The Scary Baby Preachers March 30, 2010

The Scary Baby Preachers

What happens when you combine babies and preaching and YouTube?

3:07 of video so messed up, you’ll have no choice but to tell your friends about it.

Condoms, people.

Use condoms.

(Thanks to Bobby for the link!)

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  • Brandon

    Leaving aside for the moment the whole issue of indoctrinating little kids before they can properly develop critical thinking skills…

    Those kids were hilarious! The Spanish-speaking kid was awesome – could definitely be an actor if he grows up.

    And the two unintelligible ones right after the 2:00 mark were hilarious – they perfectly illustrated that it’s not what you say, but how you say it. They looked, acted, and sounded exactly like evangelist preachers, except for the fact that they weren’t actually saying anything.

  • Yes, use condoms, because Hemant can’t eat them all.

  • Shush Hemant, the more babies they have the sooner we can have the feast of a thousand babies (otherwise known as lunch).

  • marco

    Seems like the people that caused this are not the ones prone to using condoms…

  • Whitney

    My stepsister and I were drunk and arguing about the existence of god, and she decided that a video of a completely unintelligible baby preacher was just the thing to convince me. I actually have her on video watching the video and then saying, “watch that, then tell me there’s no god!”

    I trying to decide whether to post that video to youtube now, or wait and use it as blackmail.

  • Indoctrinating is ok as long as youre convinced god wants it.

  • JT

    Wait, condoms only work as a preventative measure. Perhaps condoms and time machines. Or even more fun…Pelt child preachers with condoms until they shut their tiny mouths.

  • littlejohn

    When I was a young man living in West Virginia, there was a man who brought his 8-year-old son to “preach” at passers-by. This would have been in the late 70s.
    The kid’s “preaching” consisted of screaching “adulterer” and “fornicator” at everyone who passed by, including the principal of the school they camped out in front of.
    The kid had no idea what he was talking about, of course. His father was just a sex-obsessed asshole. The kid should be middle-aged by now. I hope he isn’t too screwed up by all that. I can’t bring myself to laugh at child preachers. I wasn’t their idea.

  • AAAAHHHHHHHhhhhhh! It would be super dooper hilarious is it wasn’t real!

  • I’m so glad I just bought that lobster pot.

  • ckitching

    I’d laugh about it, but this exploitation of children is far too real.

  • alex


    Wait, somebody can use this as an evidence for god? That’s pretty screwed up. Perhaps as much as the video itself.


    If you can some big enough, you can theoretically put it over their heads and give it a couple minutes.

  • Laughing so hard that I think I might have made one of those little preachers (especially the last few) envious with what I produced in my pants. I mean, those kids gotz power, but I gotz more than them!! Praise Jeebuz!!

  • …Ahem. But yes, folks shouldn’t exploit children this way. I see them growing up to realize they were exploited and “falling” away from indoctrination. That’s the prophecy I make.

  • fritzy

    Actually, I think this video does an excellent job of illustrating the intellectual maturity and conceptual insight required to be an evangelical.

    I’d like to take a lighthearted view of this, but it was neither funny, nor cute. These children are being brain washed and shamelessly exploited. And although no one is strapping dynamite to their chest to blow up infidels, it’s just a lesser degree on the same continuum. Sad really.

  • Hybrid

    They looked, acted, and sounded exactly like evangelist preachers, except for the fact that they weren’t actually saying anything.

    Eh, Brandon, how is that any different from the preachers again?

  • Claudia

    OK, so I know I should be saddened and outraged, but I can’t find it within myself to be anything but very amused. The baby at the pulpit banging his hand in faux outrage was just awesome. I mean, its not like he was making any less sense than whoever was normally occupying the pulpit, and I’d wager he’s a sight nicer to look at.

  • muggle

    Exactly what fritzy said. It was too sad and disturbing to be amusing. Those poor kids. Tell me again just who eats babies.

    ckitching, I never got past your comment last night. Believe it or not, I’ve never heard of Marjoe before. I was prompted to do a search on You Tube to see if that documentary was there. It was and I watched it in place of missing Hemant speak last night and posted it to my FB wall. Very disturbing, both the exploited child and the anguished adult. I was thinking he looked familiar while I watched the documentary and I’ve seen several of the other movies he was in so I guess he fared okay but then he got free. The documentary in ’72 is an eye opener.

    If anyone’s interested in watching it, here’s the link:

  • ckitching

    Here’s a different link to the Marjoe documentary for those who are interested. It’s not segmented into 10minute pieces like the youtube version.

    In a way, he got his revenge. He showed the world how exactly all the tricks are done, and how it can be done by anyone, regardless of if they believe or not. Sadly, though, all the exact same tricks are still used today to part the credulous from their hard earned money.

  • muggle

    Thanks. I wish I had found that one. It’s a good film, well worth watching.

  • Snuvs

    I love Marjoe. I don’t even watch it anymore, I just listen to the music. When you see how easy it is to convince people to believe as you do, even if you don’t actually believe it, it makes it harder to trust preachers.

  • joey2joey

    They’re just as qualified (and in some cased, intelligent) as ever other preacher.

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  • Richardthebell

    very sick an disguisting piece of shit. 

  • Richardthebell

    Hope this child will dy very soon of the most horrible pieces of cancer

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