Off to Syracuse March 31, 2010

Off to Syracuse

Day 2 of the week long tour rolls on. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY was awesome — big crowd, fun questions.

I even met frequent commenter Mike the Infidel!

Today, I’m in Syracuse. And you should be, too!

I promise not to mention the NCAA tournament…

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  • Gosh. Mike makes you look tiny.

  • Vas

    You guys are such different sizes the picture is kind of shocking to look at.
    Wow… just wow.

  • That’s a big infidel.

  • I promise not to mention the NCAA tournament…

    Oh please do. Do you want me to send you a Butler t-shirt and/or hat? 😀

  • Jeff Purser

    In the other NCAA Tournament, the UConn Women are on a historic winning streak.

    Next up – Baylor and 6’8″ Brittany Griner.

    Go UConn – We love our Husky Women.

  • Erp

    Go Stanford Cardinal, the last team to beat UConn.

  • Holy crap, I’m enormous. Also, I look like I’ve got the ‘crazy eye’ going on. That’s what you get when you have about five seconds to prepare for a photo 😀

  • Carlie

    It was a great talk in Syracuse!

  • qatheist

    It would be nice to see you in the left coast, home of California Dreamin’, Oregon Trail, and Microsoft. Oh, yeah, Seattle, too.

  • Erin L

    Thanks so much for you coming to RPI, and for the SSA to opening it up to people from the area like me! Great talk.

  • Tankred

    You look like Mike’s personal Mini-Me.

  • muggle

    I’m just bummed that I had to babysit and missed meeting both of you!

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