because death comes not from a conscious, difficult choice/triage, but some hands-off moment where one need not feel any responsibility or connection?

    And how was keeping Terri Schaivo alive and in a vegetative state doing ‘God’s work’?

    That we have the power to sustain life beyond its clinical definitions does not mean it is ‘God’s Work’ to do so, for does not God expect of us mercy and empathy as well?

  • Greg

    Bob – just like to add my thanks for your comments here! Adds a bit of balance. 🙂

    (Especially in a thread like this, which seems to be working a bit like a therapy session for us… hehe 😉 Obviously not all Christians conform to all or any of them!)

    Whilst I can understand why they get scared by the possibility of heaven being taken away etc., I think that was more of an addendum to the major irritant. (I mean, you become inured to the ‘you’re going to hell’ attitude after a while). What really irritates me is claiming to get offended if you say you don’t agree with them, and so say you should be quiet, whilst continuing to talk about their own one of the diametrically opposed beliefs. My mind just struggles to grasp with the self-centredness and hypocrisy needed to do that. Here in the UK, I find it is only a problem with a certain kind of Christian, however – inevitably a Tory (Conservative for those not familiar with UK parties), although perhaps that is a little unfair… 😉

    @TheGodlessMonster and the playing fair comment – I really think it depends upon whether you are talking about real life or internet with some of these things. (Or maybe that depends upon the country you are here). Face to face with people, I find the comments tend (as a rule) to be less (obviously) offensive. (That’s what really annoys me about the people who get offended if you mention you don’t believe in god – its only when you think about what it means when combined with the rest of their behaviour that you see how offensive it is.)

    I know that of the four things I mentioned, 2 would happen on the net but not IRL. But then, that might just be because I live in the UK.

  • Meyli

    (I know someone already said this) “The Earth is 6000 years old”

    Blatantly ignoring SCIENTIFIC FACT. It’s insulting – my professors have spent their lives to date studying things like this. Thank goodness I haven’t had anyone openly say something to my face yet; if/when that happens, I’ll teach them a a thing or two.
    Also, the amount of publicity and media attention things get. Example: TLC’s reality show with the Duggar family. *explodes in anger* How can mainstream TV so openly support stupidity?!

  • Claudia

    Funny, I’ve seen a lot or repeats of “I’ll pray for you”. Granted that no one has ever said that, but by itself I can’t see it getting on my list of “most annoying things”. I could maybe see it in context. Responding to “I’m an atheist” with “I’ll pray for you” would be annoying as hell, but responding to “My mother is in the hospital” “I’ll pray for you” just strikes me as the religious version of “I hope she gets better soon” politeness.

  • Guffey

    Typical hypocrisy and bible-verse-picking don’t bother me since those are so rampant, but, I admit, there’s one thing that really gets to me…

    – assuming that I want to be on a email distro list on which s/he sends christian miracle stories and evil muslim stories and Tea Bagger and Palin stories etc…, they’re all the same.

    OMG! Now “they” know my secret gotcha! I’m gonna be put on every cute heart-warming god’s-plan-for-me email list out there! Oh no!

  • People generally leave me alone about religion, but I have an interaction between my grandmother and my aunt. My cousin, a fit 30-year-old, well-educated guy, died in a whitewater rafting accident in 2008. My grandmother is a very outspoken Christian. At one point, my aunt, whom I’d never really known to be especially religious nor irreligious, had to tell my grandmother, “Mom, if you say this this is all God’s plan one more time, I swear I will punch you in the mouth.”

    My aunt is possibly one of the least likely people to perform violent acts that I’ve ever met.

  • Price

    I called into a radio-show and when it came up that I am an Atheist who voted Republican, they couldn’t reconcile the two things in their mind. What I hated is that they kept implying that I was an Atheist because I was MAD, or ANGRY, at God. That is just how they work,they assume you believe too,and that you are just not willing.

  • Canadiannalberta and her sisters.

    1)Being paranoid.

    This has to be my number one beef. If it isn’t promoting Christianity, then whatever it was, was created solely for undermining Christianity. I mean, what?

    Example: I was watching a show on Ancient Egypt, and when they explained about the Gods, my mother said they had made it up to make Christianity seem false. ?!?!

    Another example: I don’t know where they got this, but I was told by more than one Christian that they feared the US because Obama was going to take over the Vatican and eradicate the RCC. Again, what?!?!

    2) Changing their story to suite their needs.

    Or, cherry-picking. I mean, really, if you’re trying to convince me your beliefs are right, they need to have one version.

    Example: Abortion. The Bible is pro-abortion, but I have yet to meet one Christian that isn’t against abortion.

    3)Praying. Or you just need faith.

    How useless. If you want something, sitting on your butt isn’t going to help you.

    Example: Cancer runs in our family. Instead of eating right, or exercising, they pray that they’ll stay healthy. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure cancer runs in our family because no-one takes care of themselves. Oh, and they smoke. Boy, do the people I’m related to smoke.

    4) Ignoring shit that was/is caused by their own religion.

    I’m told time and again by Christians that you can’t look at the past and use it to say their religion is bad.

    Examples of what they say:

    “It was a different culture then.” Uh, right, so explain why you are trying to bring that culture here then?

    “They weren’t real Christians.” Riiight. And I’m not a real woman.

    5) Giving God credit for their hard work, or as more often than not, the hard work of professionals.

    Doctors, anyone? Doctor work so hard, and for so long to get to where they are, but it is all God that helps people that end up in the hospital.

    6) They won’t give to charities but they’ll give tons to churches.

    Every single Christian I know will not give to charities because ‘they lie and support abortions.’ All I have to say is . . . Eh?

    7) God loves you exactly they way you are, he created you after all….but change, or he’s going to torture you for all eternity.


    8) Forcing their children into shit.

    Example: My sisters were forced into baptism when they were nine and ten, respectively. They said no, they tried to get out of it…but they had to.

    Example: I was forced into Confession, and even though I was a baby when I was baptized, I count that as forced.

    9) This one may be restricted to Catholics, I’m not sure.

    You cannot say anything bad about the Church or the Priests. It is a sin. Period.

    10) Sexism. O at least, my sisters and I receive it from our family. The woman as well as the men. Its sad, really.

    Example: marriage, how the woman is expected to be a servant to her husband. Ick. It’s 2010, people!

    11) Animals are here for our use. They have no emotions, nor can they think for themselves. They act purely on instinct.

    12) Same as 11 except it is the Earth, and all its resources.

    13) Anti-vegetarian. Eh?!

  • Bob


    I’m a ‘lapsed Catholic’ – I hang out with Wiccans and Atheists, but so far, I’ve not burst into flames upon walking into a church.

    The thing is, if I believe, then how could someone believing differently be a threat? Considering that different religions abound, that’s an awful lot of ‘non-belief’ in any given faith. Is it the Buddhist that weakens Christianity, or the devout Muslim? Why would atheists, absent of belief in deity, be more upsetting than other faiths/creeds?

    That certainly doesn’t speak to my faith or the innate ‘truth’ of Christian teachings if they’re so easily upended.

    And why would God, who created a world that is testable and verifiable, make His own existence such an ephemeral and questionable thing? (Oh, right, He gave us free will, and wants us to choose, but we’re only allowed to choose YES, otherwise we go straight to hell, do not pass go, etc.)

  • Canadiannalberta and her sisters.

    Um, please note we were not saying the Earth has feelings or can think.

    I (Canadiannalberta) didn’t catch that when I wrote it. We just meant Christians think we can use everything with no regards to anything. Yeah.

  • walkamungus

    “Their tireless work to deny civil rights to those with different world views than their own”

    Amen, brother! 🙂

  • Jonas

    I’m rarely comfortable discussing religion with strangers (or total strangers at least) But the thing that I noticed once was (paraphrased) ‘Well Jews are OK, as they are God’s people too.’ That struck a nerve.

    Morally, I’m opposed to several positions of certain Christians. (Or official positions of their leaders) As an example, I don’t support the Boy Scouts of America, and were I brought up as a UU I’d like to think I’d choose not to join them, but that is perhaps idealistic.

    As an atheist, I use non-theistic terminology: gesundheit, not ‘god bless you’ I hope xyz, rather than I’ll pray for xyz. But I understand the intended meaning when used by the religious.

  • SpencerDub

    More than anything, I think, I’m bothered by the pernicious stereotypes against atheists that Christians and other believers spout, apparently under the belief that it’s okay to slander and insult nonbelievers in a way that would be utterly inappropriate if applied to any other demographic group.

    For instance, Jen McCreight of Boobquake fame linked to an Indiana news story online covering the event. Commentators said things like “How dare they rear their atheistic heads,” “Anyone who is a self-proclaimed athiest will never be considered a ‘hero’ in my book,” and “So the wicked witch of the west lives in indiana… interesting..”

    Somehow, these people think it’s okay to say such things, but if anyone wrote things like “How dare they rear their Jewish heads,” or “Anyone who is a self-proclaimed Buddhist will never be considered a ‘hero’ in my book,” everyone would be (rightfully) appalled.

    A close second to atheist stereotypes is a gross misunderstanding of statistics, and the selective attribution of divine will to mere coincidence. In the wake of Boobquake, some believers– even the seemingly less fundamental– are pointing to the Taiwan earthquake and saying, “See, God did give us an earthquake.” Nevermind that, as Jen points out, a quake like that has a 37% chance of occurring on any given day. Because it happened to coincide with Boobquake, they immediately throw reason to the wind and assume it was God’s will, despite the fact that it could have happened on any other day.

    Apparently, I’m a little bugged right now.

  • Christians claim that atheism is a religion, too. Other christians claim that they just don’t believe that I don’t believe in their god, and decide my beliefs for me.

  • Deepak Shetty

    Complaining that the non believer doesn’t have an open mind while refusing to entertain any possibility that Jesus is not the only alternative.
    (essentially forced) Baptism of children by their parents – made even worse by the fact that as far as I know per the Bible , you are to be baptised once you know what you are doing / getting into.
    The insane stuff you have to sign to marry a catholic (if your catholic spouse wants to get married in church) e.g. non conversion attempts of spouse, marriage prep courses from the 18th century i guess…

  • sarah

    “Giving credit to god for every good thing that happens, and accepting every bad thing as part of his “plan”.”

    Yes. I cannot stand that.

  • Deepak Shetty

    Heh . I remember one of the Islamic apologists who wanted to prove that Islam is peaceful was cheerfully pointing out how Jews and Christians are brothers of Muslims and how the Koran has words to that effect.
    I asked him what the Koran had to say about pagan,polytheist, idolators like Hindu’s since I am born into a Hindu family. Unsurprisingly I didn’t get a reply. Its like they don’t see a problem between saying Jews and Christians are fine but Hindus, they are all Kaffirs!.

  • Jason L.

    Their desire to change laws and elect politicians based upon their religion. They act as if their belief in the God myth is enough reason and they shouldn’t have to defend their ideas on others grounds.

  • Bob


    That’s an emotional attachment to their belief, which almost always precludes rationality.

    If it’s not out of print, look for Marks & Kamman’s ‘Psychology of the Psychic’ – it’s a debunk of Uri Geller, but it has a nice appendix called ‘Rules for Rationals’.

  • Bob


    “I used to complain about how unfair the universe was, and then I thought, ‘What if the universe was entirely fair, and all the bad things that happened to us were because we deserved it?’ So, now, I take great comfort in the general unfairness of the universe.”

    – Marcus Cole, Babylon 5

  • Bob


    “To me, the mere fact that Atheists try to prove that God doesn’t exist points to His existence!”

    As a Christian, I have to say, that’s a load of horse apples. Besides which, it’s not the Atheist’s responsibility to disprove God; it’s the believer’s burden to prove that God exists.

    An atheist can point out that a contradictory, confused book written by committee centuries ago (even the Gospels don’t agree about events) does not constitute proof of God’s existence. That doesn’t prove the Bible is correct or true or divinely-inspired.

    That you then try to make ‘theory’ out to be some kind of haphazard guess by scientists shows where you’re coming from. Go jump off a cliff and see if the theory of gravity is just a guess.

  • Deepak Shetty

    Thanks. Its not present in my library though :(. I will have to wait till my amazon wishlist is smaller!

  • Deepak Shetty

    “To me the mere fact that atheists try to prove that God doesn’t exist points to His existence!!”
    Bwah ha ha. So since Christians go out of their way to say there is only one God (in 3 forms or whatever) proves that other God’s do exist!
    If the tooth fairy believers had enough supporters who insisted that we not brush our teeth in order to present the tooth fairy with more offerings and had enough clout to pass legislation supporting the same, or insisted that Dentists first pray to the tooth fairy before beginning their work, then you’d see anti-tooth-fairiests too. The negative response to Christianity is a consequence of the intrusion of religion to public life. Keep your religion to yourself and no atheist/agnostic would care or waste time debating religion.

  • Will

    I just CAN’T STAND it when some asshole warns me that I’m going to burn in hell, then says that they’re “just warning me” or “saying it out of love” and that I shouldn’t be angry.

    Usually, these are the same people who act as if I’ve stabbed them if I dare mention that I disagree, or think their beliefs re: Hell are cruel and evil.

    On a similar topic, I can’t stand it when, as we see many times in this thread, nonbelievers attack the victims of religious belief for still being religious, e.g. “Those dumb gays/women! Why do they still belief when their religion hates them?”

    Well, it couldn’t possibly be that they believe what it says, and hate or devalue themselves, and are stuck in a system that’s designed to leave people emotionally/socially dependent on said system… nooo… they must just be DUMB, yeah, that’s it.
    It’s the same disgusting victim-blaming attitude that gets slapped on people in abusive relationships – “Well, why don’t you just LEAVE?” – by outsiders who haven’t thought about why it isn’t that simple.

  • sophia b

    say damn stupid stuff on facebook. Not the messages like ‘christian camp was so much fun’, but the anti-abortion links are creepy and then things like ‘i got my scholarship. god is great’ just get completely on my nerves.
    Thats really the thing that most bugs me, when they act like something going well is all due to god, cause your deserving of money or food (sigh, saying grace) than other people cause you’re more holy and it has nothing to do with anything else. Not that they ever seem to think about what this might say about the (possibly more religious) people who aren’t doing so great.

  • The top two things that make me crazy are:

    1) Trying to convince me I should convert by using Bible quotes. ARGH. Or honestly, just quoting the crap out of the Bible to begin with. I really don’t care what your Bible quote of the day is. I don’t find it interesting or profound. Unless you want me to trade you for my William Gibson quote of the day, just keep it to yourself.

    2) If one more Christian tells me, “It’s okay if you don’t believe in God, He believes in you,” I may have to poke him or her in the eye with a fork. I have to assume that they have no idea how condescending they sound, because otherwise the resulting rage would just make me incoherent.

  • Another vote here for the “pretending to be your friend/care about you just to convert you.” I’ve had that happen to me several times since I deconverted, and it annoys the hell out of me. The thing is, I don’t even think they realize they’re doing it; it’s just the mind virus working on their behavior to spread the religion…

  • Calling atheism a religion and claiming that “not believing in god” is the same as “believing there is no god.”

    And the way they’ll come up with all kinds of wacky, unsubstantiated, and misguided explanations about why you’re an atheist, rather than accepting the honest reason we usually give: that we don’t believe because we have no good reason to do so.

  • Scott Muri

    I’ve been told several times, when I’m feeling down, that I’d feel so much better if I had Jesus in my life. Also, since I’ve began getting in better shape physically, that God gave me the strength. No, I feel so much better knowing I did it myself!

  • Edmond

    Claiming that the bible is the divine word of any god. This book is clearly the work of men; writers, kings, popes, who sculpted it into the book it was today. It was NOT printed at Heavenly Publishers and delivered to the local Christian bookstore by flaming angels. Everything they believe comes from this book, but they are only believing the claims of men who say they speak for god.

  • Hugh

    What annoys me most about christians? How much time do we have? If I had to pick only one thing, it would be how insufferably smug and self-satisfied they are. Just because they believe some bronze-age fairy tale, that in itself makes them virtuous people, and entitles them to sit in judgment on everyone else’s private lives, especially their sex lives – but doesn’t require any modification whatsoever of the christian’s behavior.

    In my book, morality is nothing to do with what you believe, and everything to do with how you treat your fellow creatures. Believing in 6 impossible things before breakfast doesn’t make you a moral person, just a gullible one.

  • It’s not the biggest complaint but they leave their laughable literature everywhere, even at the toilet stalls where I work. I am tempted to print a sign that says, “WHEN LEAVING RELIGIOUS TRACTS IN THE TOILETS, PLEASE PRINT ON SOFTER PAPER!”

  • Bryan

    Let’s see.. there are quite a few things that bother me. People that take a neutral topic/conversation and turn it into a religious one. For example, there was a student in one of my college classes a year ago that had to present some research and information. It was about social networking. Instead of keeping it neutral, he started on about how wonderful social networks are to spread the word of his particular religion. That really annoyed me.

    Christians that assume you are automatically Christian because you happen to be white and live in the Southern part of the United States.

    Christians that think because you are not Christian, that you must not have read the bible or truly “asked for Jesus to come into your heart” despite the fact that I’ve questioned religion and looked at other religions way more than those people have ever done.

  • Sue DeNimme

    How about when a missing child gets found alive, and they say, “God must have been looking out for him/her”? What about all the other missing children who are never found, or are found murdered? He must not have given a s*** about them, I guess.

    (This also goes for other survivors of crimes, disease, or disasters that kill/injure many others.)

  • Keith

    Their ignorance about their own religion.

  • Mike

    BST (bumper sticker theoloy)

    “I broke the rules. I prayed in school. I’m such a menace to society.”

    “April 1st: National Atheists’ Day.”

    “Rapture… separation of church & state!”

    “If you’re living like there is no God, YOU BETTER BE RIGHT!”

    “No Jesus, no peace. Know Jesus, know peace.”

    I don’t know about you, but I take that last one as a threat…

  • MJ Jackson

    -Trying to cast demons out of me in the middle of a conversation. Seriously, this has happened before.
    -Telling me it’s time I got off this science kick

  • MJ Jackson

    When I say I’m not a Christian and I’m instantly kicked down from the level of “human” to “heathen”

  • TooManyJens

    Forget that not everyone’s a Christian.

    Act like atheists really do believe in God, but just don’t want to acknowledge it because we’re too wedded to our immoral lifestyles. (Oh, how I HATE that one.)

    Claim that religion is necessary for morality.

  • flawdprefect

    Assume with absolute certainty that the bible is correct and go from there; every story they tell you of a “miracle” you debunk, they bring out another one… until you cannot explain it or get tired of explaining; try to call you “agnostic” and that there is hope that you might except Jesus into your heart because you seem open to possibilities.

  • Sue DeNimme

    Oh! Got another one.

    When a Christian says that the only reason you’re an atheist is because you either haven’t read all the right “sophisticated” arguments, or you didn’t understand them. Because obviously if you had, you would believe.

    Implication: “you don’t believe because you’re stupid or don’t understand, not because you’ve encountered the arguments and rejected them.”

  • Vas

    @ Bob,
    Quoting Babylon 5 !?!
    Maybe the end really is near, maybe the Christians are right about there being a hell, maybe the universe does hate me. Everybody gets exactly what they deserve… I feel sick. I deserve to be fed Babylon 5 quotes, and I hate that fact so much. I hate sci fi so much and yet… I feed the machine, I’m sick I tell you sick. Now to make the universe hate me even more I’m designing a courtyard for some phony bologna Christian church with an outdoor baptistery no less, I deserve to be beat over the head with scripture now. Fuck my life, I hate you all so very much.

  • Sarah

    Under “religion” on Facebook, reading “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

    Choosing quotes from the bible that suit them, but then when you tell them something that is horrendous from the bible, you get “THAT IS OUT OF CONTEXT!!!!!!”

  • D-train

    My absolute biggest pet peeve about christians is how they don’t acknowledge themselves when they work hard to accomplish something. Nor do they really take the blame when they are at fault.

    Also, not acknowledging the role other people play in improving their lives.

    Case in point, my sister in law is fairly religious and very active in her church. A while back they were having trouble with their new computer controlled sound system. I am a computer science major and as such fairly handy with electronics, so she asked if I would come down one saturday to look at it. The problem was that an idiot set up their system by what appeared to be trial and error (surely some member of the church) and I was able to fix it after pretty much unplugging and resetting everything and building it back up from scratch. It took me four hours(on the plus side I played ‘Chop Suey’ as my test track to see if everything was working, take a wild stab at who it’s referring to when it says “trust in my/ self righteous suicide”). After I was done and the others had finished their work they had a group prayer in which they thanked god for sending me to fix the sound system. No! Thank Charity for sending me to fix the sound system! Thank me, an atheist, for volunteering my time at your monument to ignorance and fixing the sound system! The pastor took me to lunch afterwards in what I thought was an act of appreciation, but turned into a proselytizing mission. I tried to defend myself without offending him but have you tried to NOT offend a christian? Especially when your mere EXISTENCE as an atheist is offensive. Good luck.

  • If atheism is a religion, bald is a hair colour…

    Also, stupid question, where/how do I select a picture for my avatar? I joined the forum in the hopes that that would work, but alas, I am still blank.

  • beckster

    Probably been said, but I don’t have time to read the entire comment section. . .

    The most frustrating thing to me is the attitude that if you disagree with or don’t follow their religion than you are somehow discriminating against them, while at the same time they are attempting to pass legislation that actually does discriminate against people.

  • Bob


    Why not? J. Michael Strazcynski is an atheist. (He debated the late author Ross Pavlac at Worldcon in 1996, and the audience declared that JMS had won the debate – God does not exist. Pavlac had a decent presentation, but relied on Pascal’s Wager.)

  • JT

    “On a similar topic, I can’t stand it when, as we see many times in this thread, nonbelievers attack the victims of religious belief for still being religious, e.g. “Those dumb gays/women! Why do they still belief when their religion hates them?””
    The topic was things Christians do that frustrate you. I don’t think anyone has said that they hate women or gays for not leaving. They are saying they are frustrated that they don’t. And it’s usually from a perspective of being a person formerly in their situation who DID leave. It’s like watching someone trying to solve a puzzle and missing the solution over and over.
    The victims of religion do deserve pity, to a point. When you join the other side and actively try to spread your misery to others that pity quickly turns to contempt.

  • 1. Ad Hominem attacks (which anyone can be guilty of, obviously, but in my experience, they’re especially proficient at it)

    2. Using science whenever they can to try and support their faith, but the second it contradicts it, they disown it.

    3. a. Not believing unbelievers when we say we really don’t believe (‘you know what the truth really is, you just don’t want to submit to God’) b. Not accepting the validity of the faith of other Christians who don’t share the same fundamentals of faith that they do (a good example would be the pastor in the Jennifer Knapp interview on Larry King the other night).

  • Vas

    Bob I spent too many years of my life cooped in in that goofy space station, what a waste, and Joe is a weirdo supreme and a socially award Lurch. I just hate it so much. But Hey I did it to myself, so now I deserve to have it quoted to me. Again fuck my life.

  • Angie

    1) Dominion theology. I’m sick of fundamentalist Christians announcing that this is a “Christian nation”, undermining church-state separation, passing discriminatory legislation, trying to shoehorn creationism and abstinence-only sex ed into the schools … the list goes on and on. Stop trying to force your beliefs on the rest of society!

    2) “Calvinball” religious arguments, in which Christians will change the rule of the game as they go along.

    3) Demanding that I justify my nonbelief. I’ve had several fundamentalists ask me, “Why aren’t you a Christian?”, as if there was something abnormal about my nonbelief that required immediate explanation. How would they feel if I asked them, “Why aren’t you an atheist?”

    4) Misogyny and homophobia. It’s high time to treat women and LGBT people like equals and respect their rights. A collection of bronze age myths written by misogynist, homophobic men is NOT a useful guide to gender and sexuality in 2010.

    5) Pouncing on emotionally vulnerable people for the purpose of proselytizing. I’ll give you a personal example. Last year, my (now ex-) partner embraced fundamentalist Christianity and threw our our 12-year relationship out the window so as not to be “unevenly yoked”. Immediately after the break-up, several Christians in his social circle overtly used the break-up as an opportunity to proselytize, probably because they thought I’d be more malleable while in an emotionally vulnerable state. They failed to convert me, but I was deeply hurt at their insensitive efforts.

  • Carrie

    One thing that frustrates me is that everyone assumes that I’m a Christian. This is a bit silly of me, I realize, but I’ve never been a Christian and never will be. In the US, people just assume that nice white people are going to be Christian. I feel if they realized how many “others” they were around they would be more kind to “others.” Gah, I don’t know if I’m making sense.

    The other thing that annoys me is when they are offended by my mere existence. Too many Christians feel that it is their duty to share their beliefs, but if I share mine I am repressing them. And I’m not even someone who cares to argue about religion.

    So, those are my frustrations. I’m leaving off things I consider more serious, such as church/government issues, because those do more than frustrate me.

  • Andrew

    As a Catholic, I really dislike when other Christians try to get me to change my mind about what I believe. Yes I realize some Catholic people do this too, I’m speaking for myself. I also dislike when they try to tell me what I believe or what I do. Like telling me how Catholics worship Mary and the saints. We don’t. Personally, I feel like to each his own. You’re not going to convert anyone to anything unless they want to be converted.

  • Wow. I could write an entire book about this. But let’s keep it it one, one which 187 people haven’t already mentioned (or if they did, I missed it):

    Saying that they want to debate atheists, that they’re not afraid to have their beliefs questioned and challenged, that they welcome the free and respectful exchange of ideas… and then, when I take them up on it and seriously question/ challenge their beliefs, getting upset and hurt and pissy. And then blaming me for their hurt feelings, because I’m somehow being disrespectful and intolerant for engaging in the debate that THEY FREAKING WELL SAID THEY WANTED TO ENGAGE IN.

    Deep breath. Calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean…

    (I should be fair and clarify: This isn’t limited to Christians. Woo/ New Age believers do it, too. As, I’m sure, do believers of all stripes.)

    It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to discuss religion with believing friends at all anymore. Not if I want to keep the friendship. It makes me really sad sometimes.

  • Christi

    Mainly the “It’s in the Bible, so it must be true” mentality.

  • JB Tait


    If their God is amazing enough to create this Universe and everything in it, how DARE they claim to speak for Him? How dare they claim to know what He wants, what He is thinking, and what I must do to please Him?
    I suspect it is a similar arrogance that lets them believe they can own the meaning of a word.

    @DG, Cheryl, and the others: Thank you for participating.

    To be fair, I wonder if there should also be a thread concerning what non-believers do that most annoy the believers.

  • bonefish

    Xtian doctors who will not willingly treat an inherited problem because if it’s inherited it is gawd’s will. (yes, they are out there.)

    Also, agree with Meredith waaaay back up there. “medical mission,” “wycliffe society” etc etc etc. Dishonesty cloaked in a surplice of compassion.

  • Krista

    Assume that because atheism isn’t a religion, it makes no sense whatsoever, and that slamming your beliefs is different from an atheist slamming Christianity. They also assume that because they claim to be able to disprove one kind of scientific theory, that they are ultimatly right, I am ultimatly wrong, and I should therefore become a Christian again.

  • Deepak Shetty

    “Like telling me how Catholics worship Mary and the saints. We don’t.”
    Shouldn’t that be I don’t? All Catholics I know do actually seem to worship Mary. When asked they catch themselves and say they only ask Mary to intercede on their behalf – However to a non believer , most of their prayers are indistinguishable from any other prayers. They pray to Mary rather than ask Mary to pray for them!.
    The city I grew up in Bandra( Bombay, India) has what is called a Mother Mary fair, where a statue of Mother Mary is brought to a mount with much fan fare and a lot of people from Bombay go to worship there – including Muslims and Hindus and even non believers because there is a fair!. It was quite a surprise to find out later that idol worship is actually against Christianity. Again to a non believer I cant see the difference between the Christian who kneels before a grotto of Mary and a Hindu who prostrates himself before an Idol of Vishnu. Yes there are probably theological nuances that the religious will trot out, but for all practical purposes , there are no differences.

  • Unholy Holly

    Hmm, where to start…
    – blind faith
    – arrogance of believers; assumption that I, too, am automatically a believer since I appear to be a nice moral person
    – belief in the rapture; leads to total disinterest in the future of this planet
    – the pope & his power
    – “USA is a christian nation” 🙁
    – senseless fear of the separation of church and state
    – focus on prayer rather than action
    – creationists (you’ve got to be kidding, right?)
    – “where do you get your morals?”

    Don’t get me started…

  • Acting like their god is this, I dunno, all-good super-moral being, when anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see that the “god” worshiped by Christians is a petty, immoral, murderous tyrant. Of course, if “god” commands you to murder and rape I guess it isn’t murder or rape….

  • Aunrd

    I have a friend that has a fossil of a trilobyte on his desk, and still arrogently scoffs at anyone who suggests the earth is more than 6000 years old. It’s like the fossil validates his position and I’m a fool for not seeing it.

  • @Price,
    I’d add to that the way some Christians slap a RINO label on any Republican who isn’t a socially conservative evangelical. They act as if they own the party and can kick out anyone who doesn’t fit their narrow definition of Republican.

    Perhaps it’s just ’cause I live in Ontario and the culture’s different, but all the Christian fundies I’ve ever met have actually been really nice people who haven’t had any problem with my lack of faith. Mostly what they do that annoys me is set up impossibly high (and arbitrary) standards for themselves and then beat themselves up for breaking them – ie, no masturbation/premarital sex; no reading any book involving demons or magic, etc. Not that that’s any of my business what they think about themselves, but it’s sad to watch my fundie friends get all upset over nothing – and they hold their families to the same too-high standards.

    I do meet the occasional Christian -moderate- who drives me insane with the “you must be spiritually deprived” speech, but thankfully not often. Oddly, none of the fundies I’ve ever met have pulled that line on me.

  • Trace

    “We don’t”?

    Call it veneration all you want but if it quacks like a duck…

  • matt

    assuming that everyone else is christian too.

    and the wilful ignorance regarding science and social issues.

  • @Trace — it’s thinly-veiled polytheism, really. With a heaping helping of goddess worship.

    Ever notice how so many of the saints are poorly-disguised gods and goddesses of older religions? (St. Brigid, for one…)

  • I don’t really interact with Christians (well, not heavily religious ones) in real life, so most of my frustration comes from what I see online.

    The things that make me feel most frustrated:

    1. Their seemingly complete inability to “think outside the culture box.” This trait often manifests itself in their assumption that there is a singular male deity (the biblical one, of course), and that atheists are somehow rejecting this deity in particular, and that we think of it differently than we think of all the other deities from all the other cultures around the world.

    2. The idea that there are more “sophisticated” forms of theology. I see it all the time, certain people (more educated evangelicals, Protestants, and Catholics) who seem to believe that their form of Christianity makes more sense or is more intellectual than the Christianity of those poor unsophisticated fundamentalist literalists.

    The things that make me feel saddest:

    1. The idea that we live in a “fallen” or “shadow” world, and that there’s something inferior about Earth and about humanity. Their belief that the only thing that matters is heaven and being prepared for heaven, and their assertion that this life is just a test or a trial run.

    2. Their belief that everyone is inherently bad and evil and tainted with original sin. Their belief that everyone is deserving of hell. Their absolute refusal to question the morality of hell and the morality of a deity that would invent such a horrific thing.

    3. The indoctrination of babies and small children. The songs, the picture books, the cartoons, etc. strike me as blatant brainwashing, and I have hard time stomaching it. This type of thing just makes me feel incredibly sad.

  • CJ :)

    My personal favorite is the assumption that everyone around them believes as they do. You can be standing in the supermarket engaged in light conversation with someone you don’t even know and they will thank god for something good that you mentioned happened to you. If you mention that you are shopping for your mother who just had surgery they will say that they will pray for her.

    Hell – for all they know your mother is a con artist who makes her living bilking people out of their life savings…but they’re gonna pray for her because that’s what they do.

  • WayBeyondSoccerMom

    Here’s an extremely recent example of frustration. My son just went on an extended trip with his high school band. Four tour buses were used to transport 150 students plus teachers and chaperones across four state lines. On the return trip, three of those buses and three cars were in a multi-car collision that tied up the interstate for four hours. All six vehicles were totalled. My son’s bus driver broke both legs and both ankles. The driver had to be helicoptered away from the scene, versus using an ambulance. The driver is still in the hospital. Additionally, three fellow students of my son had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital for observation, due to whiplash and concussion concerns. The three kids were released within six hours. Three adults were treated at the scene, along with minor medical care to the bloody noses, bumps and bruises suffered by many of the other children.

    So, pretty bad, right?

    Here’s how one of the parents described what happened on her Facebook account:

    “God is so good. His protection and love are evident….Our Band with me as a chaperone were on a trip and on the way home yesterday 2 of the 4 buses were involved in an accident. Everyone is OK – 3 students and 3 chaperones had minor injuries but everyone is home after a 7 hour delay. ”

    That’s it. No mention of the bus driver, still in the hospital, with horrible injuries. The hospital wasn’t even able to operate the day of the operation because the doctors couldn’t stabilize his blood pressure.

    Does her God not care for the bus driver? I guess he wasn’t important enough in her story to mention.

    Ugh. They just see what they want to see, share what they want to share, and ignore reality.

    (BTW, my son’s okay, just a small scratch over one eye from the collision.)

  • spink

    I’m annoyed when people choose a bible verse as the answer to a morally challenging question, as if that ends all discussion on the issue.

  • Justin

    The phrase, “Good Christian,” and the fact that it is not used in the same way as “Good German.”

  • GaR

    Evolution and/or the Big Bang are still very much “just a theory” >_<

  • Geek Gazette

    Geez, you could practically write a book about the things that Christians do that frustrate me.
    I guess the number one thing is when they want to “debate” with you and when you completely destroy every one of their arguments they experience a complete disconnect from the rational world. No matter how much evidence you can produce, or how wrong you can prove them, they always come back with some form of “it’s god’s will” or “one day you’ll understand the truth”.
    Even though I think religion is not helpful to society, I am a live and let live kind of person. I don’t pick fights with theists, they can believe what they want. However, if they try to tell me I’m wrong or shove their superstition down my throat I will speak up. So it really gets me annoyed when they can’t back up their arguments with anything more than a comment about how I don’t know some “truth” that they can neither explain, back up or prove. They do this despite the fact that I can consistently show them the untruth of nearly every part of their argument. That’s frustrating because it just shows complete ignorance or denial of the real world.
    Another frustrating habit of theists is their ability to “rationalize” any form of hypocrisy they commit, while at the same time extolling their own piety and criticizing others for the same thing.

  • Michael


  • Geek Gazette

    Thinking that the bible and in turn their god some how makes people moral but denying that morality existed long before their religion was created.
    Ignoring the fact that we have very good first hand accounts of people who lived before and after Jesus was supposed to have lived and no first hand accounts of Jesus. At I have never heard of any. Even though he, as the creator of the universe in human form, would have been the most important being to ever walk the face of the earth. It seems like there would have been a great deal written about him while he was “alive”.

  • Geek Gazette

    “Michael Says:


    That’s funny.

  • Will

    @JT: Oh, I’m not saying we should give anyone a free pass re: evangelizing. But if you’ll take another look at the sentiments you expressed upthread:

    “I’m most irritated with a particular brand of Christians. Namely, the gays. It’s frustrating to watch them put themselves through all that crap; trying to “fix” themselves so they can fit into a group that doesn’t want them. If they are really that desperate for a sense of community and belonging there are plenty of places that will accept them as-is. The fact that they cling to their religion is incredibly disappointing.”

    This is pretty clearly not specifically tied to people who are spreading hate, but a frustration with all gay people in a faith hostile to them. Again, this is victim-blaming. Looking at it and saying “it’s so (particularly) frustrating that these people are believers at all” is not helpful, it’s condescending. Check your privilege, yo.

    [And please don’t get all strawmanny with claiming that I claim that you “hate” gay people of faith, or pretending you were only talking about the Ted Haggards; I have hard evidence right here ;)]

  • When they assume that I’m an atheist because I’m simply “angry with god” and that I’ll “eventually come to see the error of my ways.” Those both came from my mom, after she stopped crying

  • Jenda

    It frustrates me when many of Christian family and friends post “I don’t know what to do, praying to God to show me the way,” rather than make a real effort then and there to sort out their own solution.
    More often than not they come up with a solution, but they won’t give themselves credit for it. And of course there’s the wallowing around in self-pity and praying part. Take this scenario: What if a bridge engineer examining a structurally deficient bridge wasn’t sure of the immediate method of repair, so they just sat back and prayed to God to fix it?

    Give yourself some credit, you’re capable of thinking up solutions, and I’m sure it was you and not your God.

  • Jenifer

    I didn’t read all the entries, but of the ones I did read I saw very superficial complaints that, when you get down to it, can be seen in a different form (same basic complaint) being said about some atheists. Everyone has their own thought process (not even all atheists think alike) and everyone makes logical errors (maybe especially when in heated discussion re: core belief systems) , this is not special among religious people so I won’t list anything that I have also seen an atheist do.

    My one complaint -> many Christians make policy decision that effect a broad spectrum of people based on their own religious views.

    However, this could be remedied by requiring evidence to support legal decisions.

    I empathize with everyone elses complaints that their friends and familymembers made them feel bad because of their lack of religion, but that’s honestly not exclusive to chistianity. You can find irreligious people who will employ the same core tactics during a debate when they cannot prove their point, but are not willing to admit defeat.

  • Jesse

    I’m so glad you asked. Here are my two peeves:

    * Treating you like you are crazy because you object to their BS.
    * Starting theological debates and then when you retort they respond by:
    – Appealing to humor and mocking you.
    – Becoming offended.
    – Threatening you (physically)
    – Telling an analogy, rather than providing a logical argument
    – Changing the topic by saying “One of these days we are going to have to have a serious talk about theology”, but that day never arrives.
    – Swapping the burdon of proof, circular arguments, altering the meaning of words used across premisses, or any other logical fallacy.

    Then they claim that they defeated the crazy atheist (of cause this only works for the people not present)

    Oh and one new annoyance I forgot: In Australia we are facing internet censorship. The only people I know who support this are religious and they want to protect children from pedophiles. This seems to be extremely hypocritical, but perhaps if we can get some one on the internet to apologize like the pope, they will be happy, and offer the internet pedophiles free reign.

  • Isabel Jones

    Lots of men, living among men, no woman alowed, wearing colorful things all over those dresses, saying that homosexuals are bad and deserve to go to hell.

  • JT

    Perhaps I was unclear. It is frustrating to watch them struggle with their “struggle with homosexuality” and know that if you try to push them toward the road that you’re fairly certain they’ll be happier on, they’ll only cling even harder to their faith. In the long run it’s better if you say nothing (or perhaps something, but with a gentle touch that I lack) and let them figure it out for themselves. You have to sit back and watch them try to jam the round peg in a square hole over and over again. I always want to yell out “It fits in the, ‘Your gods are fake and the mythology surrounding it is total bullshit, so move on with your life’ hole to the right!”, but I know I shouldn’t. So I have to hold my tongue a lot, which I’m sure everyone here knows to be very frustrating.

    And also:
    I have hard evidence right here 😉
    Are you coming on to me? :O

  • codemenkey

    what irritates me is when the ONLY THING they will EVER talk about is jeeeeezusss!!

  • Most of the obvious bases are covered so I’ll go to a rarer pet peeve.

    “Let’s agree to disagree.”

    It’s not even specifically Christian but the idea of agree to disagree is completely absurd and downright silly. One of us is wrong in such a situation, the thing to do is figure out which one of us it is. I mean, either you are walking around with a delusion or I am, and it’s in both of our best interests to figure out which. I understand tabling something that’s producing more heat than light and finding a better way to approach the problem, but just finding arguments convincing but refusing to change your mind or explain the reasons for your beliefs is a terrible idea and actually a violation of 1 Peter 3:15.

    In my mind it’s saying that, I’d rather live believing a lie than dare to challenge my own suppositions. I always refuse to agree to disagree, especially when there’s good evidence behind the question and we can rightfully decide who is correct and who is wrong.

  • Kait

    I get really frustrated when Christians tell me that they too were “once atheists” and that they didn’t believe but were converted by the truth. I don’t think this is a fair comparison to why I am an atheist and why they “were” atheists. They were atheists because they didn’t know anything about Christianity. Therefore, when they were told by their fellow Christians why Christianity was the “truth”, they automatically believed the myth. I on the other hand came to the conclusion of atheism AFTER I researched Christianity. Just because you didn’t believe in God before you were brainwashed by your friendly Christian neighbors, does not mean that you are an informed skeptic and that you ‘chose’ Christianity after logically reasoning the support and objections to following it.

  • BiscuitWhisker

    Their personal “Proof of God Story” – As though their skewed perception of a life altering event they did not fully understand is the only proof you should need to believe in a higher power and upon hearing said story are expected to respond with an appropriate amount of reverence. Unfortunately an explanation of confirmation bias will only result in quizzical looks and/or hurt feelings.

    A believers level of delusion is directly proportional to the intensity with which they relate their personal proof of god story upon discovering you are an atheist.

  • Mina

    “You are the devil”

    “You know you’ll go to hell anyway”

    “I don’t know how you became such a bad person. God still loves you and I hope you don’t die before you regret all you’ve said and done”

    …my mother’s kind words to me…

  • Killer Bee

    I always refuse to agree to disagree

    What in God’s name do you do, then?
    Cling to their sleeves as they turn to walk away?
    Continue to shout talking points at their fading backside?
    Resume the conversation upon every subsequent encounter?

  • Angie

    “I get really frustrated when Christians tell me that they too were “once atheists” and that they didn’t believe but were converted by the truth … Just because you didn’t believe in God before you were brainwashed by your friendly Christian neighbors, does not mean that you are an informed skeptic and that you ‘chose’ Christianity after logically reasoning the support and objections to following it.” — Kait

    Good observation, Kait. A friend of mine observed that Christians he’s met who claim to be ex-atheists weren’t really atheists (as we understand the term). Rather, they were non-religious people who hadn’t really thought about religious issues before they became Christians. As you said, this is different than consciously embracing atheism through logic.

  • Christians that aren’t Christlike frustrate me to no end. If you are a Christian, you should be following the teachings of Christ instead of trampling on everyone and everything around you and “knowing” that “god is on [your] side.”

  • Andrew

    @Deepak Shetty
    I definitely meant we don’t. You’re right we do ask her to pray for us, we do the same with saints, and dead friends/relatives. We do see her as a a holy person but we do not worship her as God. Believe me it is not the same thing, I would know. I would recommend reading some Catholic literature on the subject if you want some more context. Side note I am not trying to convert you or anything like that. Just hoping to give you some perspective the same way I try to get perspective by reading this blog and talking to people on it.

  • Sarah

    @ Mina

    That is awful.

    Which brings be to another annoyance. These Christian people that judge and say terrible things to other people, a lot of times their own children. That isn’t a very christian thing to do. They must be the fear mongering type of christian who hates more than loves.

  • Christian: “You’re a SATANIST!”

    Me: “Yeah… so?”

  • Matt

    I don’t want to generalize, because this doesn’t apply to every Christian, but from my experiences these are the observations that I have generally made:

    1) Assuming that atheists are only non-believers because they want to freely engage in “deviant behavior” without moral constraints. Since I arrived at my atheism through many months of research and hard thinking, I find this not only insulting but an “easy answer”: that is, instead of truly asking why atheists have concluded that there is insufficient proof supporting the idea of their god, they assume based on narrow-minded generalizations.

    2) Appeals to emotion in order to convert that may sound nice but fall apart under critical examination. This normally defines the approach of fundamentalists.

  • I think that the biggest thing that irritates me about some Christians is that they defer their own opinions to that of an imaginary being. I have a friend who converted to the Jehovah’s Witness cult and I obviously quizzed him quite extensively on the obvious things like blood donation, birthdays and why the fuck he believed in that nonsense. He had no answers but still claimed to believe in the tenets of his faith. WTF? How can anyone believe in something without understanding even the most basic arguments of the topic?

    The same argument applies when some Christians reject ideas (atheism, evolution, evidence based thinking) without knowing what these things are. I’m sick of explaining that atheism is a lack of belief in gods and not a personal attack and rejection of their god. I’m sick of explaining what evolution is and how it is entirely and completely supported by a vast amount of evidence when they reject it because some Iron Age shepherds invented a story. I’m sick of asking “How have you arrived at that conclusion?” and not getting an answer because they don’t have an answer.

    Thankfully not all Christians are like this.

  • Karen

    -Their hypocrisy
    -Their intellectual dishonesty
    -Their assumption of superiority
    -Their lack of understanding of and respect for the scientific method
    -Their acceptance of violence in the name of their beliefs
    -Their claim that they’re “oppressed” when they clearly have great power over government and social leaders
    -Their acceptance of their own atheism regarding other religions but refusal to accept atheism about their own!

    And this is just a partial list.

  • This always took the cake for me:

    Mormons who won’t drink coffee or tea, but will drink alcohol and smoke pot.

    Wha wha WHAT?!

    This happened to me actually — I was at a party (consisting of all Mormons and a Presbyterian) I really didn’t want to be at where the apartment was littered with pictures of the temple but they were smoking and drinking like fishes (while one guy invites me into his bedroom.)

    And they had the nerve to consider ME the heathen!

  • Oh! And when they go on a tirade about other religions like Islam.

    Not only are your two freakin religions related, but you guys have psycho terrorists too! (bombing of abortion clinics, anyone?)

  • Hypatia’s Daughter

    When the fundy sects lump together all Xtians (and Jews these days) for one big “group-hug; now let’s all sing Kumbayah” when they need a 97% Xtian majority to to claim the right to political power – then assert that Catholics and trad Protestants as not true Xtians who are going to Hell when the get back behind the closed doors of their McChurches.
    “I’m not Perfect; Just Saved!” Fine. And when you become perfect, I might consider letting you pass all those laws telling me how to live my life.

  • Deepak Shetty

    I never said Mary is worshipped as God . I said people expect Mary to answer prayers directly and worship her period.(instead of asking her to intercede on their behalf to God which I believe is the theologically correct thing). You also are not supposed to attach importance to idols of Mary, correct? But grottos abound and are deemed special places or holier places.
    Again I make no comment as to whats better or worse, I find it all faintly amusing when Catholics try to justify their penchant for saints, or why two miracles are needed, or what makes some people who actually killed people saints (e.g. St Olaf)

    Side note I am not trying to convert you or anything like that.

    I don’t think you have to be this defensive :). I have a catholic wife, I’m sure you wont succeed, even if you tried, if she hasn’t.

  • Andrew

    @Deepak Shetty
    Fair enough. Some Catholics can’t really explain the difference. It’s really very nuanced and the official doctrine is what I said.

    As for being defensive: Since this is a thread about what Christians do to annoy you I figured it would be better to error on the side of caution. 🙂

  • Colin

    Suggesting that you talk to God when talking to a therapist or a doctor would be a lot more effective.

    Of course people from other religions do this as well.

  • muggle

    I love reading comments but just don’t have the time to read 242!!!

    So, hopefully, I’m not repeating. (As far as I got before giving up, all of the above btw.)

    My top three:

    1. Saying bless you instead of thank you when I do something kind. Way to return favor with insult!

    2. The Christian Nation bullshit.

    3. Not recognizing the importance of church and state to them.

    2 & 3 most particularly because they threaten my freedom. That’s when their disease is truly killing me instead of merely just annoying the crap out of me.

  • Shelby Abel

    I’m a Christian. & Most of my friends are Atheist or Agnostic. I would have to say that my political beliefs could be considered ‘Middle-of-the-road’. I believe that there are both good & bad things about both sides (Democrats & Republicans). I’m the type of Christian who has & does actually read her Bible. I’m not afraid to voice my opinions(Like if some one was being hateful towards GLBT people, or people of other faiths, or people with out any type of faith) I personally don’t believe that that is right.
    There are mainly only 3 things that really bother me.

    1) People who are closed-minded. & I must say that it seems like the majority of Christians are closed-minded.
    2) It really bothers me when Christians don’t know why they believe in Christianity. I’ve always been the type of person to question most things, & I think that if you are going to believe in something you should certainly have an actual reason why you believe that. This also goes with issues such as abortion, gay rights(I think that’s the correct wording, so if it’s not I’m sorry if I offended any one!), the death penalty etc.

    3) It bothers me when Christians, & really any one, doesn’t bother to find out information about other religions; & then they decide they have an ‘argument’ against that particular religion.


  • I feel that a lot of the responces here have been venturing into the realm of generalizing to the whole from some specific anecdote and the opininions that form out of that kind of thinking is very dangerous. I want to caution all of my fellow athiests in this because generalizing from the specific is a logical fallacy. If I had to pick from amongst the things that annoy me, and not just with Christians but all people, this sort of error in thinking would be at the top of my list. It is very difficult to avoid this error in thinking because in a way we are evolutionarily pre-disposed to these kind of judgements, but every time we do, we hurt ourselves and others by not demonstrating the kind of rational thinking we try to promote in others.

  • Lauren

    1.) Leave religious pamphlets in my mailbox, even though I have a “no fliers or junk mail” sticker. They’re the only ones that ignore this.

    2.)Claim to know the extent of my personal emotional experience. That is, assume that I can’t know true joy, ecstasy, or happiness, because they assume those experiences come from god.

    3.)Misunderstand and misuse the term “Science”.

    4.)Act reasonable and logical in a conversation, and then suddenly lose these functions, i.e., hit the “god block”.

  • zip

    I like the idea of people who turned Christian in prison. It’s great that God has helped them. However, I find it truly annoying that these x=cons and x- drug addicts find the need to tell you how your messing up and they are acting on god’s behalf or Jesus’s behalf to save you, pray for you like you have never heard about God or Jesus before! I like the stories they have about they talked to either diety and was told that their messing up. I find most Christians most irritating. That includes my own mother and a lot of others in my family!

  • Dawn

    Hypocrisy, intolerance of any other belief system, anti-intellectualism and also, they don’t like to have any fun. Fun stuff = bad. bleh..zzzz

  • Me

    I’m a Christian :]

    Yet, it annoys me when other Christians use the word of God as an excuse to hate anyone who isn’t Christian…matter of fact .it annoys me beyond belief when ANY religion does that…Condescending Christians are the worst…when presented with an intellectually good question that counters something in the bible, instead of saying they don’t know (which is true, us Christians can’t prove the resurrection scientifically) they ignore it, or say mean things to offend the person who asked..That is SOO NOT what a Christian should do…Beware of false Christians also!! They’re annoying..these are people who say they are Christian yet constantly promote hate, vanity, and other evils. A Christian is never too proud not to apologize for the wrongs they personally do to others :]

    <3 Love <3

  • Bastian Fromherz

    Saying the Bible is the best book ever and it’s the truth, so it’s either:

    1) He doesn’t read the bible, makes up stuff and just cares about their religious appearance.

    2) He is a sexist, cultural supremacist, cruel, evil, evil person.

  • Theo

    I hate it when christians flat out don’t believe that you’re an atheist. My girlfriends mother told me “I know that deep down, you still believe in God.” It’s like they can’t even respect the fact that you have an opinion that differs from theirs.

  • Fata_Morgana

    All of that stuff that Eugene said about halfway down* this page is a perfect example of the things that Christians say that annoy me.

    (* – I’m actually a bit surprised that there was such a large-ish number of sensible replies before a d-bag like him finally showed up. I would have thought there would be a lot more like him interspersed all throughout.)

  • Rachael

    I work in close quarters with the worst kind of Christian – the kind who professes to be most holy, but is in reality full of hate and disdain. Items in quotes are actual quotes. Things that irritate me:

    1) Going on and on about Bible study and and how cleansing and peace-giving it is, then frankly discussing “dykes” and “ragheads” and how much she hates her gay son.

    2) Teasing me about my religion (I’m Jewish, but really in name only). “I got the best honey-baked ham the other day! Oh. But that’s pork. I probably shouldn’t talk about that around YOOOOU, should I?”

    3) Displaying outright disdain for anyone not just like her. “My daughter’s friend and her whole family died in a house fire. We went to the funeral and everything. But they weren’t Christians, so they were just trash.”

    4) Not being able to discuss other people without making a point of their Christian or non-Christian status. Who cares?? “I went to pick up a prescription the other day and was talking to the pharmacist – he’s Christian, he’s a good Christian guy – and he was saying that his tomatoes came in really good this year.” “Oh, So-and-so is coming to speak about nutrition at Such-and-such place. … He’s Jewish. *smirk* That should be…interesting. Might be a match for you, haha.” Huh?? I’m married! To a Catholic! Good grief!

    5) Trying to give me mini Bibles and cards with Scripture on them. “I thought you might want this.” Huh??

    That’s just a few. I’m getting all irritated writing this, but those are the main offenders. Too bad I found this post MONTHS after you had initially asked for replies!

  • Katie

    I’m not here to argue or preach.
    I’m not here to defend Christians. But I am one.

    For myself, it annoys me that some of them think everyone who disagrees with them is evil. I especially am annoyed with ones who think my Christian Rock (Skillet, RED, Flyleaf, etc) is evil. I’m annoyed with ones who think that I have to wear dresses to church. I’m also annoyed when they twist around what the Bible says for their own gain. And I’m annoyed with the ones who use the fear tactic(hell)to preach at non Christians.

    Now that Ive said that. Just today alone I’ve run into two non Christians(I don’t know if they are Atheist but I assume they are)who say I shoved religion down their throat(on youtube). I never shove religion down anyones throat. I never shout Bible verses nor say your going to hell for your sins. They were saying a song wasn’t religious and I was saying it was. I was giving my personal opinion and even said that they can have theirs. My point is, I hear the whole “shoving religion down my throat” speech just as much, if not more then the Christians giving the hell speech. My opinion is that Atheists use it way too much, and a lot of the time it isn’t true. I think they get way too ofended yet expect Christians not to be offended when they say God is imaginary.

  • Lania

    Katie: “My point is, I hear the whole “shoving religion down my throat” speech just as much, if not more then the Christians giving the hell speech. My opinion is that Atheists use it way too much, and a lot of the time it isn’t true. I think they get way too ofended yet expect Christians not to be offended when they say God is imaginary.”

    Very poignant observation Katie, but I do think that many Christians treat atheists like cheap dirt and I don’t think many of them are exaggerating. I bet there are 95% of sincere, even evangelical Christians who are extremely opposed and even mortified of the possibility of “shoving religion down anyone’s throat”. Because we know that only Christ can draw people’s hearts. I, for one, am heartbroken over what so many people have experienced at the hands of Christians, but I would never intentionally do these things to anyone, and I don’t know any Christian who would. But I’ve experienced this type of ignorance/intolerance myself from Christians, so I know it’s not far-fetched that these things would be happening on such a large scale. It’s pretty humbling, I should say.

    To the atheists, the gays, the wiccans, the agnostics, the non-Christian religious people, the scientists who have had such horrific experiences with my fellow Christians – please accept my humblest, most sincere apologies on behalf of all of us…I notice that nobody is using this as a referendum on the actual message of Christ, which is what Christianity is supposed to be about. That’s a good thing; it’s only fairminded to make the distinction. Please don’t let Jesus’s infallible followers influence the way you think about Jesus. Truth be told, if people came to Jesus based on what they observed in his followers alone, NOBODY would become a Christian. Forget about the Christians, consider Christ. I’m not trying to proselityze, just saying that I think everybody has dealt with intolerant/hypocritical Christians at one point or another, and their (our?) existence is neither here nor there when it comes to the relevance of the message of Christ.

    Thanks for allowing me to share, and again I’m sorry.

  • Lania

    Forget about the Christians, consider Christ.

    I don’t get that. I don’t believe in any gods. I’ve considered Christ. I’ve considered Allah. I’ve considered following Buddha. I’ve considered Vishnu. I’ve considered Thor. I’ve considerd the life force of Gaia. None of them are realistic or compelling as personal deities.

    If you assume that my lack of belief isn’t a choice but an influence of my environment, my upbringing and a natural scepticism that has been nurtured then I cannot believe in any gods. Not without strong evidence in their favour. Nevertheless I could still become a Christian. I could become a Christian if being a Christian made me a better person. If Christianity made people better people. Then it would be worthwhile despite the lack of belief.

    It doesn’t seem to do this though.

  • Katie

    Not sure how to reply to people so sorry. I agree with you Lania. That’s exactly how I feel.

    And hoverfrong, I can’t speak for Lania, but to me the sentence “Don’t consider Christians, consider Christ” means that as humans, we arn’t perfect. And there will be some people who say they are Christian but don’t follow Jesus’s example. Don’t consider “will being Christian make me a better person”, consider instead “will following Jesus make me a better person”. Christianity has been turned into a religion, that’s not what it’s supposed to be about. It’s not about coming to church with nice clothes on, singing hymns and leaving a couple bucks in the offering plate. It’s about receiving Jesus and then showing his love to the world.(I know, I know…I said I wouldn’t preach lol)

    Anyways, people in general frustrate me haha

  • Katie

    It’s about receiving Jesus and then showing his love to the world.

    Well I don’t know how to do that and I don’t see any reason to try. It is no different that “receiving Ra” or “receiving Huitzilopochtli” to me. Why should I “show his love to the world” when I can actually do something for the world instead? Sorry but I just don’t get it.

  • Joanne

    I was born and raised on the East coast, raised with Jews, Protestants, Muslims, and Atheists. Flash forward to age 41, I find myself living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I work for a reputable firm with 150 employees. The owners are fundamentalist Christians. It is assumed that all employees are Christian. Don’t know how or why these folks are comfortable with this practice, as I do not recall anyone asking me about my faith when I joined. Anyway, each Christmas, everyone, and I mean everyone, MUST decorate their department with Christian messages, all the Christmas stuff you can imagine. It is mandatory. (We are, mind you, not in a religious line of work). I declined to decorate the Xmas tree last year, and my boss told me to “just do it.” It enraged me even more (yes, I WAS a Christian, but this shit is ridiculous!) being told to decorate (not even my area), that I am tempted to tell this supervisor where she can go this year. I know I won’t but I just may call in sick. You would think that these religious overtones would be frowned upon for a myriad of reasons, but no, not in Cincinnati. I HATE THIS!

  • Katie

    Showing his love is doing something for this world. I don’t know mythology, but did those beings ever heal the sick, feed the hungry, love the outcasts and die for people who hated them? To show his love, you follow his teachings. It’s like that Skillet song(you should check them out, they are Christian but are getting popular with non Christians cause of their new album) “Looking for Angels”. Even if you don’t believe the way I do…..there is still good morals in what he taught. But its ok if you don’t get it..I really didn’t come here expecting to change minds over the internet lol

  • # Street-preaching. As I’m sure we can agree, Christians must be allowed to give their non-violent opinions, however daft or inflammatory on television, over the Internet, in letters etc, without fear of the law. However, I really do draw line at them turning public areas into pulpits, sometimes at the top of their lungs. Very worst example? Sitting on a bench with college friends for sandwiches and chat when four Christians lined up only about fifteen feet behind us against the bank we were outside, then took turns stepping forward and YELLING about Christ. So awkward. An elderly member then pressed leaflets on us called ‘The Wanderer Welcomed’ with a picture of a sheep on the front and ‘a lake of fire’ mentioned on the very first page. Lovely introduction. I found them nothing but a quartet of rude, inconsiderate and scaremongering recruiters.
    Incidentally, down that same street in Egham a man once asked me if I had “been saved yet” as nonchalantly as one might ask for the time.

    # Door-to-door religious propagandists. Sanctimony personified. Last week the doorbell to our flat rang from outside the block. A woman told me over the phone that she and her group were discussing the Six Most Commonly Asked Questions (according to whom?!) and what the Bible’s answers to them were. She had as much success at getting through the door as the lady who called last year offering a free talk about why God allows suffering. Presumably then if I had slammed down the receiver so hard that it perforated her eardrum she would have smilingly shrugged it off as being part of the Big Cheese’s grand plan.

  • AJ

    I don’t even know if anyone will read this because the last post was months ago, but I just want to say that I hear you. I’m sorry for doing many of these things and for other people who consider themselves Christians doing these things.

  • Bridgetbayfair

     Hi AJ.  If you are a Christian why are you sorry?  We are meant to do these things for the Kingdom.  The bible says that we will have trouble with non Christians.  If we have the fear of the Lord more than fear of man we will just keep on working for the Lord.  Re the part about becoming someones friend and because we want to convert them is true, that’s why Jesus became our friend.  It’s because He loves us and has compassion on us.  It’s the same with us don’t you think? 

  • Bridgetbayfair

     re not speaking out against other Christians that do the wrong thing according to God’s word:  We do

  • Audreyh

     HI Ben,  It’s more complicated than blaming God for letting someone be in a car crash.  Humans have choices.  God doesn’t force us to de anything.  He is our Father  and like most parents,  He can only lead us a guide us in the way we should go.  He can’t make us do anything. His grace and protection only goes so far and if we push and push to do our own thing like our own kids, then he lets us do it and suffer the consequences.  So in a car crash there is usually a human that has something to do with the cause, whether it be from driving too fast or someone not fixing the traffice lights  or fixing the drains so the road doesn’t get flooded.  Even going out driving in a storm where a tree can fall on the car or whatever.  There are many senarios.   Do you get my drift?  It’s true though about faith.  Faith connects us to God so if he fixed everthing up for us there would be no faith and we wouldn’t have relationship with him. 

    We are saved through faith in Jesus (an avenue) by grace (God’s undeserved favour/pardon)

    Jesus said:  “Jesus is the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except by Me”

    John 14:6  The Bible

  • Audreyh

       Food for thought though.  All of the other stuff aside.

    Dop you know what happens to you when you die.  Maybe its just something to think about 🙂

    If you do think you’re a Christian,  do you know God?  There might come a time where you get to the pearly gates and He may say who are you?  I don’t know you.  So is it time to get to know Him? 🙂

  • Audreyh

     are you genuinely happy?
    do you have peace inside your heart?  or do you numb it with something?
    what will happen to you when you die?

    think apon such things 🙂

    If you need answers ask God?

  • hoverFrog

    Yes, within a large margin of error we do know exactly what happens to us when we die. Our bodies break down and rot. Given that we know, within a margin of error, that our personalities, thoughts, memories, etc are held within the physical mass of our brains we also know that when we die all of that is lost.

    This is known. Not the fairy tales of religion that would have us believe that we can live on with out a body. How would that work? By what mechanism would we magically survive the death of our bodies? What nonsense.

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