My Visit to Los Angeles April 26, 2010

My Visit to Los Angeles

I spent the past few days in Los Angeles where I spoke to the Bruin Alliance of Skeptic and Secularists at UCLA.

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The group was wonderful, the questions they asked were really interesting, and I got to meet some of the commenters on this site whom we’ve all gotten to know over the years!

Look! It’s Richard Wade:

And Siamang!

They’re real people. From the Internet. Isn’t that amazing.

Random: As we were heading to dinner after the talk, Siamang showed me the Star Walk application on his iPad. Now, I must have one:

How awesome is that.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you should attend BASS meetings. You can find out more about them here.

Thanks to Tristan Miller (3rd from left) and Paul Zimmerle (4th from right) for coordinating everything.

My next trip will be to the University of Oregon on May 21st! More information on that coming soon.

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  • Siamang

    To anticipate an upcoming question, no, I don’t get a commission on iPad sales.

  • Just a note, the android OS has a similar app made by Google.
    It is called Google sky map. But so much nicer on that big ol’ screen.

  • @Siamang,

    Does the iPad have a similar religious app where you can scan the heavens and find God flying around up there? Or point it down and see the devil down below the Earth’s crust?

    That would be funny if someone put together something like that.

  • Siamang

    The iPad app where it shows you where God is actually just tracks the location of Steve Jobs.

  • Richard Wade

    Oh dear, that picture. And that forehead.

    Well, I might as well admit it before someone else points it out. Yes, I am Exeter from the planet Metaluna, which exploded in 1955 as depicted by This Island Earth. I escaped in my crippled spacecraft and crash landed on Earth, now my beloved adopted home, and have been quietly doing what I can to benefit Earthlings ever since. The do-it-myself plastic surgery hurt really bad and it didn’t hide that much, but at least it worked for 55 years. Please continue to call me Richard.

    Yes, I'm Exeter

  • DemetriusOfPharos

    @Richard Wade:
    Dude, you win so many bonus points for that reference I can’t even count them all, Unfortunately, these points are worth as much as the ones from Whose Line Is It, Anyway?

  • You’re a braver man than I am … Southern California is known for tectonic activity and you’re out there during Boobquake.


  • Wow, all I can think is that a much more competent photographer than I took those pictures. All the ones I took turned out poorly.

    I’m sure all of you are wondering, are Hemant and Richard as awesome IRL as they are online? The answer is yes. Yes they are.

  • parv

    miller, take heart. First image is the most bothersome, due to right wrist & left hand fingers being cut off. Third is less distracting, having feet chopped off.

    Both are salvageable by careful cropping (such that people don’t appear as if their extremities were severed.)

  • I know its totally off topic, but I wanted to ask you, do you have tools or websites like this one ( in the USA to match opinion on different topics with political parties or candidates?

    I found it thanks to Bad Science, and seemed like a great idea. I haven’t seen anything like that anywhere else.

  • Paul Zimmerle

    I am awesome.


    Thanks for coming down to UCLA! We had a lot of fun here with you.

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