Cartoonists on the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal March 25, 2010

Cartoonists on the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal

Kleine Zeitung, a newpaper in Austria, has some biting political cartoons discussing the child abuse scandal in the Catholic Church:

I’d love to see more cartoons like those in American newspapers.

This is hardly provocative:

(via Slate)

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  • And yet, these newspapers would likely never print cartoons depicting Muhammad negatively. The lesson for religions here? Be as violent as possible. The Catholic Church made the mistake of just covering up its flaws. The real solution is to threaten people with death, not just hellfire.

    Ugh. I don’t know whether priests abusing children or mullahs brainwashing children to blow themselves up disgusts me more. And yet so many people still seem to consider organized religion to be one of the greatest things humanity ever invented.

  • Richard P.

    “And yet so many people still seem to consider organized religion to be one of the greatest things humanity ever invented.”

    And, this is why it’s delusional and only deserving of mockery. Scares the hell out of me that I could have been ignorant enough to believe in this… sigh… it’s so easy to be lulled into being a sheep.

  • I like the first one. I can see this applying to any number of other things too. Murder, rape, torture, various forms of abuse, theft, deception, extortion, etc. Of course the line up would need to be extended to include a lot of other religions.

  • gski

    The second cartoon alludes to the three chimpanzees, see no evil – hear no evil – speak no evil. Imagine them all dressed as the pope.

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    C’mon, the “play in the masters” line is great, and that ancient ‘hear no evil, speak no evil’ cliché stopped being original decades ago.

  • @Joshua Zelinsky,
    Actually there’s rampant abuse of children from mullahs (in all Muslim countries) going on as well. It’s just not reported.
    Oh, and sex with underage boys? That’s the norm in Saudi…for a very large percentage of the male Saudi population. They rationalize it by telling themselves and others that it is only “gay” if you are in a submissive or passive role. The same goes for the females there…many of them are practicing lesbians, even if they are not biologically inclined that way. You can keep the sexes apart, but you can’t legislate away the sex drive.
    I’m not attempting to minimize the evils of the Catholic Church, but it helps to understand that the problem is not limited to them only.

  • Talynknight

    How about this one:

    I find the alliteration to be particularly plentiful, playful prose.

  • Dave

    From right here in the Bible Belt at the University of Georgia. This was in our paper yesterday.

  • Blitzgal

    Actually, I don’t appreciate the equivalency of have consensual affairs (Tiger Woods) and raping children. Those two things are not even in the same stratosphere. And one could even interpret a little bit of mocking in that third cartoon that this story has gotten so much attention. The level of attention wasted on Woods’s indiscretions is worthy of mocking — paying attention to the criminality of the Catholic church is not.

  • DSimon

    Even aside from Blitzgal’s excellent point about comparing two entirely different leagues of crime, the last political cartoon is just crappy. You can tell a political cartoonist is phoning it in when their strategy is simply to take the top two headlines, combine them, and call it a day.

  • Darwin’s Dagger

    Isn’t that the point, that the Pope and his holier-than-thou crowd would be all too eager to condemn Tiger Woods for his personal sexual misadventures while at the same time covering up the crimes of ordained pedophiles. And to prove how screwed up his perception of the relative offenses are, the cartoon Pope thinks he can distract everyone by employing the same tactics Tiger does.

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