A Movie That’ll Make Your Mouth Water March 29, 2010

A Movie That’ll Make Your Mouth Water

This movie is coming out in a couple weeks.

I can’t wait to see it, for obvious reasons:

Almost as good as watching a movie about popcorn while eating ba—well, you get the idea.

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  • Staceyjw

    How cute! It’ll come out about the time I have mine…..

    You need to have a baby- for dinner that is, LOL

  • JJ

    Mmmm, my mouth is watering…..

  • Dan

    Babies scare the shit out of me.

  • Staceyjw

    ME TOO. Popping it out is even scarier! We had a friend over with her 2 yr old yesterday and when they left me and my husband were like- we CHOSE to do this? What were we thinking, LOL!!!

    The separation between rural and urban is interesting, is this a series or the only one?

  • I’ll have to bring my cookbook to the movie so I can take notes.

  • OMG. The Fiancé© will get all gooey about this one.

  • OddBoyOut

    I’ve never had mongolian before!

  • Roxane

    If I see this, I’ll just start pestering my daughters to have babies. I’ve been pretty good for some time, but this would push me over the edge.

  • Keith

    Good gracious me, they’re ridiculously cute.

    Funny how having a baby changes your perception of babies. One day they’re a hearty meal, the next…

  • Four babies? No, really. I couldn’t eat that many in one sitting.

  • I’m such a dork! Watching that made me cry! We’ll just blame it on pregnancy hormones shall we?

  • @Sarah, that made me cry and I’m NOT preggo. It happens with motherhood…..it’s like turning vegan or something.

  • Some things, like sibling “issues”, are truly universal.

  • @Sarah @Lagunatic, I think it happens with parenthood … Unless it’s father hormones.

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