Building a Relationship With the White House April 23, 2010

Building a Relationship With the White House

Jesse Galef recently spoke at the Secular Student Alliance’s 2010 New England Leadership Summit about that meeting between atheists and the White House.

If you want to hear the details of the event, what was discussed (as far as Jesse is allowed to tell), and how we can continue this line of communication, this is the talk to watch.

(via Secular Student Alliance)

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  • Trace

    To Jesse: good job!

    The question is…how to continue building this relationship under, lets say, a Palin administration?

  • muggle

    I utterly agree that it’s a huge step forward to be glad-handed! Great job, Jesse.

    I think it’s important to have these kind of talks and I’m happy that it went so well. If our rights are going to be protected and our voices heard, well, we have to open our mouths and talk. For once, we are being heard.

    Sounds like it was as big a success as we could have hoped for at this point and is very promising. Of course, the votes of a growing group is important but so often they’ve been blown off in the past.

    I think that the three topics picked were great choices. The best you could have.

  • Great job! I like the 3 asks too!

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