Butler vs. Duke? April 5, 2010

Butler vs. Duke?

I’m curious how many atheists are as into March Madness as I am… who do you think will win?

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  • rbray18

    sorry i never have cared bout sports.or cars or anything else manly men do 🙂

  • David

    I think that Duke will win, but I’ll be rooting for Butler.

  • Coach K has his kids in a frenzy. Butler’s run is over. 15+ pt differential my guess.

  • In basketball, they run down to one end of the court and make a basket, then they run down to the other end and make a basket. Kind of like hockey…they skate down to one end and miss, then they skate down to the other end and miss.

    But I’m happy, though…the Cards beat the Reds in their first regular season game. Yadi hit a grand slam!

  • Elis

    I can’t get myself interested into these sports, no matter how hard I try to force myself to watch (to fit in.)

    Anyway, regarding the naming of the factions, is there a Baron or Count, or is it just Butler and Duke?

  • Michelle Nicole

    I love March Madness! My bracket failed miserably this year though. Not a single of my final four picks (Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, and Villanova) made it in. I’m from Kansas and a huge Jayhawks fan. Such a disappointment to see them fall early this year.

  • Let’s go Duke! Let’s go Duke!

    I grew up a Duke fan, went to Davidson when they made their run to the Elite Eight, and now I’m a grad student at UNC, just a few miles from Duke.

    Basketball is the only sport that matters here in North Carolina. Nobody cares about anything else except when their team is doing really well. But people care about college basketball no matter what.

  • Justin

    Duke should, by all rights, win this game. In fact, I hope they do, as it’ll give me 2nd place in my work bracket, and that’s worth $50. :p

    Zach Duke got the win for the Pirates today…does that mean Duke will win tonight as well?

  • Daniel

    Duke will dominate. Which is sad, because one of the few things that makes me care about sports is a Duke loss 🙂

  • If Duke nearly lost to Purdue, they’re going down to Butler, no problem (says the disgruntled Purdue fan).

    That being said, I didn’t know the game was tonight until you said so, ha.

  • Carol

    @Bill: I never got basketball before either. Running back and forth on the court — boooring!

    But then I moved to North Carolina, and as Michael (SQFreak) can attest, you will be assimilated into the Basketball Crazy Crowd. Really watch the game: they’re athletic, graceful, powerful, and it’s heart-stopping shriek-filled excitement. So: GO DUKE! GO DUKE! GO, BABY, GO! 🙂

    And to my friend Jeff P:

    Jeff P seemed a really nice guy,
    Perceptive and thoughtful and wise.
    But he roots against Duke!
    That’s a sin! He’s a kook!
    No virgins for you in the sky!
    (Go Duke.) 🙂

  • Greg

    What’s March Madness?

    Ah well, I’ll stick to real sports, over here across the pond. 😛

  • Ross

    @Michelle Nicole I’m glad to see another person from KS on here.

    I need Butler to win in order to win my bracket. Duke was the only final four team I had that actually made it that far. so much for the Kansas/Kentucky show down I was hoping for.

  • I am on the Butler bandwagon, baby! Woo woo!!!!

    However, I would like to point out that if Butler loses tonight (which is, sadly, very likely) that means that my fair city of Indianapolis will have lost two major sports championships in the space of three months. That sucks. 🙁

  • Kate

    The only reason I know the game is tonight is because half of the undergraduates that work in my lab (at Duke) have left for Indy to watch the game…

  • Danny

    GO BUTLER! I live about 40 minutes from their campus.

  • I think the butler would win. He’s bound to be stronger as he does more manual labour. He’d just have to get over the class difference and be able to steel himself to physically harm his employer.

    Wait, this is about football? Oh, my bad I was thinking “new reality show”.

  • garth

    I’ll be rooting for the Bulldogs, but Duke should run up the score on them.

    if they have a bad night shooting though…

  • You could perhaps have added a fifth option (and the one that works for me) –

    What’s ‘the Game’?

  • Talynknight

    I vote Butler, but only because I graduated from there.

  • Flah the Heretic Methodist

    I hope Duke crashes and burns in spectacular fashion, but that’s only because I’m an NCSU alumna. And bitter. Very, very bitter.

  • ATL-Apostate

    I voted for who I want to win (Butler) instead of who I think will win (dook)

    Fuck Dook.

  • It’s sports. I do not care.

  • My alma mater’s men’s team didn’t make the NCAA tourney this year. They made the NIT, but lost in the 2nd round. They were, quite frankly, lucky to have gotten that far.

    Dismal. Just dismal.

    Their women’s team, however, is still in their tournament, and is setting records all over the place. I plan to watch them play tomorrow night and cap a second straight perfect season.

  • JB Tait

    I am annoyed the game preempted the program I would have preferred to watch.

  • cathy

    Ah, JB, I’m with you. I wanted a new big bang theory, not some sports game.

  • Carrie

    Didn’t know March Madness was still going on. It is April. Fortunately I married a guy as not into sports as I am. We can discuss important programming together, like Doctor Who.

  • Richard Wade

    A game of what?

  • Mandarb

    Exactly Richard. I know what it is, and I sort of know what the point is, but I don’t know the rules.
    Rugby or cricket though, that’s a whole other story. Still not as passionate as some people, but I know a lot more about those sports than any other.

  • stogoe

    I enjoy attending the occasional basketball or football (soccer) match, but I don’t follow teams or leagues or seasons or tournaments.

    I do hope Duke gets beat, though, because I love to see the rich and powerful fail. I did watch the second half of the UNIowa/Kansas game, and boy I did love seeing those smug bastards from Kansas wailing and gnashing their teeth at the humiliating, emasculating beatdown. Go cry, Jayhawks. Go cry.

  • “I do hope Duke gets beat, though, because I love to see the rich and powerful fail.”

    If only Butler made that last shot…

    The Duke fans I know like to tell me that people from Duke are also smarter, better looking, and better at just about everything than everybody else. It no accident that most people’s favorite school is (1) where they went to school, and (2) whoever is playing Duke. 😉

  • Alexis

    Sports is the opiate of the masses…or is it prime time TV? I get confused sometimes.

  • tez

    Yeah, I’m not a hockey fan or whatever it is that’s being played…

  • Todd Stiefel

    Hooray! My Devils are the 2010 National Champs!

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