American Atheists Convention Gets Press April 3, 2010

American Atheists Convention Gets Press

The American Atheists convention is taking place this weekend and they’re getting some positive press out of it.

CNN covered the story today and there are some amusing soundbytes:

“We have a lot of wonderful people,” [AA spokesperson David Silverman] said. “I haven’t sacrificed any Christian babies. I haven’t danced naked under the stars. I haven’t stolen anything.”

He takes pains to say that atheists respect those who believe otherwise. But if that’s so, why hold a convention on Easter weekend?

Silverman chuckled at the question.

“It’s not a slam against Easter,” he said. “We always have our national convention on Easter weekend. The hotels are cheap, and everybody has time off.”

And it’s not like atheists had any other big plans for the weekend 🙂

Side note: gotta love how CNN used the following as their pullout quotations:

Still, relatively positive press.

I’m sad I couldn’t make it to NJ this weekend but from what I hear, attendees are having a great time.

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  • AgnosticOracle

    This is one of those things where perhaps we should learn from the pagans. Some dancing naked under the stars might be a great way to boost membership. =)

  • Kris

    I have to say, though, dancing naked under the stars: highly recommended! Maybe not convention fodder, but a load of laughs otherwise.

  • As a theist, I sort of wonder. What do you do at an atheist convention?

  • Trace

    “…why hold a convention on Easter weekend?”

    CNN, you say?…ummmh, FOX would be so proud.

    Anyway, happy naked dancing!!!

  • Jerad

    W. Vida

    We discuss the same things you see on atheist blogs; science, argumentative fallacies, biology, critical thinking, magic, psychology, methods of hypnosis used by the church, our favorite candies, the best way to disarm a zombie, the best way to disarm a theist Pretty much anything and everything.

    I’m sure at your church (outside of services) you talk about things not related to your god, we spend a lot of time talking about things not related to your god as well.

  • Eris

    As a former Wiccan I can say that I, for one, most certainly have danced naked under the stars, and I highly recommend it. 🙂 The Pagan community is full of strange beliefs, but it’s also incredibly fun and free-spirited.

  • What’s wrong with dancing naked under the stars?

  • Shannon

    “I’m sure at your church (outside of services) you talk about things not related to your god, we spend a lot of time talking about things not related to your god as well.”

    Great way of putting it 😉

    I’m not the only atheist who celebrates Easter am I? Come on, it’s the Chocolate Holiday! I also do Christmas and Halloween and Saint Valentine’s Day. They’re all cultural holidays for me. I know many atheists think of Christmas that way but in my opinion, Easter is just as much a cultural holiday now.

  • Canadiannalberta

    Shannon, I celebrate Christmas, Halloween, Easter and St Patrick’s day, all for reasons other than religion. St Patrick’s, for instance, is my cousins birthday. 🙂 I don’t really celebrate Valentines, though.

  • BrettH

    I wouldn’t feel weird about celebrating Easter if I were you Shannon. The only reason I don’t celebrate it still is that in my family the most of the secular celebration is for kids (it’s a very religious conservative Baptist family). I still celebrate Christmas every year.

  • J Doe

    I can’t really recommend dancing naked under the stars on the winter solstice; at least, not for anything other than saying that I’ve done it.

  • Hybrid

    Someone needs to “leak” a convention itinerary complete with at least one baby grilling break-out session. Let’s see how many people fall for it.

  • I’m not the only atheist who celebrates Easter am I?

    Nope, I do, although like someone else said, most of the celebration is for the little kids in the family, and since I don’t have children yet, Easter is a relatively boring holiday for me. I’m sure I’ll get more into the “Easter spirit” when I have my own kids, though.

    Incidentally, Easter weekend seems like a inconvenient time if the convention is hoping to attract the largest number of attendees. Many atheists have family obligations. Just because we aren’t at church on Easter Sunday doesn’t mean we’re not hiding eggs or gathering for brunch with extended family members.

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